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10000 m²/month

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Printed cup

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Anhui China (Mainland)


1)handmade glassware 
2) professional supplier 
3) low price and fine quality 
4)Certification: CE / EU, FDA, SGS

We are professional manufacturer and exporter of mouth-blown and machine-made glassware, which

includes various kinds of glass cup, coffee mug, shot glass, beer cup ,wine stemware,goblet

1.Colored wine glassware

2.Hand-blown/machine made glass

3.High quality/without lead and cadmium

4.Can be printed with customer's logos

5.Customized designs,colors and logos are welcome

6.The safety test:meet the food inspection standards

7.Packing:safety packing or according to customer's special requests

8.Different items with different prices,welcome your specific inquiry!

9.Product is suitable for use in homes,offices,apartments ,restaurants and hotels

10.frost , decal , screen printing are welcome , any colors according to your request

11.factory directly with competitive price and welcome your new design or offer your sample for our reference

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Q:What are the benefits of using Long film building film?
Safe explosion-proof glass processing film affixed to the inner surface of the building and automotive glass, the broken glass fixed in place to reduce personal injury, reduce the impact of the explosion, blocking intruders, the protection of property. The professionally installed film forms a "invisible tough barrier" on the glass.
Q:What is the introduction of new glass advertising slogan
New glass is your first choice
Q:What is architectural glass?
Architectural glass (architectural glass) is the main varieties of flat glass, with a smooth surface, translucent, sound insulation, insulation, wear resistance, climate change, material stability and so on. It is made of quartz sand, sandstone or quartzite, limestone, feldspar, dolomite and soda ash as the main raw material. It is made by crushing, sieving, batching, high temperature melting, molding, annealing, cooling and processing. The function of architectural glass is no longer just to meet the lighting requirements, but to have to adjust the light, thermal insulation, security (bulletproof, anti-theft, fire, radiation, anti-electromagnetic interference), art decoration and other characteristics. With the continuous development of demand, glass molding and processing technology has also been a new development. Now, new technologies such as interlayer, tempered, ion exchange, glazed decoration, chemical thermal decomposition and cathodic sputtering have been developed to increase the amount of glass in the building and become the third largest building behind cement and steel material. Let you know about building glass.
Q:In addition to the service industry, what other work?
What will you do? Everyone has his own specialty
Q:Any1 know wat that big glass building is next to City Hall in Cork???
i think its the new building for doing tax,bin charges etc. my friend thinks its a libary and i heard some1 else say it was part of the fire station so who knows....go in there someday thats the quickest way to find out!!!!!!!
Q:I am a building glass clerk, travel time is very short, I would like to ask you how to run the older generation to run?
I'm the salesman for flat glass
Q:Shot glass cabinet building plans?
I think Sri Vidya Rajgopalan has given the correct answer. But the Answer is very long. Let me explain you in short. Ram built a Bridge instead of ship because he thought, if in the war with Ravana more army of Varana is required then it will be easy to bring reinforcement through a Bridge Than to send ship.
Q:How to build a glass dome bedroom?
Yes okorder.com/ you can ask with the details of your requirements. They answers promptly. Now you can complete your dream bedroom quickly. Wish one day I can visit your home to see it.
Q:How did Benjamin Franklin make the Glass Armonica?
because okorder.com
Q:Manganese dioxide itself is black, why as a colorant added to the glass to show purple it
In the glass of this wide variety of large family, in addition to our daily life often see the colorless transparent glass, there are many stained glass, black glass, such as car window glass is purple , There are blue architectural glass, etc. At the crossroads of traffic, the traffic lights have red, yellow and green three kinds of glass for the shade; the festive night is everywhere, and now people use color bulbs A variety of colors made of glass) to decorate the festive appearance; take an art photo in the camera lens put a certain color of the color filter, it has different shades of yellow, red, blue, green and other colors; Field workers, steelmakers, welders to carry different colors of protective eyepiece, a touching drama, if there is no colorful lights with the performance of the effect will be greatly less; in the music of the ballroom, if there is no laser chaos Turn the various colors, will make the music dynamic atmosphere weakened.

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