3In1 Fisheye Lens + Micro Lens + Wide Angle Kit Universal 3-In-1 Clip Lens For Iphone/Samsung/Htc

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3in1 Fisheye Lens + Micro Lens + Wide Angle Kit UNIVERSAL 3-in-1 Clip Lens For IPhone/Samsung/HTC


Universal 3 in 1 clip lens for smart phones and tablets. LQ-001 New in box. Includes Fish Eye Lens, Wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens


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Q:Digital camera lens inside the moldy how to remove?
Long mold of the lens to wipe, the consequences are miserable, the traces of the lens is extremely obvious. This is what I have experienced, but also sent to Shanghai's well-known stores to rub. Or use the above that a few ways to say it
Q:SLR camera lens all the features of the scene to choose the basic common sense
Standard zoom lens: 24-70, covering the most commonly used focal lengths, landscape, portrait, close-up, almost all have included, zoom lens of the preferred focal lengths, is also relatively easy to control the focal lengths, accounting for 80% of the shooting rate.
Q:Can a film camera lens be used on a digital SLR?
It is estimated that Tenglong then ring of the old manual lens, the key is to see your lens with the wild ring is what bayonet, PK is Pentax bayonet, Pentax available. CY belongs to Yaxika card mouth, no digital SLR match. If your packaging box has two above said wild ring, then at least one is the PK port, and certainly can be used for Pentax SLR. If the bayonet does not match, and then install a adapter ring, it is not worthy of this lens with a single anti-body.
Q:Will my Canon 600d camera lens how automatic focus can not!
Canon all the cameras are no body motor, all the focus is to rely on the lens motor to complete the focus, if the landlord you can not focus on the words may wish to confirm that you have not set in the menu is not auto focus, if not, then your lens There is a problem with the motor.
Q:Micro single camera lens that kind of good
SLR because it is said that GF lens is not cheap, and can remove the lens of micro-single parts are expensive. But GF2 performance and SLR is similar, but there are still differences. Now a lot of businesses in Japan earthquake hype to raise prices, bb00 or so may now only buy Canon bb0D kit, b00D may be hanging. But if you are only the first entry or not recommended to buy a new machine, two mobile phones used to get started the best, so the time to mature and then purchase a new large and medium speed will be better. Buy the price of the first to consider the brand, which brand of lens group strong; second look at the price, which price you can accept; the last is the most important thing is to see what you really need a lens after all the SLR and lens this thing is not cheap to buy SLR is not a bright show you have to according to their real needs to choose to buy and use the lens. Buy equipment should not follow the trend, so easy to lose themselves, a waste of money, the limited money on the blade, this is the real thing to make the best use.
Q:Apple camera 6 camera lens can be scaled?
IPhone6 camera is not scalable because iPhone6 for the most fuselage of ultra-thin thickness of 5.3 mm Making the camera to protrude but not shrink. The reason is that Apple's camera itself is limited, due to the need to use optical camera coke and other restrictions, there must be a certain space,
Q:What is the head of the project and the National Bank, the camera lens works what it means
Also, like Japan's Canon, Nikon that few engineering head to buy you, because the technical and quality control are already very mature. National Bank is the domestic licensed.
Q:Sony camera lens into the sand, and can switch machine and zoom, just not smooth, but also squeak how to do?
It is recommended to immediately sent to the maintenance point of repair, my home camera also encountered this situation, resulting in the lens can not be extended and the lens can not open the lid.
Q:24-70 What does the lens mean?
24-70 lens means the shortest focal length of 24mm, up to 70mm zoom range. Scope of application: If it is full frame body, 24-70mm lens is more suitable for shooting scenery, portrait scenery, life scenes, drama. 24-70 wide-angle end of the lens is suitable for shooting buildings, characters, but the characters will be subject to change, 70mm tail shot portrait is not big enough.
Q:Minolta film camera telephoto lens and what kind of digital camera match it?
the MA was followed by Sony down, so the MA port of the lens can also be used in the current Sony digital SLR camera above, the other MC, MD port need to use the adapter ring, with the adapter ring, almost all brands of SLR cameras can be used,

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