Single Side Fire retardant Aluminium foil laminated to fiberglass cloth

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Aluminum foil lined fiberglass plain fabric, aluminum foil jacket

1. Description

Mean to be used in a number of applications in the automotive industry due to its temperature resistance, rigidity and fatigue strength. The benefits of using composites include greater fuel efficiency, corrosion resistance, light weight and strength. Composites also provide a low-cost way to help keep designs looking fresh.

Whats more, FG701 usually be installed to air-conditioning outlet, basement and wall.

2. Structure & Benefits:

Alkaline-resistant fiberglass fabrics as backing brings us a stronger laminates with superior chemical resistance, high temperature endurable; meanwhile absolute environmental.

[1]. Inorganic raw materials, FG701 will not influence by moisture and microbiology.

[2]. Low weight, high strength (especially in sandwich constructions).

[3]. High rigidity (especially in sandwich constructions).

[4]. Good corrosion characteristics due to its inorganic nature, FG701 and FGS701 will not get rot or mildew and is noncorrosive to steel, copper, and aluminum.

[5]. Endure high temperature.

[6]. Resistant to a variety of chemicals.

[7]. Good thermal and soundproof qualities.

[8]. Recycling (can be crushed and used as filler).

3. Application:

[1]. Wrapping the air-conditioning outlet

[2]. It could be cut to wrap around the glass wool in different sizes for inserting between the main body and the inner body of the subway wagons, for insulating against temperature and sound.

4. Dimension/Size

[1]. Roll width: 30mm-1200mm

[2]. Roll Length: no less than 50m (Special seizes available upon request)

[3] . Core I.D.: 3"(76mm+/-1)

5. R&D

We are studying fire/flame retardant adhesive for improve quality of our products so that bring you a safer environment and protect your life.

6. Similar products guide

FGS701: additional layer of 7micron aluminum foil was applied to FG701

FG701T: self adhesive tape, easy to install, because of the application of pressure sensitive adhesive, two types we supply: one could endure temperature from -10degree centigrade to 60DC, another one could standing from -10DC to 100DC.

Q:Fire safety basic knowledge training content
What is the meaning of the signal disc valve action?
Q:What is the meaning of the plastic raw material fire rating HB?
HB is the lowest level of fire rating, it can be said is not fire.
Q:Indoor to do with the gypsum board or good or good use of fire board board, fire board is made of what material ah how environmental
Woodworking board is best. Choose a little also do not have much money. There are environmental requirements within the woodworking board, wood board Geng Ji Li Li Dian Dian for a lot of bite force. Gypsum board with the most is the ceiling, impatient impact. Bad to change the whole block. Fire board surface too light, not suitable for the above to do modified paint.
Q:Gypsum board with fire performance is it?
Gypsum board is the main component of calcium sulfate, chemical formula CaSO4. Melting point 1450 ℃, the relative density of 2.96, insoluble in water. Its dihydrate CaSO4 ? 2H2O is commonly known as gypsum (or gypsum). Hemihydrate CaSO4 ? 1 / 2H2O called plaster (or gypsum). Gypsum is a mineral, for the monoclinic crystal, was plate or fibrous, there are fine lumps, was light gray, reddish, light yellow or light blue. Gypsum heated to 128 ℃, lost most of the crystal water, into a plaster; 163 ℃ above, all the loss of crystal water. The plaster of the plaster is mixed with the plastic, but soon hardened to become gypsum. This process releases a lot of heat and swells, so it can be used for casting models and sculptures including gypsum pliers, with fire resistance.
Q:Class C fire door with what material
Material is the same, in the thickness or strength of the difference
Q:Color steel plate sandwich to use fireproof material, what is good?
Rock wool board insulation, sound insulation effect is good
Q:Which industry people, to help return to the final decision to do with the tax treasure Japonica ah, refractory materials and fireproof materials like it? I intend to do an industry website, do not know whether the refractory material and fireproof material more conflict
Refractory materials and fireproof materials are all building materials industry, to do a single industry can, for example, you said the refractory or fireproof material
Q:What is the thickness of the thick fireproof coating?
According to GB-2002 "steel structure fire retardant coating" provisions: thick: coating thickness of 745mm in the fire retardant coating: coating thickness of 3-7mm in the fire retardant coating: the thickness of less than 3mm coating thickness of the fire Type fire retardant coating is non-intumescent steel structure fire retardant coating, generally by: binder, inorganic refractory insulation materials, additives and other components. The coating does not expand in the case of fire, through its own insulation performance of the protected components to improve the fire resistance time.
Q:What is Class A Fire What is Class B Fireproof?
Class A, B level in two different standards, please do not confuse. A-level assessment criteria for the GB8624-1997, and B-level GB8624-2006. GB8624-1997 medium-level mainly: A-class, B1 level, B2 level, the current standard has been void, replaced by GB8624-2006. In the GB8624-2006, the general material classification: A1 grade, A2 grade Chuanchuan devaluation collision turtle sandstorm, B, C, D, E, F, floor material: A1fl level, A2fl AC, insulation, insulation material: A1L level, A2L level, BL level, CL grade, DL level, EL level, FL level, the above level are from high to low level, Bfl level, Cfl level, Dfl level, Efl level, Ffl level arrangement. GB8624-1997 A level can correspond to GB8624-2006 in the A1 and A2 level. The difference between the old and the new standard is that the A-level is only tested for incombustibility, while the A1 level detects the incombustibility and total combustion calorific value, the A2-level test incombustibility, the SBI monomer combustion test (or the total combustion calorific value, the SBI monomer combustion test , One of the two). While the B-level test items for the SBI monomer combustion test, flammability and so on. Details if you need, please leave the mailbox, I sent you.
Q:What is the meaning of flame retardant materials and fireproof materials?
1, not a meaning 2, flame retardant material means that this material has a flame retardant properties, to prevent burning, on the one hand, including non-burning materials, on the one hand, including refractory materials. 3, fire-resistant material, means that can play a role in the fire of the material, it can be compensated for powder forging forging forcibly crazy, including flame retardant materials, including simple or synthetic materials.

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