XLPE Insulated PVC Jacket Overhead Cable

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XLPE Insulated PVC Jacket Overhead Cable

TypeRated Voltage(KV)110Cu ConductorAl. ConductorAl. Alloy ConductorACSR(Al. Condu. Steel Reinforced)Cross Section Area, mm2JKYJKLYJKLHYJKLGY10-40010-400JKYJJKLYJJKLHYJJKLGYJ10-400 JKLYJ/QJKLHYJ/QJKLGYJ/Q   JKLY/QJKLHY/QJKLGY/Q      TypeNameMain UseJKYCu Conductor, PVC Insulated Overhead CableOverhead fixed installation, erection cables and trees should be considered to maintain a certain distance, allow cable runs and frequent contact with trees. JKLYAl.Conductor ,PVC Insulated  Overhead  Cable JKLHYAl. Alloy Conductor, PVC Insulated  Overhead  Cable JKLGYACSR Core, PVC Insulated,  Overhead  Cable JKYJCu Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket, Overhead  Cable JKLYJAl. Conductor, XLPE Insulated PVC Jacket, Overhead  Cable JKLHYJAl. Alloy Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead  Cable JKLGYJSteel Core, Al. Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead  Cable JKLY/QAl.Conductor,PVC Insulated, Overhead  Light CableOverhead fixed installation, erection cables and trees should be considered to maintain a certain distance, and only allows cable runs short contact time with treesJKLHY/QAl. Alloy Conductor, PVC Insulated,  Overhead Light CableJKLGY/QSteel Core, Al. Conductor, PVC Insulated,  Overhead Light CableJKLYJ/QAl.Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead Light  CableJKLHYJ/QAl. Alloy Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket, Overhead Light CableJKLGYJ/QSteel Core, Al. Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Jacket,Overhead Light  Cable Notice:can produce similiar types of anti-burnt, fire resistant cable.

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Q:If i bring my xbox into another country, can i plug the power brick and power cable for that country in it?
depends on what country you're going to
Q:Xbox 360 console, do they all have the same power cables?
The 360's power supply is actually 2 parts. First is the cable that actually plugs into the wall. This is identical across all 360s, however the wall plug differs from country to country. Normally you can just get an adapter from the electronics store for this. However, the second part (the brick) is very different. First it differs depending on the country you're in, and then it differs depending on the specific model of 360 your have. Newer models don't need as much power, so their bricks output a lower amount of DC current. Also, the electrical system differs from country to country. In the US for instance, the power system runs on 120V but in most of Europe (including the UK) it's 220V. I do not know if the bricks are capable of adapting to both power systems. If not, plugging power brick from the US into the wall in the UK will damage the power brick and maybe even the 360. The Halo3 360 is one of the older models, while the Arcade is one of the newer ones. You may have damaged your 360 because the power brick sent too much power into the 360. You'll have to call Microsoft's support line so you can read the exact model numbers off the 360 and power brick to determine if they're compatible. They can probably also help you with obtaining a new cable or brick as well.
Q:Does Power outages affect cable phone service?
Optimum Internet Outage
Q:Does anyone have suggestions for shorter length power cables for HP servers?
You could shorten the cables, but you shouldn't use a smaller gauge. The gauge of the power wire is sized appropriate to the power supply of the server. If you use a wire that is to small a gauge you could create a fire hazard.
Q:How are large power cables run between towers when there is a valley between towers? Do they use helicopters?
from what I understand, a leading cable/rope is shot across the valley if the distance is not too great. The other end of the leading cable/rope is then attached to the main power cable. The end of the leading cable is then slowly strung through the transmission mast to pull the main cable across the valley.
Q:What power cable to choose for electric meter?
What did the electrician say? This is not exactly a DIY project, because it requires inspection and possibly permits. You cannot connect this yourself. The size if the wire is related to the material, distance, and power. It may also be related to local practices. The old 60 amp service entrance is illegal, so you may have to upgrade to 200 amp which would be way different for wire size. An electrician will know the codes relevant to your situation. You can probably get the wire at a home improvement or electrical supply house but the electrician will have to make the connections. Plus, it keeps you from frying yourself or the electric company from pulling the plug.
Q:Is it OK to daisy chain the power cable only from a Pioneer amp to a Bazooka powered sub?
Yes and no. You can use the existing power line to your amp, but you need to use a power distribution block (available from Wal-Mart by Scoche). Run your main line into the dist. box and then run one line to your amp, and another to your Bazooka.
Q:what to do with Ps3 power cable and converter!!?
You need a good power converter (appropriately rated for the PS3's power consumption) with a proper American style socket, or replace the PS3 power cord with one better fitting to the receptacle on the converter transformer.
Q:Question about power leads and av cables?
There are 3 different power supplies, and 5 different types of Xbox. First is the Xenon/Falcon Xboxes. The power supplies for these work with all Xboxes (excl the Slim) Next are the Opus/Zephyr. The power supplies for these ONLY WORK with these consoles. They have a little plastic pin in the plug so that they wont work in any other type of Xbox Lastly we have the Jasper Xboxes. Again, the power supplies only work with these consoles. Unless you buy a power supply for Generation One xboxes (Xenon/Falcon) then you're not guaranteed to get it to work. TBW
Q:Xbox 360 Power Cable 110v-220v (pls help)?
right, the power outage would be too high

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