Zirconia 14.5% AR fiberglass mesh

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Hubei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:huierjie

  • Model Number:ARNP

  • Application:Wall Materials

  • Weight:125G 135G 160G 180G

  • Width:100CM

  • Mesh Size:3*3 4*4 5*5 6*6

  • Weave Type:Twill Woven

  • COLOUR:as you need

  • material:Zirconia content 14.5%

  • Strength:better than C- fiberglass mesh,superior quality and cost-effective

  • certificate:passed SGS certificate and ISO 9001

  • scale:one of the biggest factories producting fiberglass mesh in China

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:50M\ROLL 100M\ROLL
Delivery Detail:ABOUT TWO WEEKS


AR fiberglass mesh content Zirconia 14.5%
AR remained strength rate(strength after 28days in NaoH 5%) can over 90% .

AR fiberglass mesh


Good stableness

Good cohesion with concret

High strength,elastic modulus uo to 80.4Gpa

High alkali resistant

Strain breking point:2.4%


It is used for layout,coating or mechanical formed GRC

It is used in roof waterproof and gypsum`marble.mosaic or board reinforcement.

Reinforced material o finrernal and external and external insulation system of wall.Especailly for exernal ther,al insulation composite systems.it can reinforce wall and precent cracks.itis an ideal engineering material in construcrion.


Each 50m/100m/200(negotiable)roll of huierjie at scrim is supplied on a 50mm diameter cardoard tube and protected by plolyethylene shrink wrap.roll dianter 18cm/24.5/cm/28.5cm.

36 rolls are loaded vertically on a wooden pallet of dimensions 113cm*113cm(totalheight 11

3cm).Each complete pallet is protected by polyethylene shrink-wrap.toallow double stacking,a plywood sheet may beokaced across the top of the lower paller.

The approximate net weight of one paller is 290kg,gross weighe for 225kg.It is possible to pack 20pallers in a 20container.


Huierjie ar glassfibre scrim is manufactured under a Quality Managerment System approved to ISO 9001:2000.

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