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My child left her pierced earrings on way too long. The plastic backs are hardened onto the post. They are not the flat round ones. These are small clear plastic tubes. There must be a softener of some kind, no? Please help.
Plastic Earring
Has anyone tried to get inside those plastic balloons that come in the tubes?
wtf? plastic balloons in tubes?
Yes, plastic tubes can be used for DIY hydroponics systems.
Ok so I now have all my gear to go bass fishing and im using some soft plastic tubes and brush hogs mainly using a carolina rig. I will be fishing in lakes for small mouth and large mouth. After casting what are some good methods of retrieval for the lures other than just reeling it in. for instance should i pause for so many seconds after the bait hits the water then reel? or should i reel then pause for so many seconds then reel again?
jig it up and down
Yes, plastic tubes are generally resistant to extreme weather conditions. They are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from freezing cold to scorching heat, without cracking or deforming. Additionally, plastic tubes are typically UV-resistant, which means they can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without deteriorating. However, the specific resilience of a plastic tube may vary depending on its composition and quality.
What are the connecting modes of steel wire mesh and plastic composite pipe?
The connection of wire mesh frame and plastic composite pipe is made up of two kinds of electric heating welding and flange connection. Electric melting connection is a composite pipe socket to electrofusion fittings, make embedded electric heat wire on the surface of the heat pipe fitting.
Plastic tubes are typically stored and transported in a variety of ways depending on their size, shape, and material. They are commonly stored in cardboard boxes, plastic bags, or on specialized racks or shelves to prevent damage and ensure easy access. For transportation, they are often packed into larger containers, such as crates or pallets, and secured with straps or shrink wrap to prevent shifting or breakage during transit. Additionally, tubes that are particularly fragile or sensitive may be individually packed or cushioned to provide extra protection.
How does transferring of liquid in a container to an empty container using a plastic tube works?
You're talking about a siphon. You suck on the end to get the liquid up the tube and then down the other side, and all you need to do to keep it flowing is make sure the outside end of the tube is lower down than the inside end. The liquid pulls on itself, and there is more weight on the outer tube than the inner, so it's enough to draw the liquid up and down, as long as it ends up lower than it was before.