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also, what happens to aluminium foil in hydrochloric acid and copper(II) sulfate?
Any chemicals that form a strong complex with aluminum ions e.g., OH and Cl ions will react with the oxide coatingTherefore, aluminum will dissolve in hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solutions.
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How do I cook a turkey and keep it very moist and flavorful?
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the problem reads quot;a sheet of aluminum foil has a total area of 1.000 squareft and a mass of 3.937 gWhat is the thickness of the foil in millimeters? (Density of Al 2.699 g/ cubic cm.)_ mmso you have the density and divide by the mass.identical units cross out, you are left with volume - which is divided by surface area adn gives you it's 2.699g/cubic cm / 3.937 g you get 0.6855473711 cubic cm x 10^3 you get 685cubic mmthat divided by 1000 sqft (or 92, 903, 040 square mm)and I got 7.37 x 10^-6but hte computer say answer is wronghelp me.
Yes you canWarning.Foil transfers heat rapidly and can burn your lipsUse it as the bowl part only.
How many moles of aluminum do 6.3×10^24 aluminum atoms represent? Express your answer using two significant figures.please help me i cant figure it out! thanks
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Why does aluminum foil barely get hot in the oven but catch fire in the microwave?
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I need help, why is aluminum a metal and carbon is not?
Aluminum always is a cation, whereas carbon is generally an anion, although it can occasionally be 4+Or in other terms, when aluminum forms a compound, it will always donate some of its valence electrons (3) which is characteristic of a metal, whereas carbon will accept some of the valence electrons (4) of the element(s) it bonds with which is characteristic of a nonmetal
There is an aluminium tube containing a silica cylinderThe silica cylinder acts as a thermal tap to control?the flow of liquid down the tubeAt 0 degrees celsius, the cylinder has a diameter of 20mm, there is an exact fit, and no liquid flowsCalculate the size of the gap between cylinder and tube at 100 degrees celcius(linear expansivity if aluminium 0.000026 K ; linear expansivity of silica 0.000008 K) Please show working