Sliding Table Wood Working Milling Machine

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Product Description:

Band Saw Machine


Main Structure Of The Machine:

 The machine is made of box body,main spindle assembly,rising-falling etc.

 Use Of The Machine:

 It is applided for re-processing camber side and the special shape side. It also can do beeline and bevel edge process,

 make different shapes of wood line with template. It is widely used in woodworking furniture and

Regular Packing:

 With our normal packing (pearl wool), wooden case need add money

  Woodworking Milling Machine Series(Spindle Moulder)




Sliding table max distance


Adjustable width of sliding table


Max milling thickness


Dia. Of cutter spindle


Rotary speed of cutter spindle


Height of main spindle lift


Size of worktable


Motor power / Voltage frequency

4kw(5.5HP) / 380V 50Hz

Weight of machine


Overall dimensions (L×W×H)

























Technical Specification of DJ1000:


1) Sawing capacity (without rotation) (web height x flange width):

Max. 1000 x 500 mm

Min. 200 x 75 mm


2) Saw blade size (mm):

Thickness: 1.6  Width: 54  Length: 8500


3) Saw blade linear speed (m/min): 20~100


4) Working table height (mm): about 800


5) Sawing feeding speed: Controlled by the programe


6) Rotation angle: 0°~45°


7) Main motor power (kW): 11


8) Hydraulic motor power (kW):5.5


9Main clamping hydraulic motor (ml/r): 160


10) Front clamping hydraulic motor (ml/r): 160


11) Dimension of the machine: about 4050 x 2300 x 2700mm


12) Weight of the machine (kg): about 9000


13) Working temperature: 00C ~ 400C


Power: Three phase four wire system

AC Voltage: 380V

Fluctuation of voltage±10%

Frequency50 HZ


Sliding Table Wood Working Milling Machine

Sliding Table Wood Working Milling Machine

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