SMPS Switching Power Supply 12V 5A 60 Watt with CE ROHS

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Product Description:

Output Power

51 - 100W

Output Type


Input Voltage

110 or 220

Output Voltage


Output Frequency


Output Current






Good quality with good price

Built-in EMI filter

Low output ripple noise

Protection:Over load.Over Voltage.short circuit



1.Low price and high reliability

2.Built-in EMI filter

3.Low output ripple noise

4.2:1 wide input range

5.Protectio cirns Over load.short circuit

6.1500VDC I/O isolation

7.DC adjustment range,less than 10% rated output voltage

8.Line regulation (full load)>0.5%

9.Output over load protection 1055~150% hiccup

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Q:What is the PWM high-frequency switching power supply
PWM is pulse width modulation As mentioned above, through the high-frequency switch output a pulsating DC, the filter output stable DC If the load changes will lead to changes in the output voltage then the system will adjust the output pulsating DC duty cycle to achieve the purpose of regulation. Upstairs that is the working principle of PWM-type inverter. What I'm talking about is switching power supply. Is actually a principle.
Q:Switching power supply efficiency
for example, the output current is 10A / 2V, when the diode conduction voltage is 0.7v, the loss is 0.7 * 10 = 7 watts, the transformer output (2 + 0.7) * 1 = 27 watts, the available power of 20 watts, the efficiency of about 73%;
Q:Is the DC power supply a switching power supply?
DC is the direct current (Direct current), do not know if there is no misspellings Switching power supply is AC-DC, such as 220V home AC, into a charger 5V DC
Q:Switching power supply control chip selection: UC3844, VIPER series, topswitch series. What is good?
TOP and VIPER than: really TOP than VIPER price of your point, but the high frequency of 40K it, in fact, TOP223 can replace the VIPER, you do 20W output looks like TOP223 is not enough because the 223 wide range of input 85-265AC can only do 15W (P or G package), Y package 223Y can do 30W, but have to leave the margin? And 3844 compared to the first two: you can freely choose the appropriate MOS tube, higher operating frequency, a variety of forms of protection. The above is a more obvious difference, the specific or look at the cost of indicators required. You do not know how to use the multi-channel regulator with three? Cross adjustment rate has been a tune! Haha
Q:The switching power supply has no output but the low side indicator flashes
3842 6 feet is the chip output pin, if burned there, it is likely that the chip and switch are broken But the power output there is voltage, although unstable, indicating that the chip and switch is still working. You can test the chip 7 feet voltage is stable, if the stability of the power supply is likely to have problems on the low side. Switching power supply is the use of modern power electronics technology to control the switch on and off the time ratio, to maintain a stable output voltage of a power supply, switching power supply generally by the pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET composition. With the power electronics technology development and innovation, making switching power supply technology is constantly innovating. At present, the switching power supply to small, lightweight and efficient features are widely used almost all of the electronic equipment, electronic information industry is the rapid development of an indispensable power supply. Indicator light: There is always a light on a key switch for a home lighting. This indicator light is extremely large, so that the circuit current is minimal, so that the voltage in the night with the electrical voltage can not reach the rated voltage can not be bright, under normal circumstances this indicator has a capacitor, because a small The indicator light can not accommodate the voltage of 220v.
Q:Computer switching power supply voltage value
Power supply test As a source of personal computer power, but also with the progress of personal computers and change. From the previous 100W AT power supply to today's 450W or even higher ATX power supply, not only the power in continuous climb, the output current is also increasing, +5 V output current has more than 30 amps. Since the announcement of the ATX2.01 power supply standard in January 1998, after the production of power are compatible with this standard, but the output voltage of each voltage is increasing. We use the ATX switching power supply, the output voltage of + 12V, -12V, +5 V, -5V, +3.3 V and several different voltage. Under normal circumstances, the above-mentioned several kinds of voltage output range allows the error is generally within 5%, as shown in the table below, can not have too much range of fluctuations, or prone to crash data loss situation. Standard voltage value Wire color Minimum voltage Maximum voltage value + 5V red 4.75 5.25 -5V white -4.75 -5.25 + 12V Yellow 11.4 12.6 -12V blue -11.4 -12.6 + 3.3V Orange 3.135 3.465 Power plug on the motherboard ATX power output connector ATX power supply 20-pin output voltage and function definition table Pin Name Color Description 1 3.3V orange +3.3 VDC 2 3.3V orange +3.3 VDC 3 COM black Ground 4 5V red +5 VDC 5 COM black Ground 6 5V red +5 VDC 7 COM black Ground 8 PWR_OK Gray Power Ok (+ 5V & + 3.3V is ok) 9 5VSB Purple +5 VDC Standby Voltage (max 10mA) 10 12V Yellow +12 VDC 11 3.3V Orange +3.3 VDC 12 -12V blue -12 VDC 13 COM Blue Ground 14 / PS_ON green Power Supply On (active low) 15 COM black Ground 16 COM black Ground 17 COM black Ground 18 -5V white -5 VDC 19 5V red +5 VDC 20 5V red +5 VDC
Q:Your company's switching power supply through what channels to purchase?
Shenzhen Luyuan Rui Di Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional design, development, production and sales of switching power supply professional company, the product has a low price, high reliability, high efficiency, low operating temperature Small size, light weight, etc., widely used in industrial control preparation, LED display, instrumentation and other industries, is the traditional control transformer ideal replacement products. Companies with a strong technical force, advanced production technology, improve the detection equipment, well-trained management personnel and scientific and technological personnel, the courage to innovate, forge ahead, the use of advanced technology, the implementation of scientific management. Technology production cast a good Luyuan Rui Di quality, the product through the national center of the rigorous testing. Stable performance, safe and reliable operation, the majority of users by the trust and respected, the best-selling products in major provinces and cities and overseas markets.
Q:Switching power supply inside, after the transformer after the current is alternating current or DC ah
Alternating current. AC power through the transformer or AC, transformers and generators, like the use of the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve the purpose of voltage conversion. But in life, the radio power output is DC, which is because after the transformer buck after the alternating current from the power supply in the rectifier circuit and filter circuit into DC. Generally between 3-9V. Alternating current (alternating ≈ltərˌneɪt) current [kɚrənt, kʌr-]), referred to as AC. AC also known as "alternating current", referred to as "exchange". Generally refers to the size and direction of time with the periodic changes in the voltage or current. Its most basic form is sinusoidal current.
Q:Switching power supply and communication power difference
Communication power is the power of the communication equipment. Can be a battery, 220V AC, generators, dry batteries, cell phone batteries, etc., because it is used for communications equipment, it is generally through the high-frequency oscillation of electronic circuits (switching power supply)
Q:Switching power supply output 12V 10A how to use the transformer how much ah
Switching power supply does not need the front side of the transformer ah, in our country, 100V - 260V, 50 / 60HZ under normal use. Do not repeat the mistake again. {Single-phase electric power = voltage × current × power factor that is P = U × I × cos ¢}, and the voltage multiplied by the current that is the power factor cos ¢ = .1 case, only for pure resistance circuit. The switching power supply circuit is an inductive load, and the inductive and capacitive loads have a power factor
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets Southern Europe 4.57%
Domestic Market 28.13%
North America 22.50%
South America 12.31%
Eastern Europe 1.76%
Southeast Asia 9.85%
Oceania 0.28%
Mid East 9.00%
Eastern Asia 0.84%
Western Europe 8.65%
Northern Europe 2.11%
Company Certifications gistration of a foreign trade operator; BUSINESS LICENSE; Custom Import & Export licence

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Nearest Port Oakland,Buenos aires,BOGOTA
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
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Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
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