Sucker Rod Coupling of Class T with API standard

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Product Description:

1) Structure of Sucker Rod Coupling of Class T Description

The Class T Sucker Rod Couplings are manufactured as per API Specification 11B. For the thread cutting,using cold form rolled by displacing rather than by removing of material for making the 

coupling thread. The thread rolling cutting results in a compressive stress at the root of the 

thread, giving maximum strength to the traditional weak point of cut-thread couplings.

Our Class T coupling is using AISI 5140 to manufacture. The coupling is coated using phosphate 

chemical treatment. The couplings are available in full size, slim hole and over size.

2) Main Features of Sucker Rod Coupling of Class T

  • High quality and fast delivery.

  • API standard.

  • Best service.

3) Sucker Rod Coupling of Class T Images

4) Sucker Rod Coupling of Class T Specification

Chemical Properties, %: Class T Coupling







AISI 5140






Mechanical Properties: Class T Coupling

Tensile Strength, PSI

95,000 (655)

Hardness Rockwell A


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And it is not convenient to use, the general use of gas joints are fast plug.
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Q:What's the meaning of the pipe joint 14-M18*1.5? What's the thickness of the wall?
(two) prohibit adding sealant and other fillers. Some people in order to obtain better sealing effect, in the card cover with sealant, the result of sealant is poured into the hydraulic system, causing hydraulic components, such as plugging holes. (three) when connecting the pipe, the pipe should have enough deformation allowance to avoid drawing the tube. (four) when connecting the pipeline, the lateral force should be avoided, and the lateral force will cause the seal to be too tight. (five) when connecting pipelines, should be a one-time good, avoid repeated disassembly, otherwise it will make poor sealing performance. Sleeve type pipe joint installation (1) of the pipe should need pickling pickling treatment according to the ninth chapter; (2) tube machine equipment cut tube with special cutting or sawing machine according to the required length, absolutely not allowed by fusing (such as flame cutting) or grinding wheel cutting; remove pipe end burr, metal cutting inside. Dust and dirt; remove the rust and dirt pipe joint; and also to ensure pipe roundness; (3) the sleeve nut, successively sheathed in the pipe sleeve front edge (small end) from the pipe mouth at least 3mm, then the pipe is inserted into the connector body bore, top to check; (4) slowly tighten the nut, while rotating the pipe until does not move, then tighten the nut 2/3 ~ 4/3 circle; (5) open the check card sets whether has cut the pipe correctly. The clamping sleeve does not allow axial movement, but slightly rotates; (6) after checking, tighten the nut again.
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