3In1 Fisheye Lens + Micro Lens + Wide Angle Kit Universal 3-In-1 Clip Lens For Iphone/Samsung/Htc

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3in1 Fisheye Lens + Micro Lens + Wide Angle Kit UNIVERSAL 3-in-1 Clip Lens For IPhone/Samsung/HTC


Universal 3 in 1 clip lens for smart phones and tablets. LQ-001 New in box. Includes Fish Eye Lens, Wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens


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Q:Yaxika mechanical camera lens, if the use of Y / C conversion bayonet switch to the digital camera, what brand should buy digital camera
2.NIKON digital camera, you can also transfer Y / C lens, but because NIKON digital camera F bayonet caliber smaller, it may not be able to transfer all the Y / C port lens.
Q:I SLR camera did not shut down on the lens for what hurt
4 [SLR camera did not shut down on the lens] is purely dangerous operation. Should not only shut down, it is best to remove the battery and then change the lens.
Q:Who knows the camera lens on the m, ft What does that mean?
For example, the ft is the English abbreviation of the foot, and the corresponding line of numbers refers to the distance (in feet) of the current lens, that is, the number of feet of the distance from the lens to the subject when the current lens is exactly focused;
Q:How to maintain the camera lens?
But remember not to use ordinary alcohol or detergent, because non-special cleaning agent may damage the lens coating. Some of the lens paper paper is hard, sharp edges, remove the lens paper to be careful to hurt your fingers. It is recommended to clean the lens step first with a brush or air blowing / liquefied compressed cylinders to clearly visible dust particles removed, and then use the lens pen / lens cloth / lens paper gently by the center outward circular motion cleaning. The first reason to remove dust particles is to avoid dust particles in the wipe and mirror produce friction, scratched the lens. Moisture in addition to the general daily cleaning, moisture is also a very important part. Mold is ubiquitous, and even seemingly sealed lens inside the mold there, once the appropriate environment will be crazy growth. The above also mentioned that once the mold, you can make a lens scrapped.
Q:Nikon digital camera lens back to show how to solve the lens error
Repeatedly shake the lens, you can also repeatedly boot, shut down. that's it. Not to repair it. Nikon after-sales service maintenance is expensive Oh. Find a digital repair shop repair try.
Q:SLR camera lens should always hang UV mirror or polarizer?
The polarizer function is different, it is mainly used to eliminate or weaken the non-metallic subject surface reflection, thus eliminating or reducing the spot, is shooting water, glass and other strong reflective object ideal filter. As part of the light is filtered, so the use of polarizers will reduce the 1-2 into the amount of light. Uv mirror is long used in the lens, the lens play a protective role. If it is a long time to use, or the pursuit of transparent, high-quality photos or a separate use of good, because more than a layer as one layer.
Q:Ask the master to introduce SLR lens camera focus principle?
1, why should the lens focus?     This is an optical problem. We have done this experiment before, as shown. When the position of the object is at position 1, if the image falls just on the photoreceptor at this time, the clear image will be in the image 2 when the object moves to position 2. At this time the lens must correct the optical path, so that the most clear imaging is still falling on the photosensitive element, so need to focus. Focus is to correct this optical path, by changing the overall refractive index of the lens to ensure that the distance, because the back of the lens to the photosensitive element of the distance is fixed.
Q:Canon SLR lens how to choose?
2, even if the high quality requirements, then 24-105 is not suitable for 50D use. Because 50D is a non-full-frame camera, the lens will have a 1.6 times after the coefficient, that 24-105 multiplied by 1.6 after the 38-168mm, the telephoto end seems to account for cheap but wide-angle loss is serious, almost no Wide angle at all. So this lens is not suitable for use in non-full frame machine, it was originally as 5D2 full frame machine sets of head with. Some people say that you can use the patch to make up for this approach is feasible, but the specific operation is more trouble, a trip down to do a few can, but if you need to do a bunch of wide area scenery, it weighs you.
Q:SLR camera lens into the dust how to clean?
But guard against the staff flicker you, you go to say with high pressure blowing, do not have anything else to do. If the sand is not into the gray, then the trouble is big, the impact of quality does not say a long time wishful blocking the focus ring, once the zoom ring repair is particularly expensive. You'd better get a regular store to let someone deal with their own do not fiddle. I was eating this loss, I came back from the desert shot a shot because the sand into the too much scrapped
Q:How do I know if the lens of the camera is glass or resin?
   This is because the glass thermal conductivity is much larger than the thermal conductivity of the chemical synthetic resin, while the human body's tongue is a high sensitivity temperature sensor.         Modern zoom lens in order to eliminate color, often use aspherical lens. The cost of grinding aspheric lenses with glass is very high. The use of resin is simple, direct injection molding can be. Therefore, the ordinary lens if you want to use aspherical lens, the general use of resin instead of glass.         From the optical performance, the difference between the two is very limited. But after long-term use, the degree of aging resin lenses than glass serious.

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