SUS304 Metal Kiosk Industrial Computer Keyboard with IP65 Water Resistant

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Item specifice

Stainless Steel
Dimension(Front Panel):
Compliance Certification:
Mounting Method:
Rear Panel Mounting Solution
Model No.:

SUS304 Metal Kiosk Industrial Computer Keyboard with IP65 Water Resistant

Item: KH-K68-300


  • Rugged stainless steel Industrial Computer Keyboard, 68 Keys PC-Keyboard Standard Layout, IP65 Water-proof,dust-proof,Vandal-proof Performance, full-travel(2.0mm) keys.


• Material of keys: super quality SUS304 stainless steel

• Material of front panel: super quality SUS304 stainless steel

• Rugged stainless steel computer keyboard to make longer life and vanal resistant to protect the keyboard when it is mounted outdoor;

• 68 keys design of the standard computer layout to make sure convenient use;

• Front panel mounting solution which also can be changed according to customer's request

• PS/2 and USB interfaces are optional

• No driver needed, plug and play.

• Rugged construction to ensure high vandal resistance.

• Reliable performance.

• All international language lay-out can be changed according to cusotmer's design 
 Mainly used for unsupervised or semi-supervised positions of varied access applications, internet terminals and information kiosks at

  • universities,

  • shopping malls,

  • hotels,

  • banks,

  • airports,

  • railway-stations

  • other public areas.


  • Material

Front panel & Keys:SUS304 Stainless steel
Back panel:Stainless steel
  • Mechanical Data

Key Travel2.0mm
Switch Life> 1 million of per key
Operation SystemWINDOWS98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Linux,Unix,Mac OSX,iOS, Android
  • Electrical Data

Supply Voltage5.0V DC ± 5%
Current RatingAppr. 30mA
EMC StandardCouncil EMC directive 2004/108/EC
Lifespan> 5 years
  • Environmental Adaptability

Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C
Storage temperature-30°C to +70°C
Operating RH20-95%
Atmospheric pressure60-106Kpa.
  • Reliability

Compliant StandardRoHS , CE and FCC
Protection LevelIP65(front panel)
Vandal resistantIK10
Key Lifespan>10 million actuation
MTTR<30min< span="">


  1. With a stong and professional R&D team over 10 years same industrial experience member

  2. Sitable solution with quick feedback provied to customers

  3. Short lead time: ONLY 1-2 weeks lead time from confirming design to develop to finish  products

  4. Strict QC system and inspection in each steps

  5. CE, ROHS, FCC,IP67 Certificates for our products

  6. Customized item with MOQ in 1 SET ONLY

  7. Customization, ODM. OEM orders are acceptable


Dustproof Metal Computer Keyboard , Stainless Steel Keyboard 68 Key Buttons

Q:See if the welding module is faulty
Check the welding module of non weld or sealing, if you can use the electric iron, can carry out welding work.
Q:I have a mac with the swivel screen and outta nowhere the keyboard stopped working, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting but that didn't work. Any ideas?
You can go to the upper left hand corner and click the apple then go to system prenfrences -keyboard and mouse, see if it is detected as a keyboard. First see if the Number Lock, Caps Lock are working. Does the light turn on? Make sure you have Number lock OFF. Have you spilled anything on the keyboard? Sodas, juice? If you have, you prolly killed the circutry. I KNOW for a FACT, that you can go into the apple store and they have a lifetime warranty on any of their keyboards. You can go in and get the latest mouse an keyboard. Maybe even wireless ;) hope I helped.
Q:2 days ago, I spilled coffee on my keyboard, now it won't type several letters. (I am using another computer now) I read in previous answers you can rinse it out and then dry it. It is drying now. Do you think this will work?
It MAY work. Unplug the keyboard, gently remove the keys and try cleaning with a Q-tip or cloth wrapped around a pencil. Use alcohol if needed to get any sticky stuff out. NEVER dunk the keyboard in water.
Q:Be specific Please.Links would be amazing.I just want a simple keyboard, nothing fancy.Not to expensive please!
there are no beginner keyboards. you can take a online typing class or buy software to help but thats pretty much it EDIT*********LOL i typed a whole thing talking about pianos cause i play but when i saw the answers i changed it to computer stuf. guess i shoulda left it!!! heres the info: ive been playing for a while and ive found that for a BEGINNER you shiuld get nothing above a 62 key. a casio or a yahmaha but it shouldnt cost more than $80-$130. make sure you buy a set with headphones and a pedal that goes with the company you bought the keyboard from and buy a case. places like guitar center, sometime starget or walmart during thr holidaysetc. guitar center is for sure a place to start though! i had a beginners keyboard amd ot was a small size but portable, but it got stolen about a yr ago so i bought a 72 key which is the niggest you can get. when you get to about immediate or advanced you should get one of those. i actually got it from target for a HUNDRED DOLLARS OFF so u should check there. good luck and happy playing!:)? and the one that bljzz girl showed is a little tOO beginner because its ONLY 37 keys. you should get about a 50-62 so you can progress instead of continuging to buy a new one every yr.
Q:i have the enV touch and i want the blackberry tour but i want to know if the change in keyboard is going to mess me up? has anyone had a problem?
They both have qwerty keyboards. The tour has had great reviews with its keyboard, if you don't like the fact that it may be more compact then you could try the blackberry storm 2 which is touch screen, if you turn it on its side it has a nice full keyboard, i love that phone i have it. Also try the bold 9650 its the new tour with a trackpad instead of the ball. The blackberry is a great phone, you will love it, play with them at the store.
Q:I heard that in the chinesse language one word means different things depending how you put it on a sentence. So when chinesse people chat do they have all the words on the keyboard?How are the chinesse keyboards?Can we chat with someone from china?If so, how would we see their message?Hmmm.
Chinese computer keyboards are the same as Western keyboards -- Roman alphabet. One types in the sound sof the words, and the input system produces characters on the screen; in the case of multiple characters for a single word (which happens frequently), one is offered a choice and can celect the desired character.
Q:What is the structure of a conventional keyboard
No matter how to change the basic form of the keyboard keys arranged or remain essentially the same
Q:How to tap the keys
?so than the ink is more clear and bright, like the mobile phone keyboard, the key words can be installed below hollow backlight circuit
Q:Hello, I need help buying a good keyboard. I ended up spilling coffee on my new one and now it types 2-3 symbols and numbers when I type one key so now I'm using a spare.I am looking for a keyboard that has back LED lighting and is waterproof that is NOT flexible. I tried shopping online, but all i get are those lame flexible boards. If anyone can suggest one with those qualities mentioned above that is less then a 100 dollars please post. Thanks.
Im afraid the only keyboards you can get are spill proof or LED backlit the two just don't combine unless you suddenly changed your mind about a flexi keyboard :D i keed so heres a spillproof keyboard click2buydirect .uk/fujitsu/peripherals/keyboards-mice/keyboard-kb900-usb-gb-spill-proof-and-slim-black-usb-keyboard-mu.html
Q:Hi I recently bought an HP Keyboard for use with my Dell Inspiron. The keyboard is PS/2 whereas my computer takes USB. I bought an adapter/converter today, tried it and it does not work. It says that the USB has not been recognised and Keyboard Failure. Is there any way to rectify this?I should add that when it was delivered, the stupid postman dropped it through the letter box, so it could be damaged, but I've read other things from people on the internet with a similar problem, so will hold my horses before I scream the house down at the postman!Any help?
You will have to methodologically test to verify if it is the keyboard or the adapter that is not working. See if you can plug in the keyboard into a friends desktop (that has ps/2) to test if the keyboard is working fine. Try borrowing a friends ps2 mouse or keyboard that you know is working and and see if the adapter is working okay. You can also try plugging your keyboard and adapter into a another usb port on the same system (plug it in the front instead of the back) Try your both keyboard and adapter on a friend's computer.

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