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Tube truss, refers to the lattice structure composed of round bars, which are connected with each other by the end. Truss structure is light in weight and material-saving, and easy to form various shapes to suit different uses, such as simple truss, the arch, the frame and the tower. Besides, the structure is of graceful appearance (flat, circular arch, arbitrary curve), convenient installation, good stability, and good roof stiffness.

Truss can be composed of all kinds of circular pipe three-dimensional truss, can also by Angle bar, channel steel and so on plane truss.Then with some time structure of spatial structure system, saves steel dosage, and makes the overall stability of building structure is better.So in large span of the station, the airport lounge building system, such as the widely used and promoted.

Truss structure node is the basic form of welding, so the welding will have certain requirements, especially the tube truss products, also need to pay attention to the phase GuanKou nozzle-vessel junction line problem.Professional line of CNC cutting machine must be used for phase GuanKou cutting.Not allowed to use manual cutting, make sure each phase GuanKou gap evenly, easy to welding work effectively

Due to the excellent structure plasticity, it is frequently applied in many wide-spanning building, such as the convention and exhibition center and sports venues.

In the truss structure in modern applications also began to replace the light steel structure, become a more popular structural form of large span structure.Mainly because it can save steel consumption, thus good at the same time, reduce the construction cost and ensure the use of the structure performance is not affected.

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