Inside the hexagonal screws, rather not down, it may be too much screw on the screw too tight has been bad 3 screwdriver screw is too small also one-half of rice grain please help think about ways
Suggested the following methods: First, to the market to sell gold groceries to buy sets (...
Who knows who invented the screw?
Greek mathematician Archimedes invented the thread, but until the 15th century only appear...
The Symbolic Meaning of Screw
The "crazy screw" is in the life and employment under the dual pressure, long-term super-s...
Also known as screw nails, I want to nail on the board, but there is no way to nail into the hard, how nail?
You say is a self-attack nail with a screwdriver twisted into the picture is not self-tapp...
Screws, bolts, screws, what is the difference between the three ah?
There are no hexagonal head but the middle of the screw with the middle of the pole known ...
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