A515Gr70 steel production in Wugang

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SA515Gr70belonginlowcarbonsteelpressure vessels,performASMEstandards,Wugang2006R & Dproduction,is widely used inpetroleum, chemical, power plants,boilers and otherindustries for the productionreactors,heat exchangers,separators,ballcans,gas tanks, nuclearreactor pressure vessel,boiler drum,hydropowerhigh pressurepipes,water wheelsvoluteother equipment and components.

1.SA515Gr60, SA515Gr70, SA516Gr60, SA516Gr70, SA516Gr60N, SA516Gr70Nthickness≤1.5in, (40mm)steelis usuallysupplied inrolled condition, steelcan also benormalized oreliminate stress,or normalizedstress relievingorders.

2thickness> 1.5in. (40mm)steelshould benormalized.

3Unlessotherwise specifiedby the demand side, the thickness≤1.5in, (40mm)plate,whennotch toughnessrequirements,shouldbe normalized.

4, ifapprovedby the demand side,allows the use oflarger than thecooling ratein the airto improve thetoughness,butas long as thesubsequentsteel1100-1300°F (595-705 ℃)within a range oftempering.


SA515Gr60 / 70is widely used inpetroleum, chemical,power plants,boilers and otherindustries for the productionreactors,heat exchangers,separators, tank, notank, nuclearreactor pressure vessel,boiler drum,hydropowerhigh pressurepipes,waterscrollwheeland other equipment andcomponents.

Grade              thickness                width             length                 remarks

SA515Gr60              8                    2300              10000              FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60           185                   3815              10322                  

A515Gr60              25                    2400              12000              FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            30                    2500              11400              

SA515Gr60            36                    2300              10000                FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            40                    2520               8400                  

SA515Gr60            50                    2300              10000                FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            60                    2000              10000              

SA515Gr60            80                    2560              10800                  

SA515Gr60            100                  2700               8900                 FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            120                  2550              10500              

SA515Gr60            200                   2550             3330                  

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Q:The difference between steel edge sealing strip and steel plate putty water stop belt
The good bonding between galvanized steel sheet and concrete makes the waterproof performance better. The utility model relates to a steel edge rubber water stop strip, which is characterized in that a water stopping product is adopted, which adopts a non equal thickness structure, a strong strength area and a waterproof zone, and makes the parts of the utility model be uniform and reasonable in force. The utility model relates to a steel edge rubber water stopping strip, which is additionally provided with an installation hole and is connected with the steel bar. The utility model has the advantages of firm fixation, easy displacement, and uniform and reasonable force for each part. When the utility model is in construction, the clamping surface of the clamping plate of the utility model is large and is not easy to be dislocated; the steel plate is additionally provided with an installation hole and is connected with the steel bar; the utility model has firm fixation and is not easy to displace. Good adhesion between galvanized steel sheet and concrete, and steel rubber stop makes waterproof better. A waterproof products produced by our factory in the buried steel edged waterstop is combined to galvanized steel and natural rubber raw material consisting of a rubber body material, it adopts the aging of natural rubber and excellent antioxidant performance, with strong self adhesive; high temperature in summer has no flow, low temperature in winter not the crisp; and has excellent water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance; long service life, the product itself is non-toxic, the characteristics of a good environment.
Q:What is the difference between hot rolled steel and controlled rolled steel plate? Can two plates be used interchangeably?
Controlled steel plate is called controlled rolling and controlled cooling, referred to as controlled rolling and controlled cooling.
Q:How can the white steel plate be bright and cleaned?
The use of detergent plus iron cloth rub, salt, vinegar 50 ml into the bowl, then add a little detergent thoroughly, with a cloth dipped in salt and vinegar detergent water rubbed white plate, not only can remove stains, can maintain the original brightness.
Q:Can 16Mn steel plate be used instead of Q345D steel plate?
16Mn steel plate is the old brand, the latest brand is Q345, but Q345D has a special requirement than 16Mn, that is, 20 degrees lower temperature test
Q:How to introduce carbon steel plate?
Any of various steels that contain less than 2.11% of the mass of carbon but contain no alloying elements. Sometimes referred to as plain carbon steel or carbon steel. Carbon steel, also called carbon steel, refers to an iron carbon alloy with a carbon content of less than 2.11% Wc. Carbon steel, in addition to carbon, usually contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus.
Q:How do I print the steel plate?
In fact, the printing mode called "stencil printing", is a kind of porous printing, first use the typewriter in special Lazhi typing, or a stylus paint word pictures, and then let the wax paper attached to ordinary paper, ink in the painted pattern, through hole type or writing, and printing to the following the common paper.
Q:Excuse me, what's the difference between cold rolled steel plate and hot plate in steel plate?
In general, cold rolled steel has better strength, hot rolled steel plate has better ductility. The general thickness of cold rolled is relatively small, can have a larger thickness. Cold rolled steel plate surface quality, appearance and dimensional accuracy than the hot plate, and the thickness of the product right rolling thin to about 0.18mm, so it is popular for. The acceptance of the products, can ask professional personage.
Q:What's the difference between profiled steel sheet and color steel plate?
A kind of color steel plate is in fact, but now the normal pressure plate to floor plate thickness in 0.7-1.5MM is used in galvanized coil is the main steel structure building, airport, train station, subway station, shopping malls, etc. some of the large span steel structure.
Q:What is a fixed length steel plate?
Such as steel plate, its fixed length is six meters, then it is 6 meters, the size will not be uneven. The standard size of the general steel plate is determined according to the national standard, such as 6 meters, 9 meters, etc..
Q:How to choose welding method for welding different plate and thick steel plate?
For welding efficiency:General welding or argon arc welding of thin plate, medium plate with gas shielded welding (such as two welding), thick plate with submerged arc welding (usually not groove, single-sided, once the penetration of up to 20mm).

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