Solventless epoxy self leveling

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1made of Solventless Epoxy resins and hardener.
2 Surface smooth, beautiful and surface mirror effect.


1 It is made of Solventless Epoxy resins and hardener.

2 Surface smooth, beautiful and surface mirror effect.

3 It is good at acid proof, alkali proof, and salt proof.

4 It has compression-resistant, abrasion resistance and high cleanliness.


It could be used in electronic industry, medical manufactures under GMP standard and the schools, offices.

Construction Process:

1 The ground must be clean and dry without oil and water.

2 Paint the wash coating

3 Paint the middle coating

4 Polishing and dust absorption

5 Paint the Epoxy Self – Leveling color coating

tenure of use: 2mm/8years,3MM/10years,4mm/12years,5MM/more than 15 years

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Q:I was hoping some other ontario real estate agents would share how they got started, what they put in, and what they got out of their careers.
Not a real estate agent, nor do I know where you are in Ontario, but in Windsor, the housing market is in a pretty serious downfall. In my neighbourhood, there are a lot of houses for sale, but that's mainly because of the massive layoffs from GM/Ford/Chrysler--the highest employers by far. I actually bought a house a little less than a month ago for $220,000, when the original price was $280,000. The real estate agent said that the house was for sale for about 4 weeks, and she had been dropping the price by $10,000 every week--the people selling the house were also in a rush to move, so she accepted a low price. The economy will pickup again soon though, because it's not the first time that this has happened. I'd say in a couple of months, some positive signs will appear, and within 2-3 years, the economy will be more or less where it was a couple of years ago.
Q:How would I go about studying for and taking the test to become a real estate dealer/salesperson? Where can I obtain the necessary books? How long does it take etc.?
Some of the other answers are well done. Call the local board of REALTORS and they should be able to tell you who is offering the basic real estate course and that will get you started. Additionally some brokers will take time to sit down with you and answer questions and explain details to you. You need to have money set aside before getting into the business because you will pour money into this before you ever collect a commission. Let an active real estate agent or broker explain all of this to you. Take him or her to breakfast and discuss it over a good meal.
Q:i plan to go in this. can someone that is going in or in real estate please tell me, so i can make my mind up.
It's a good idea to try to be an office assistant/secretary. It's also common for an individual agent to need an assistant. When I first started, they told me to just hang around in the office and listen to everybody. You would be surprised by how much you learn just being in a real estate office. I started with a Century21 office because they have an excellent training program. Although, it does cost quite a bit of money to be a real estate agent. To get started, the classes cost $500 and the association fees and MLS dues totaled approx. $300. But it probably varies in different states/areas. I will tell you, you do need a financial cushion to begin this career. Agents usually wont make a sale for at least a few months. (in a regular market) Look at it as having your own business; just about everything comes out of your own pocket while your building your business but once you've built it up a bit, it begins to repay you. You may also want to think about doing it part time if your finances cant handle such a change.
Q:How can a person that really doesnt have credit start to buy and sell real estate. I am 18 years old but want to start my career early. I dont really have much credit but wouldnt mind starting small. How would I go about doing that?
Get added to your parent's mortgage if they are buying soon or going to refi. (just don't do it for that reason only) If not, open up a credit card (student card perhaps) and within 6 months open another one. At the 2 year mark of you having credit, you can buy. Until then, save up as much as you can. I became a homeowner at 18 with my mom and at 21 I bought a house by myself. It just takes discipline
Q:Hello how do you say beach real estate in spanish? Is this term use? Do it sound funny when you say it in spanish?
Hola, ?cómo decir playa de bienes raíces en espa?ol? Es utilizar este término? Haz la prueba de sonido divertidos cuando se dice en espa?ol? thanks
Q:im trying to become a real estate agent but i dont know where to take classes i would like to find a school either in manhattan or staten island please tell me some schools that have classes for beginners to take**No online classes-Thank you
no taking schooling to make you eligible for an career rather than what you're presently doing isn't deductible despite the fact that you would use Sch A and itemize your deductions
Q:I would like to know to expect as a finders fe for aa real estate sale?
What are you doing to get this real estate finders fee? If you are finding real estate for investors or clients for real estate agents those are two different items are paid differently depending on the service you provide. In finding real estate for a real estate investor depending on how much information you provide as well as the agreement you have with the investor. In a real estate sales transaction for a real estate agent a fee could be as small as a dinner out to an expensive restaurant or as much as half of the commission a real estate agent earn, again this would depend on the information you provide as well as the agreement you have with the real estate agent. Some real estate professionals will tell you that it would be illegal to give a finders fee to someone, however, this is not the real world. This is being done everyday. Some of your top producers have set up such a network that they have clients on a daily ore weekly basis based on these finders. Real estate investors build their business on these real estate finders also, therefore they are the first to know about a foreclosure, a divorce and other things that would cause a property to become a foreclosure or distressed property. Some go so far as to train their finders so the investor would do less work while the finder know exactly what the investor is seeking in the purchase of investment properties. These finders would sometimes go on to become investors themselves after learning for their mentor. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. FIGHT ON
Q:I am looking for a part-time (in or near Pasadena, CA) or online real estate MBA program. Any ideas?
While most MBA programs do offer part-time programs, there are few that are focused on only real estate. Many don't even offer real estate coursework as part of the program. Your best bet will be with a large campus that has a variety of course offerings, but I doubt if you'll find one that is focused entirely on real estate.
Q:Hi, I'm currently in the Army and after 1 year in afghanastan I've decided I do not want to re enlist. Not that I ever intended to. But getting out in a few months. So I've decided to get a career started. I'm looking into real estate because although I've heard its not a great market right now. Seems like something id be good at. Meeting people, helping them find a home. I've always wanted a job that I can dress professionaly and present my self well. I don't have any college. Joind the army straight out of high school. Didn't take advantage of schooling unfortunately. But I don't cry over spilt milk. Does that hurt my chances at geting into the field and/or being successsful? what does it take to be successful and do well? Also what are the benifits and negatives of the job? How far up can you get in this feild?Any advice is helpful and welcome.
It's not a job, Kevin. It's your own business. You will need enough money in the bank to live on for the first year or two, plus at least $5000 to get started (classes, advertising, office supplies, MLS dues, etc.) And you will need lots of persistence and the ability to handle lots of rejection. Most people who start as real estate agents do not make it through their second year. Schooling is irrelevant, except that you need very clear communication skills, both written and oral. How far can you go? You can own your own company with agents working under you, you can make plenty of money just selling real estate - commercial is more lucrative but also much more difficult than residential, you can purchase your own investment properties. And there are tons of related jobs in mortgage, title, appraisal, inspection, developing, property management, etc.

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