Topless Tower Crane SLP5510 safe and reliable with less malfunctions

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Product Description:

 Specification of  SLP5510

Jib Length: 55m

Tip load:1.0ton

Max Load:6ton

Free standing height:  36m (1.2X1.2X3m mast section)

Hoisting Mechanism: QTJ6.80A


Slewing: HR55.13.157

Container loading for free standing height:4X40HQ


Electric control system adopts domestically advanced PLC control with automatic malfunction judgment, overload and over moment safety chain protection, motor overtime protection, program controller of famous Japan Mitsubishi Company, transducer of Japan Yaskawa Company, relay of OMR Company and contactors manufactured through introducing technology, which makes its reliability be much higher than general electric control systems. It is safe and reliable with less malfunctions.
There is no central collector to avoid disadvantages of short circuit and creepage because of damp and make entrance and exit of driver be easy.

Topless Tower Crane SLP5510 safe and reliable with less malfunctions




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Q:explain thoroughly please
Sure. Let's say that a crane needs to hoist a load of 10 tons, and that because it needs to reach over some obstacles, needs to lift at a horizontal distance of 50 feet away. That creates a torque about the base of the crane of 500 ton·ft. By positioning a counterweight on the opposite side of the tower, the magnitude of the moment can be mitigated. For instance, let's say a counterweight of 10 tons is positioned at 25 ft on the other side of the tower. The moment produced by the counterweight is 250 ton·ft, so the net moment at the base is 250 ton·ft. Furthermore, when the 10 ton load is positioned and release, there is still a 250 ton·ft moment at the base of the tower; it has simply switched direction (say from rotating the crane to the right, to rotating it to the left). If you find this helpful, please award Best Answer!
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Q:What tower cranes are used on the 30 storey house?
but if the building steel structure more parts or building the number of square meters more than 60 thousand square meters, you need to consider QTZ80 or more of the tower crane, because the type of large lifting capacity is big, the work efficiency is high. Hope to be of help to you!
Q:how can we minimize energy losses of a crane to reduce the impact on the environment?
No hint as to what type or size of crane, so I assume it is a large overhead traveling bridge crane inside an industrial building: Consult the manufacturer for recommendations. Change its power source to something cleaner (from diesel to propane or electric). Properly lubricate and adjust all moving parts. Turn power off when idle. Schedule heavy usage during hours of low demand of electric utility power. Replace motor with a more efficient new one. Replace entire crane with a new efficient one. Replace the large capacity one with one or more smaller units.
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