Din Rail Switching Power Supply 150 Watt

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1 Piece pc
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200,000 Pieces per Day pc/month

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Product Description:

  • Output Power: 101 - 200W

  • Output Type: Single

  • Input Voltage: 115/230VAC selected by jumper

  • Output Voltage: 12 - 48V all available

  • Output Current: 3.1 - 12.5A all available

  • Dimensions: 108.4 x 74.2 x 109(mm)



115/230VAC optional

All 105C capacitors

Japanese brand for key components

Compact size

UL508,UL60950,CE approved



1) 115/230VAC input selected by jumper

2) Installed on DIN rail TS35 / 7.5 / 15

3) Built in EMI filter

4) High reliability, compact design

5) Protection: overload, over voltage, short circuit

6) 100% full load burn-in test

7) 5 years limited warranty

8) Dimensions: 108.4 x 74.2 x 109mm

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Q:Switching power supply CE certification is probably how much money
Or how much money, there are two or three thousand cheap, you have seven or eight points, of course, the requirements of high, then there are more than ten thousand, specifically look at your needs, look at my name in detail
Q:Switching power supply life is generally how long?
This issue asked a little wide, the life of switching power supply, if the quality of the power is not bad, and can be used normally, you can use for 15 years, some manufacturers warranty period is generally between 1 to 3 years,
Q:Note the operating conditions of 220V voltage and the order of switching power supply
220v are low-voltage circuit, there is no provision, as long as the attention of several points: 1, do not touch the live part directly. 2, if you want to live work, you must ensure that the human body and the earth insulation (standing on the bench or insulation pad). Can not touch FireWire and Neutral Line at the same time. 3, the normal operation of the order: to use the switch off the circuit, first pull the sub-gate and then pull the total gate, the first joint gate and then sub-gate. Line maintenance sequence: Power off - pull the security ground - proof signs pull off the line - operation - review the operation is correct to complete the task - remove the insurance ground - remove the warning card pull off the line - power
Q:What is the difference between what we usually call switching power and ups?
Switching power supply is a simple power supply, and the transformer power supply name difference. High efficiency and stable operation Wide voltage range. UPS on the complex it includes switching power supply function is different from the power supply. It consists of step-down circuit boost circuit charging circuit detection circuit and battery. It is widely used in emergency power systems, protection of computer information, security for the security system. Remember the crash in Wenzhou? Power failure caused by automatic monitoring paralyzed, and this time on the use of the UPS.
Q:24-volt switching power supply why leakage
1, the ground has two y capacitors Neutral grounding way connection, (fire --- || --- --- ---| --- zero) In this way if the socket is good grounding is no problem, But the socket ground if the virtual connection, this time on the line with 110V (may be higher and lower) equivalent potential, if the electrical appliances are metal shell ground, it is possible that the entire shell are charged, the pen will be bright, Ma hand.
Q:Isolation switch power supply and non-isolated switching power supply advantages and disadvantages,
Isolation type: Advantages: before and after the isolation, after the level of the earth without dangerous voltage, the output voltage can be equal to the input voltage or can contain a range of input voltage Disadvantages: larger, or the same size of the power smaller Scope of application: the occasion of electricity supply (such as computer power); signal detection to isolate the collection of occasions (such as electrocardiograph)
Q:Can the switching power supply replace the low frequency transformer?
Can not replace, in the audio amplifier, high voltage transformer and other fields, or have a unique advantage. Low-power silicon steel transformer transformer basic prospects bleak, quality is not good, and gradually disappear. CCC seems to make life difficult.
Q:Charger, switching power supply, power adapter these three different?
Switching power supply is 220V voltage into a low-voltage DC method, he is different from the traditional power frequency transformer. The use of this switching voltage technology is called switching power supply, charger and power adapter are currently used in switching power supply technology. Charger specifically refers only to the battery charge thing, generally with charging indicator, such as battery car charger. He can not be called an adapter. An adapter is something that provides power to a device. Such as a power adapter for a liquid crystal display, and a power adapter for the printer. Can not be called a charger. There is another thing. For example, the phone that stuff or laptop that is used, now called the adapter. But we call him a charger. And the top two names have appeared. So when he called the charger when charging, if finished over
Q:Switching power supply how to connect to the battery charge
If you do not know the battery and switching power supply positive and negative, you can use a multimeter to connect the switching power supply output port test, the display voltage is positive, then the red pen is connected to the positive, black pen is connected to the negative.
Q:Switching power supply to increase the load when the first drop and then rebound to normal, what reason?
To increase the dynamic dynamic response speed of the power supply, it is necessary to increase the power supply bandwidth. With external feedback can adjust the feedback power supply bandwidth (bandwidth is easy to instability, to ensure stable power), or increase the output capacitor can also increase the power supply bandwidth.
We have various advanced equipment, such as wave soldering and reflow soldering machine, RoHS testing, environmental testing system, etc. Only top international brand components are adopted for our key parts to ensure long lifetime and high reliability. Each unit is given full load burn-in test.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shanghai,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1995
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 10%
South America 3%
Eastern Europe 5%
Southeast Asia 8%
Africa 2%
Oceania 2%
Mid East 1%
Eastern Asia 2%
Western Europe 15%
Northern Europe 10%
Southern Europe 1%
South Asia 2%
Domestic Market 39%
Company Certifications CE/LVD Certificate; TUV Certificate; Hengfu Logo Registration Certificate; RoHS Certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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