LED dimming power supply 3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

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Product Description:

Product model: ZX-G0501-T

Input parameters: AC 50-60HZ 110/220V

Output parameters: 300mA 9-15DC (current can be adjusted according to customer requirements 0-400MA)

Output power: 4W 5W 3W

Dimming range: 0%-100% (applicable to the vast majority of dimming device)

Product size: long * wide * high =25*17*17mm

Product use: This product is suitable for E27 GU10 and other ball bulb lamp controlled silicon dimming lamps and lanterns can be equipped with the shell used in ceiling lamps, etc.

Product features:

1, small volume, light weight

2, constant current output

3, with isolated transformer, the human body is more secure

4, the use of import program (NXP2012) design, quality and stability, light adjustment effect of the whole process without flash

5, the life of more than 50000HR

6, with perfect over current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature, over power protection function

7, with moisture, dust function

8, can be in -40 C, +65 C environment stable work

9, in accordance with the RoHS standard

LED dimming power supply  3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

LED dimming power supply  3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

LED dimming power supply  3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

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Q:How to calculate the loss of switching power supply
Are you going to calculate the actual power consumption of the switching power supply? This requires knowing the load current or load power of the switching power supply and the efficiency of the switching power supply. General switching power supply efficiency (220v-48v) is greater than 80%, 80% efficiency, its power consumption is equal to the load / 80%.
Q:Why the use of high-frequency switching power supply
Improve the switching frequency can improve efficiency, thereby reducing the size of the transformer, and then the entire power supply volume will come down There is, switch state, oscillation, then the frequency of <20KHZ ears can hear the noise, so from this point of view can not be less than 20K
Q:Switching power supply transformer inductance and air gap, energy storage, the specific relationship between the three?
Inductance: inductance, also known as self-inductance coefficient, is the inductance of the original sense of self-inductance of a physical quantity. When the magnetic flux through a coil changes, the coil will produce potential, which is the electromagnetic induction phenomenon. The resulting potential is called the induced electromotive force, the magnitude of the electromotive force is proportional to the velocity of the flux change and the number of turns of the coil. The basic unit of inductance is H (H), there are cents (mH), micro-Heng (uh). 1H = 10 ^ 3mH = 10 ^ 6uH The air gap is the gap between the motor stator and rotor. The stator does not turn, the rotor needs to turn, so the air gap is necessary, according to the different motor, air gap size is also different. In general, the asynchronous motor air gap is small, synchronous motor air gap. Energy storage mainly refers to the storage of electricity. Energy storage is a term in oil reservoirs that represent the ability of reservoirs to store oil and gas.
Q:Computer switching power supply voltage value
Power supply test As a source of personal computer power, but also with the progress of personal computers and change. From the previous 100W AT power supply to today's 450W or even higher ATX power supply, not only the power in continuous climb, the output current is also increasing, +5 V output current has more than 30 amps. Since the announcement of the ATX2.01 power supply standard in January 1998, after the production of power are compatible with this standard, but the output voltage of each voltage is increasing. We use the ATX switching power supply, the output voltage of + 12V, -12V, +5 V, -5V, +3.3 V and several different voltage. Under normal circumstances, the above-mentioned several kinds of voltage output range allows the error is generally within 5%, as shown in the table below, can not have too much range of fluctuations, or prone to crash data loss situation. Standard voltage value Wire color Minimum voltage Maximum voltage value + 5V red 4.75 5.25 -5V white -4.75 -5.25 + 12V Yellow 11.4 12.6 -12V blue -11.4 -12.6 + 3.3V Orange 3.135 3.465 Power plug on the motherboard ATX power output connector ATX power supply 20-pin output voltage and function definition table Pin Name Color Description 1 3.3V orange +3.3 VDC 2 3.3V orange +3.3 VDC 3 COM black Ground 4 5V red +5 VDC 5 COM black Ground 6 5V red +5 VDC 7 COM black Ground 8 PWR_OK Gray Power Ok (+ 5V & + 3.3V is ok) 9 5VSB Purple +5 VDC Standby Voltage (max 10mA) 10 12V Yellow +12 VDC 11 3.3V Orange +3.3 VDC 12 -12V blue -12 VDC 13 COM Blue Ground 14 / PS_ON green Power Supply On (active low) 15 COM black Ground 16 COM black Ground 17 COM black Ground 18 -5V white -5 VDC 19 5V red +5 VDC 20 5V red +5 VDC
Q:Switching power supply (AC-DC) use notes and tips
Power Usage Precautions: First, the metal shell Power cord and the shell is generally connected with the ground (FG), to be reliable grounding, to ensure safety, can not be mistaken to the shell connected to the zero line.   Second, before the installation is complete power test run, please re-check and proofread the wiring on the wiring, make sure that the input and output, AC and DC, single-phase and multi-phase, positive and negative, voltage and current value is correct Before they can run.   Third, for high-power LED switching power supply, there are three or more than three "+" input terminals and "-" output terminals, in fact they belong to an output electrode, just to make the user easy to connect, and multiple terminals Respectively, in the internal and then together.
Q:What is the difference between a switching power supply and a switching regulator?
1, in general, switching power supply is a large price concept, it can contain inverter (low pressure high pressure, UPS's predecessor), low pressure high pressure (daily use of small chargers, etc.).
Q:UPS and switching power supply what is the difference
Ups is an uninterruptible power supply, is a kind of energy storage device, can be seen as a battery; The switching power supply is a power supply that maintains a stable output voltage
Q:Is the switching power supply bad?
Switching power supply without output, usually two problems, the first is the switching power supply is broken, the second is the switching power supply output overload, power overcurrent protection or overheating protection, the former need to repair, the latter to remove the load off 220V input Voltage after 5 minutes and then on the 220V to return to normal. The input voltage of 238V is also within the allowable range of the switching power supply, regardless of this.
Q:What is the name of the switching power supply?
Personal recommendations do not buy, directly connected to the line with a plug switch to control the cat's power switch.
Q:On the ground of the switching power supply
You said too messy, I read for a long time, I still use my logical language to tell you! There are some high-end switch, lamp or import switch, the lamp is a ground option. As you said 24V switch, GND should be connected to the switch box or case, assuming that the switch box and the case is non-metallic natural do not have to pick up, the ground is mainly for the metal chassis with electrical appliances, when the fire line leakage On the chassis, the chassis connected to the ground short circuit lead to tripping, play a safe role, so your power must have three lines, that is, line of fire, zero line, ground, your electrical appliances with a ground mark Place to be connected to the power ground, I do not know if you understand, if any questions please continue to ask!

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