Vertical Stage Fire Pump

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Single stage single suction vertical fire pump is newly developed according to market needs.Its performance,technical conditions conform with international standard ISO2858 and requirements for national standard GB6245-2006《Performance requirements and test methods for fire pumps》.It combines with the characteristics of the most advanced hydraulic model and vertical pump.The product is high efficient and energy-saving,reliable performance,easy to install and use.

XBDG series fire pump transports clean water or liquid with physical and chemical property similar to clean water.Using temperature is less than 80℃.

Application Area

It has been widely used in fire fighting and living water supply of industry the residence buildings.

Parameter range

Inlet diameter:25-300mm(1"-12")



Rate of rotation:2900r/min、1450r/min


Two seal types: stuffing seal or mechanical seal

Structural Characteristics

Pump is vertical structure,motor cover and pump cover are connected to be designed.Beautiful appearance,little occupied area.It can be used outdoor if a protective cover is installed.

Inlet and outlet diameter of pump are the same and they are on the same center line,which can be installed on the pipeline directly just like valves,and the installation is very convenient.

Excellent foot design makes the installation and steadiness of pump convenient.

Pump shaft is lengthened shaft,and this solves the vibration problem caused by coupling drive that is applied by common centrifugal pump shaft and motor shaft.Chromeplate treatment shall be proceeded on surface of pump shaft,which greatly prolongs the service life of pump.

Impeller is directly installed on the motor lengthened shaft.There i no noise when pump is operating,motor shaft applies low noise bearing,which greatly improved the operating environment.What’s more,non-malfunction working time of pump has prolonged 3 times than the common pump.

Mechanical seal is used on the shaft seal,which solves the severe leakage problem caused by packing seal of common centrifugal pump.Static ring and rotating ring of sealing are made of silicon carbide,which prolongs service life of seal.

There is a exhaust hole on the pump cover.Outlet hole and pressure hole are on the flanges downside and two sides of pump casing in order to make pump operate,maintain normally.

Unique structure,so there is no need to dismantle pipe system.Just dismantle pump cover nut,then begin to maintain.It is very convenient.

Series connection,parallel connection and enlarging of pipe diameter can be applied according to requirements,namely,capacity and head.

Max working pressure of pump system≤1.6MPa,namely “pump suction pressure+pump head ≤1.6MPa”.When ordering,system working pressure shall be marked.If pump system working pressure is more than 1.6MPa,it must be specified when ordering so that cast steel material can be applied when manufacturing.

Environmental temperature<40℃,relative humidity<95%.

Volume content of solid particles in the transported medium shall no exceed 0.1% of unit volume,granularity<0.2mm.

Remarks:If medium contains tiny particles,please specify when ordering,so that the wear-resistant mechanical seal can be applied.

Q:Direct connection pump What is straight pump and non direct pump? What's the difference in structure?
What is straight pump and non direct pump? Direct coupled pump shaft and the motor shaft is directly coupled with the coupling and non direct coupled pump: pump shaft and motor shaft through the belt pulley, V-belt connection or other forms of transmission. What is the difference in the structure: the direct coupled pump has the advantages of compact structure, simple installation, but the relatively small power; non direct coupled pump: pump and motor is independent, the two transfer torque through the belt, the structure is relatively large, complex installation, general power is relatively large.
Q:Attention should be paid to the use of pumps?
7 water pump and pipe interface must be sealed, because if there is debris access, then the pump will cause damage to the interior. 8 for the water pump bearing is also the focus of inspection, use up to check whether the bearings wear,
Q:What are the internal losses in centrifugal pumps? How did they come about?
Volume loss: loss due to leakage;3. mechanical loss
Q:What are the constant pressure pumps?
CatalogBooster pump definitionMechanical classification, methane booster pump, pneumatic booster pumpGas-liquid booster pumpAir booster pumpChlorine booster pumpWorking principlefunctionMechanical installationMechanical selection of booster pump definitionMechanical classification, methane booster pump, pneumatic booster pumpGas-liquid booster pumpAir booster pumpChlorine booster pumpWorking principle
Q:Shielding pump is the main drawback of electricity? How much does it cost more than an ordinary centrifugal pump? Is there any noise in the running of the canned pump? How much is it lower than the noise of the common centrifugal pump?
The graphite bearing lubrication medium, make the operation less noise and manual, reduce maintenance costs; in recent years, bearing material added with silicon carbide SIC, super hard, life is better than that of graphite bearing.The vertical structure can be installed on the pipeline like a valve, the installation is convenient and quick, and the motor and the impeller can be drawn out only when the utility model is used, and the pipeline is not needed to be removed.The utility model can be installed and run with a shock absorber or a damping pad, so that the pump is less noisy at running time.
Q:What are the causes of pump shock?
Troubleshooting cause1. bearing damage, replace new bearings2., coupling pin, bolt damage, rubber column or metal bolt wear, change
Q:Please give me professionals to calculate, the cylinder bore is 100 and the rate of 20m/s, the leakage can be ignored, but to the large flow pump!
3. efficiencyVolume efficiency, for hydraulic pumps, is the ratio of actual flow to theoretical flow. A hydraulic motor is the ratio of its theoretical flow to its actual flow.Mechanical efficiency, for hydraulic pumps, refers to the ratio of theoretical torque to actual input torque. The actual output torque of the hydraulic motor is theoretical torque to overcome the torque after friction, so the mechanical efficiency is the ratio of the actual output torque to the theoretical torque.
Q:Why is the submersible pump tripped on an electrical switch?There is no electrical leakage protection, directly connected to the circuit breaker, and when the switch on, the circuit breaker jumpedI checked the line is good, the pump did not break down, is not the water pump?
There should be the following reasons: 1) the setting value of the trip switch is too small, and the operating current of the submersible pump exceeds its setting value, and the switch is tripped
Q:The difference between submersible pumps and centrifugal pumpsWhat's the difference between the two? What is applicable and what?
High speed rotating impeller blade drives the liquid to rotate, and the liquid is thrown out so as to achieve the purpose of conveying. There are many medium for transportation, such as oil, water, chemicals and so on. The pump shaft and the motor shaft are of the same shaft, the pump and the motor are made into an integral body and immersed in water. The medium of transportation is water.
Q:Piston filling and peristaltic pump filling which precision is high?
If the unit area is large, the accuracy of the plunger is certainly not high. The peristaltic pump is used by means of extrusion roller extrusion pump to promote the solution, this also depends on the unit cross section size, the same motor accuracy is very important.

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