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Product introduction::it there are many kinds of raw materials, Huang Tongsi, purple copper wire,                                                      

galvanized wire, paint wire, can also be made according to the special requirements of customers.                                                

The manufactured finished product seems like art, very delicate, prices are also very cheap,                                            

it is mainly used in binding and manor garden ornaments, because it's pretty by most people preferred products.                                

Application:garden binding,decorating.

Specification of spool wire:0.3mm-2.0mm

Packing style: on wooden stick ,plastic board or o spool depands on the uage.

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Q:Wiring Diagram ASAP HELP!?
It would be easier to install an Line Output Converter on the rear speakers if the sub is going to be in the back. I personally would buy the harness pigtails for the speakers and the speaker harness. This would eliminate the need of cutting the factory wiring. You just pull the plug off the speakers in the back, and plug in the mate plug that will have a 2-wire pigtail that you would wire to LOC. The other plug with the pigtail would be plugged on the speakers.
Q:Tailight wiring help for 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 650r?
The wire that is hooked to the tail light BODY is the ground wire.One wire goes to the brake light switch and the other one goes to the tail light hot wire.With a test light you can determine where each one is to be hooked to.
Q:Lime wire???????????
i have tried a few different places and i keep coming back to lime wire so YES it is!
Q:How to extend my speaker (wires)?
Yes you could definitely cut the wires and extend with other copper wire. I would try to find wire close to the same thickness, and as others have said you need to insulate the two wires so they don't short each other. Since it's just for PC speakers, are they amplified? If you use them for watching movies etc. you may want to just get some extenders to maintain a better sound quality, but that is up to you, it will work either way.
Q:wiring / ohms / amp help?
Q:Need help in wiring a solenoid for a '74 evinrude 70hp.?
Jtex has the right answer if you bought the right solenoid. Unfortunately- the Ford automotive solenoid is an exact replica, but wired different. So less you got the part from Mercury -your going to burn wires as the Ford puts power to one of the small terminals and the Mercury wants a ground to the same terminal as it's ground is regulated by the neutral no start switch.
Q:98 dodge dakota stereo wiring diagram, what are the speaker wire colors?
This Site Might Help You. RE: 98 dodge dakota stereo wiring diagram, what are the speaker wire colors? i need to know what color the wires are to hook up a stereo in my friends truck. her factory radio was stolen and they stole the factory plug
Q:Power control wire?
power control wire from were the amp or the stereo if its from the amp then it might be eighter the remote or the power but you said that its all wired up all ready so im thinking it might be the remote if so you run a wire from (power control wire) to the blue wire coming out of your stereo im not sure if we are talking about the same thing here but be more specific so our answers can be more accurate good luck
Q:Is the resistance in a wire increased if the wire is bent?
Bending might increase the resistance very slightly by damaging the crystal structure, but the effect would be tiny. The only reason to want straight wires is neatness!
Q:Physics - Current Carrying Wires?
Once you find the direction you then need to find the magnitude of each B-field. You can do this using the equation: B=( μ x I)/(2 x π x r) where μ= 4π x 10^-7.With this you will be able to find each B-field. Once you have this information, you can then find the force exerted from each wire with the equation F=I x L(Length) x B. I'm sure there are other methods of solving, but this is the way I would go. Hope this helps.

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