Stainless Steel Welding Electrode High Quality Stainless Steel Welding Electrode

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1.Stainless Steel Welding Electrode High Quality Stainless Steel Welding Electrode Description:

First Class WeldingElectrode Customization is welcome . We could produce various Welding Electrode.

according to buyers’drawing or samples/Non-standard Welding Electrode .The price, picture

and product attributes are for reference only. Specific matter can be confirmed

by a further communication. Welcome your consultation.


2.Main Features of Stainless Steel Welding Electrode High Quality Stainless Steel Welding Electrode

Fewer spatters 
Easy to restrike 
Less smog 
Good off slag,high deposition efficiency

3. Stainless Steel Welding Electrode High Quality Stainless Steel Welding Electrode Images

 Stainless Steel Welding Electrode High Quality Stainless Steel Welding Electrode

4. Stainless Steel Welding Electrode High Quality Stainless Steel Welding Electrode Specification 

Chemical composition






Guarantee value







Test Item  






Guarantee value




-(normal temperature)


General result








We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 

1.  What’s your products 

One of the most biggest manufacturer & supplier of  Welding Electrode  is a large-scale professional  Welding Electrode  factory in China. Annually more than 10000 tons  Welding Electrode   are exported to markets all over the world. Different kinds of  Welding Electrode  are available according to customer’s requirements. 


2.What is advantage of our products?

All items are of Top Quality with best price. Direct wholesale price from Factory and 100%quality guaranteed .Large Selection with all sizes .


3.  How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of First Class  Welding Electrode within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.

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Q:What kind of welding rod or welding wire for welding Q245R steel?
J427 for welding rod, 50-6 for welding wire.
Q:What kind of welding rod is used to weld Mn13 steel plate with ordinary high quality structural steel?
At first glance it was copied. The first half is true, and the lower half is ZGMn13, that is cast steel Mn13. Landlord asked clearly, is rolling Mn13 welding, D256 or D266 welding rod can be, D256 cheaper, and welding layer wear-resistant; most commonly used manual arc welding is very good, gas welding and other methods are not, can not be welded. With A202, A302 welding rod can also, but not wear-resistant, only the role of connection. Shanghai Yao rate specializing in rolling Mn13.
Q:Q345q what kind of welding rod is used for steel welding?
Acid welding rod, basic welding rod can be welded, but after welding strength is different, alkaline welding rod strength is big
Q:Method for using welding rod heat preservation barrel
Put in the electrode and plug into the power supply,Reach a certain time
Q:Who knows MG600 electrode?
MG600 is a universal, high efficiency, high strength chromium nickel alloy welding rod (welding wire). It has excellent plasticity, toughness and crack resistance. It is almost suitable for all kinds of common steel products. With excellent welding process performance, arc stability, easy to slag, less spatter, welding uniform and beautiful.Application: suitable for welding tools and moulds, high-speed tool steel, hot work tool steel, steel, cast steel, T-1 steel, steel, vanadium steel, seismic spring steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, and the unknown as well as between the various different types of steel welding etc.. Such as high pressure valves, broken bolt clearance, shaft transformation, etc., the effect is very satisfactory.
Q:What is the difference between A507 welding rod and J507?
Difference between A507 welding rod and J507 welding rod:A507 stainless steel electrode is a kind of pure austenitic Cr16Ni25Mo6 stainless steel welding rod used for welding the low consistency basic skin under quenching condition. The current should be considered too large during operation. A507 is a pure austenitic Cr16Ni25Mo6 stainless steel electrode for alkaline coating. DC reverse connection can be used for all position welding. Used for welding low alloy and medium alloy steel, dissimilar steel and rigid structure, and corresponding hot strong steel. Such as quenching of 30CrMnSi, stainless steel and carbon steel welding.J507 is a low sodium hydrogen electrode, it is a kind of basic electrode, can be Q235, Q245R, Q345R typical welding structure steel in steel, the tensile strength of E4315 is much larger compared to the common electrode, so the general welding force or under dynamic load of steel structure. J507 welding rod diameter ranging from 2.5mm to 6.0mm, can be carried out in all position welding, welding using DC welder, polarity reversal. Of course, if there is only AC welder in the field, AC welder can be used, but the current needs to be switched on. The weld formation after J507 welding is more difficult than that of the acid welding rod. If an electrode is used on the cover of the steel structure, the acid electrode can be used.
Q:What kind of welding rod used for cast steel?
Cast steel can be divided according to the composition of low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, different components of the electrodes used is not the same, if it is a low carbon composition, the common electrode, such as E4303 (J422) on it; if it is steel components, should be used in high strength structural steel electrode, such as E5015 (J507) E5515 (J557), welding welding and preheating, to prevent cracks.
Q:2.5, 3.2, 4, 1 kilograms of welding wire, how many branches?
Carbon steel electrode 3.2 of a kilogram of about 32, 4 of a kilogram of 17. Stainless steel 3.2=34 root,.4.0=19 root,.2.5 forget
Q:What wire and electrode are used for the welding of 0Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel pipes? Thank you
1, 0Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel pipe welding using H0Cr20Ni10Ti welding wire, welding rod using A132 or A137.2, if welding with electrodes, I suggest the use of A137 welding, because of its crack resistance performance than A132 much better.
Q:Welding rod heat preservation barrel should be clamped in the welding machine
The electrode holder is clamped on the output terminal of welding machine (or welding machine quick socket).Electrode holding barrel:First, the use of methods:Put the baked electrode into the barrel and take it with you. If the cooling, with the original plug a clamped welder + pole, a clamp of electric welding machine, can be heated.Two. Why should it be kept warm?:Heat preservation is to keep the electrode dry. In the workshop, some electrodes are afraid of moisture, and wet welding electrodes will affect the quality of welding. Therefore, after baking the electrode placed in the heat preservation cylinder, with the use of take.

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