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Found a spring pan at TJ Maxx or whatever for five bucks! Bf loves cheesecake so I figured I'd give it a tryI made an oreo cheesecake and I saw things I needed to improveI thought some mistakes might have been from using a 9quot; recipeHe requested NY cheesecake but I can only find 9quot; and 10quot; recipes!
Chilli beans and quinoaPeople always ask this pointless questionHow can we possibly know what your choices are? We can't see into your pantry and fridgeWe don't know which city you live in.
I have a 1995 Chevrolet C1500 ext-cab 2WD There is something that started clicking under my dash2 days of clicking and now my left turn signal is flashing at twice the speedWhen I turn the left flasher on, it blinks at normal speedWhen I turn on the right blinker, both flashers blink like hazardsSuggestion to replace?
the only thing i can think of is a fuse that runs the signal some of them make a clicking sound and some do not they are usually round and aluminum colored you will have to get up under your dash by laying on the floorboard on the driver side and look around up under there until you find ituse a flashlight, unplug it and go to the parts store to get a new oneif that is it it's a cheap fixgood luck
What would be the best:to weld a bike frame to a trike chassis (same metal)orto build a new frame entirely (including the more complex bits such as the pedal axle and handlebar tube)?Any advise on welding the pedal axle hub thing from an old bike to a newly built frame?
If you are using an aluminum bike frame as a basis do NOT weld anything onto itIf you are using a steel frame then you MIGHT be able to convert itbut there is no way 3 adults will be able to ride itno more than 3 adults could ride the bike in its original formYou are trying to do something that takes some significant knowledge in engineering and some very fancy fabricating (machining) workI am a master builder, have built trikes before and it is definitely not for those who don't have an intimate understanding of making fabrications with thin walled tubing with a good dose of structural engineering whether it be through school or experienceIt is also important to get your terminology correctThe pedal axle is the bottom bracket (which comes in a variety of sizes that you'll have to determine) and the handlebar tube is either the fork steerer or the head tube (I can't decide which one you mean)There is also the seat tube (which has to be reamed for a particular size) as well as close attention paid to the head tube angle, the bottom bracket drop, and the chainline among dozens of other detailsAll the bits you need- including tubing- are generally available from various specialist shops onlineDo NOT use the pedal axle thing from an old bike for a new frameIf you want to look at a couple of custom trike frames, consider searching for Bob Jackson Cycles in Leeds England, and I think Mel Pinto Imports still has one lying around.
Okay so I have all the ingredients and a muffin pan but I just realized I have no cupcake linersCould I just shape aluminum foil into a cup form suited for the cupcakes and bake the cupcakes in there instead?
in refrigerator is best and will keep well and never meltI use a plastic bowl and put them in and when wanted they are always in one spotliving in florida there is no other place to keepworks well
I have a killer BMX frame I want to have powder coated for strength vsregular paintMy question is for the prep workI don't want to have the frame sandblasted due to the thinning/weaking of the tubing it causesCan't I just sand it to bare metal by hand???
He might decapitate the Jonass Sisters and shop their heads on his wall as a trophy! the actuality below The Starrs will Anthony Hopkins play Hannibal Lectar in that action picture lol.
ive tried SO many conditioner and nothing at all works, can anyone please tell me what a good conditioner is for extremely dry hair? here are conditioner ive triedgarnieraussieredkennexxusand more but i cant think of them
I don't have a conditioner to recommend.but a home remedyIf your hair is EXTREMELY dry you can coat it in mayonaisse and then cover it with Saran wrap and then aluminum foilDo this for 30 minutesWash with a high moisture shampoo and condition as normalDo this twice a week for two weeks and you will find a considerable improvement in your hair.
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once you think of on the subject of the features cutting-edge in a genuine soul mate relationship, what one be conscious comes up maximum frequently on the precise of your checklist? Is it Chemistry? in all riskthat's often defined as a feeling that leaves you breathless, excited and susceptible in the kneespalms sweat, the heart races and the physique tingles with worried anticipationthe top maximum could-be fans come to is that in the event that they adventure those extreme emotions in direction of somebody, they have the inspiration for an suited and lasting relationshipgenuine? perhaps no longerFor this definition of chemistry is constrained to a minimum of one's actual reaction to a various individualIt lacks an entire measurement it fairly is living in our values, ideals, personalities and worldviewwith the intention to understand you have the impressive connection with a ability (or present) significant different, it fairly is significant to have a straightforward know-how of what genuine chemistry is composed of, that embody itthat's often complicated to doThis extreme, actual hobby is the stuff that Oscar winning video clips and ultimate-advertising books are made up ofSo, take a step back for a minute and notice in case you realize your self:-)
I have a 9quot; spring form pan I use for cheesecakesI have started using a water bath to cook them since it prevents cracksSince the pan won't fit in one sheet of aluminum foil, I've been trying to seam two sheets together, but even when using two sheets together it still leaks through the foil and into the pan, making the crust soggyIs there any way to water proof the pan?
If you have a cast iron Dutch oven with a lid you dont need a water bathwhen you bake the cheesecake in the Dutch oven with the lid on , the steam that comes out of the cake keeps moisture around the cheesecake and when you cool it just turn off the oven and leave the cheesecake in the covered Dutch oven for 90 minutes to 2 hours before removingI bake all my cheesecakes this way and they never crack.