Din Rail Power Supply 50 Watt

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Product Description:

  • Output Power: 1 - 50W

  • Output Type: Single

  • Input Voltage: 85 - 264VAC

  • Output Voltage: 12 - 48V all available

  • Output Current: 1 - 4.2A all available

  • Dimensions: 45 x 89.2 x 75.2mm



All 105C capacitors

Japanese brand for key components

DC OK signal

CE approved

Factory 20 years experience




1) Universal AC input / full range

2) Installed on DIN rail TS35 / 7.5 / 15

3) High reliability, compact design

4) DC OK signal output

5) Protection: overload/ over voltage/ short circuit

6) 100% full load burn-in test

7) Built in EMI filter

8) 5 years limited warranty

9) Dimensions: 45 x 89.2 x 75.2mm

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Q:How to choose the switching power supply frequency?
such as 300KHZ better magnetic material can do 500KHZ or more high. Input voltage and then higher, we need to pay attention to the switch tube switching loss problems, and generally only to do dozens to hundreds of hundreds of KHZ or so. The specific circumstances of the specific analysis, and some soft-switching, resonant what the high-power high-efficiency topology!
Q:Switching power supply how maintenance
1, analysis circuit, draw a block diagram. 2, the use of external auxiliary power to detect the oscillation circuit. 3, detection of measurement output sampling circuit. 4, one by one detection, measurement of the various block diagram of the work situation. 5, with a load to detect a working point is normal. 6, remove the external auxiliary power supply, restore the normal power supply, check the work of all the work is normal. 7, with a load of 24 hours or 72 hours test is normal. Above for the basic order, but also according to the specific appearance, and specific characteristics of the circuit analysis.
Q:Switching power supply TL431 what role, I did not find the circuit in 431 the corresponding circuit
TL431 is used as a voltage sampling drive optocoupler, if the output voltage Vout changes, TL431 the reference side by the R1 and Rlower partial pressure control, making the TL431 regulator value changes, so optocoupler light-emitting diode (negative) Voltage changes, the current in the LED changes, making the optocoupler output photoelectric transistor conduction changes, Vfb output voltage also changes, to achieve the feedback output voltage changes and isolation, the output voltage Vfb sent to the switch control circuit, in order to achieve closed-loop Regulation. Here Vout increases - VFB drops.
Q:Note the operating conditions of 220V voltage and the order of switching power supply
220v are low-voltage circuit, there is no provision, as long as the attention of several points: 1, do not touch the live part directly. 2, if you want to live work, you must ensure that the human body and the earth insulation (standing on the bench or insulation pad). Can not touch FireWire and Neutral Line at the same time. 3, the normal operation of the order: to use the switch off the circuit, first pull the sub-gate and then pull the total gate, the first joint gate and then sub-gate. Line maintenance sequence: Power off - pull the security ground - proof signs pull off the line - operation - review the operation is correct to complete the task - remove the insurance ground - remove the warning card pull off the line - power
Q:Is the switching power supply bad?
Switching power supply without output, usually two problems, the first is the switching power supply is broken, the second is the switching power supply output overload, power overcurrent protection or overheating protection, the former need to repair, the latter to remove the load off 220V input Voltage after 5 minutes and then on the 220V to return to normal. The input voltage of 238V is also within the allowable range of the switching power supply, regardless of this.
Q:What are the main components of the switching power supply?
This is just one of the program switching power supply as a whole is the filter rectification adjustment feedback control output rectifier filter several parts. Specific programs according to specific requirements
Q:Switching power supply efficiency
for example, the output current is 10A / 2V, when the diode conduction voltage is 0.7v, the loss is 0.7 * 10 = 7 watts, the transformer output (2 + 0.7) * 1 = 27 watts, the available power of 20 watts, the efficiency of about 73%;
Q:Your company's switching power supply through what channels to purchase?
Shenzhen Luyuan Rui Di Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional design, development, production and sales of switching power supply professional company, the product has a low price, high reliability, high efficiency, low operating temperature Small size, light weight, etc., widely used in industrial control preparation, LED display, instrumentation and other industries, is the traditional control transformer ideal replacement products. Companies with a strong technical force, advanced production technology, improve the detection equipment, well-trained management personnel and scientific and technological personnel, the courage to innovate, forge ahead, the use of advanced technology, the implementation of scientific management. Technology production cast a good Luyuan Rui Di quality, the product through the national center of the rigorous testing. Stable performance, safe and reliable operation, the majority of users by the trust and respected, the best-selling products in major provinces and cities and overseas markets.
Q:Charger, switching power supply, power adapter these three different?
Charger, switching power supply, power adapter can (but not necessarily) is a thing, Switching power supply is to pay attention to the internal characteristics of the items, the charger is to pay attention to his use, power adapter is highlighted as the main equipment of the auxiliary. Such as ---- porcelain bowl --- switching power supply ------ refers to the bowl is made of porcelain       Rice bowl --- charger ------- refers to the use of the bowl (Note that the charger is not a switching power supply to do, rice bowl also has a glass bowl)       Tableware --- power adapter -------- refers to the service for the meal (power adapter also has a transformer AC output, the ordinary linear rectifier regulator output, as well as battery box. Tableware also has dish, spoon, etc. )
Q:Is switching power not power? Why should the word "switch" be added?
Switching power supply its working principle is not the same, first of all it will be the main power through the rectifier into a DC with a fluctuation, coupled with the capacitor and other energy-saving front-end components, and then through the transistor (MOS tube) and other devices will be a DC Intermittent form added to the high-frequency transformer, the use of inductive induced current in the secondary level to produce the required current or power.        This is the power of a lot of advantages, one is the small size of light weight. Second, the same power cheap, the third is high efficiency, four is the output voltage stability, can allow the input voltage has a large fluctuations without affecting the output voltage.       Disadvantages are: manufacturing more complex, covered with more knowledge, electromagnetic interference is relatively large, high power on the power grid is relatively large.
We have various advanced equipment, such as wave soldering and reflow soldering machine, RoHS testing, environmental testing system, etc. Only top international brand components are adopted for our key parts to ensure long lifetime and high reliability. Each unit is given full load burn-in test.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shanghai,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1995
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 10%
South America 3%
Eastern Europe 5%
Southeast Asia 8%
Africa 2%
Oceania 2%
Mid East 1%
Eastern Asia 2%
Western Europe 15%
Northern Europe 10%
Southern Europe 1%
South Asia 2%
Domestic Market 39%
Company Certifications CE/LVD Certificate; TUV Certificate; Hengfu Logo Registration Certificate; RoHS Certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range