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Aluminium blister foil

We are a well-established manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of Aluminum Blister Foils with foil thickness of 20 -25 microns with 4-6 gms of VMCH coating. These are extensively used for blister packaging in pharmaceutical and food industries with the high strength, good acid-resistant and alkali-resistant foils. Our products are good in rates as well domestic and international markets.

Foil Composition

Al.Foil Thickness (mm)0.0250.02
Tolerance (mm)+/- 8 % of al foil
Density (GSM/CC)2.712.71
Al.Foil Wt (GSM)6854
Pin Hole In Al.Foil (NO/SQM) Max8-1212-15
Al.Foil SurfaceMatt / Bright
TemperHard Temper
Primer (GSM) Max0.25
Heat Seal Lacquer3-4 GSM (Standard)
6-8 GSM (Special)

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