Wuyang 1E1839 plate steel production

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Quenched and temperedsteelEQ47/E460.EQ63/E620. A/SA533B. EQ51/E500.1E0653.1E0682.1E1839.WNM255A


High-strengthquenched and temperedsteelWQ690D.S960Q.WH100QD.WQ960E.S960Q.WQ890D.A514GrQ/A517GrQ/E690/EQ70.A514GrF.


1.SA516Gr70. SA516Gr65.S355series.P355series.Q345Rseries.AH32-36.DH32-36.EH32-36.Intensitylevel isQ345Eclass.P460.S460 (-20 ℃impact)seriesQ460Dclasses.
2containers.Ship plate steeland other specialsteels,at the sameintensity levelbase priceplus500 yuan/ ton.



1: AsolutionHICSteel(HIC-A)toBsolutionHICsteel(HIC)basisplus300 yuan/ton.

2: R-HICHICsteeltosteelAsolution(HIC)basisplus500 yuan/ ton.

3: TypeII HICsteel100 yuan/ton, IIItypeHICsteelplus400 yuan/ ton.

4:For theHICsteelQ345R SA516Gr70 SA516Gr65correspondingclassQ345RQ245RQ245R SA516Gr60correspondingclass..

5,HICthickness greater than150mmofsteelslagincluded.

6, nuclearHRsteelcontainersincludeda quality plan,the completion ofthe report,all the requirements forsimulationafter weldingand so on.

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Q:Stainless steel drawing plate, polishing plate, mirror panels of the three differences
Drawing process will to some extent lose the thickness of stainless steel plate, usually at 0.1~0.2mm. In addition, because the human body, especially the palm has a relatively strong oil and sweat secretion, stainless steel wire drawing board often hand touch will leave a more obvious fingerprints, regular scrub.
Q:Are there any restrictions on the thickness of the steel plate, such as the minimum thickness of the steel plate?
The information of the building is incomplete and can not be determined. The welding technical parameters will affect the welding method, welding current, welding voltage, welding environment and specifications
Q:How to pass through steel at water stop steel plate?
The steel bar cannot pass through the water stopping steel plate, and this should be taken into consideration when arranging the water stop steel plate.Therefore, the water stop steel plate is usually arranged at the end of the plate or wall, but can not be arranged at the edge of the beam column, otherwise the stirrup is interrupted.
Q:How many times a day can a steel pile be inserted?
Steel sheet pile U type and Z type and AS type, the Z type and AS type steel sheet pile production, processing and installation is more complex, and the price is U higher than about 1/3, mainly used in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other Asian countries, mainly the use of U type steel sheet pile.
Q:The difference between steel edge sealing strip and steel plate putty water stop belt
The steel sealing strip is made of pure steel plate and can be divided into galvanized steel sheet, ordinary steel plate and stainless steel water stop belt.
Q:What's the best way to open a 10mm thick steel sheet?
Steel plate is a kind of flat steel with big width ratio and large surface area. According to the thickness of plate Ya divided into thick and thin plates two specifications.
Q:Why can steel HPB300, steel plate without Q300, steel structure manuscript review, but also continued the Q235, why not improve it?
Carbon steel according to the steel yield strength is divided into 5 grades: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255 and Q275 of each grade because the quality is divided into A, B, C, D grade, with a maximum of four kinds, some only one; this is just plain carbon steel, the price is cheap, generally not heat treatment. Only quality carbon steel has the value of heat treatment.
Q:Can the steel surface be made of epoxy resin flooring?
According to the characteristics of epoxy resin, it should be possible
Q:How is the weight of the steel plate calculated?
The weight of the steel plate is calculated in this way:Weight = length (unit m) * width (unit m) * thickness (unit mm) *7.85
Q:What's the difference between the three kinds of pickling plate, cold rolled plate and hot rolled plate?
Hot rolled plate: that is, steel plate rolled at 800 degrees or so at high temperature

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