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Whether a shear wall aluminum template and wood template can be mixed
Wood molds are low in strength, poor in stability, low profile, low precision, high water loss, high maintenance requirements when the mold surface is released, the time is fixed, the mold time is late and the load capacity is small.
Now the domestic use of aluminum template project more?
Construction of aluminum alloy template construction advantages are: 1, the construction period is short, four to five days can be a layer; 2, re-use more than 200 times, effectively reduce costs; 3, artificial reduction of 30%, construction convenience, high efficiency; The template 2 times the bearing capacity, good stability, high bearing capacity;
Aluminum template of the aluminum template advantage characteristics
Aluminum template system components need to be designed according to the characteristics of the floor, the design of technical staff capacity requirements are higher. Approximately 80% of the modules in the aluminum template system can be recycled in multiple projects, while the remaining 20% can only be recycled in a class of standard floors, so the aluminum template system is suitable for high-level buildings with high levels of standardization. And villa group.
In the Sheng-aluminum template installation workers, how to develop prospects
Can go to feel, the elimination rate is very high, most of them are left, remember: have the strength to be able to endure hardship, to listen to Sheng Sheng, if you do not need special money, and physical fitness is not good, labor intensity More than your imagination
What is the development prospect of aluminum template design?
Easy to disassemble, high construction efficiency: aluminum alloy template for the existing metal template in the lightest, single can be free to move, install, remove and transfer, the workers can easily assembled. Each template, components are in the same location on each floor, the workers only need a simple training, a short period of time can be proficient in the construction process. And the installation and removal process, just human, no other machinery, simple operation, easy construction.
What is the change in the aluminum template?
The turnover of the aluminum template is determined by the use of performance. The use of aluminum template system to improve the overall construction efficiency of the construction industry, including in the building materials, artificial arrangements are greatly saved a lot of aluminum template, also known as aluminum alloy template, is made of aluminum alloy building templates, to solve the traditional The existence of defects in the template, greatly improving the construction efficiency.