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Please give a scripted answer. Funniest Denny Crane comment and action gets the 10 points
Did you just fart?
what would you wish for?also, when your done making your 1000 cranesm what do you need to do next? to like, make your wish come true??
huh LoL
i read this comment on youtube about people making 1000 paper cranes for japan is this a real thing like can i make paper cranes and mail them to some place if anyone knows the details you would be helping me out because i already started making paper cranes and its such a small but beautiful thing plz help
i bet it's fake
what does dog everything mean in crane lift lingo?
i think it means to stop.
S930 M50 (M125/75) level jib tower crane about how much money
With the ten standard section, not to Sishijiwan
I've been wondering about the infamous Crane Stance that many people associate with Martial Arts. Is the Crane Stance a technique that can be used in a fight and strike an opponent effectively without overly exposing yourself to strikes by your opponent? If it is, what are some techniques that can be used out of a Crane Stance?
Crane Stance
I currently have 1999 origami paper cranes. And I haven't made my 2000th yet because I don't know what to wish for :3So I wanna know...Do you have to make your wish right on the 1000th one? Or can you make the 1000th one and save it until you think of something good to wish for.I'm serious. :3
wait, you folded 1999 paper cranes and you still didn't have enough time to come up with a wish? I recommend that you wish to become more decisive...
I still cannot grasp how a crane was taken apart on a building with no roof
They used a climbing crane , and who said that the building has no roof? the crane parts can be dismantled on site and removed either by helicopters or using the construction lifts