Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system

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Item specifice

Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Electro galvanized
Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system
dia Size:
32mm,34mm, 36mm, 38mm
Model Number:
Brand Name:

Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system


Product Description


 1.Item:    Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system

 2.dia:  32mm,34mm, 36mm, 38mm.

3.material :Q235;

4.standard : EN74,BS1139

5.ISO 9001:2000 is approved;

6.OEM service is available.


Commodity name

Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system


Fixed Scaffold frame 


China Mainland










Woven bags + steel pallet

Delivery time

20-25 days after order confirmation

Payment term

T/T, L/C, Western Union

Business type

Manufacturer and exporter




1.High Quality  2.Professional service 3.Competitive price


Special marks can be made according to customers requirements;

It is available to produce by customer drawing.

Main products

Different kinds of scaffold coupler, Ringlock scaffolding system, Cuplock Scaffolding System, Kwikstage scaffolding  system, shoring prop, formwork system, frame system, Accessories



                                                                  Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system


Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system


                                 Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system

                                           Typs of coupling pins 


itemimagematerialweightsurface treatment
coupling pinScaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame systemQ2350.27kgelectro galvanized
coupling pin Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame systemQ2350.66kgelectro galvanized
coupling pin Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame systemQ2350.71kgelectro galvanized
coupling pin Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame systemQ2350.49kgelectro galvanized
pressed coupling pinScaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame systemQ2340.8kgelectro galvanized
forged coupling pin Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame systemQ2351.4kgelectro galvanized
base plate with pinScaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame systemQ2350.9kgpainted 
double coupling pinScaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame systemQ2350.5kgpainted


Main products

(1)   Scaffolding System:Including Ringlock Scaffolding System and accessories; Cuplock Scaffolding System and accessories; Kwikstage Scaffolding System and accessories; Haki Scaffolding System and accessories;

(2)   Scaffolding Frame & Accessories:Including Walk Through Frame Scaffolding; Ladder Frame Scaffolding; Accessories; we also can make scaffolding according to your samples or drawings.

(3)   Scaffolding Couplers/Clamps:We can produce all kinds of forged and pressed couplers, including British type couplers, American type couplers, German type couplers, Italian type couplers ,fence couplers, BRC coplers and so on. We also can produce according to your drawings or samples.

(4)   Formwork System Scaffolding & Accessories:Light Duty Shoring prop and Heavy Duty Shoring Prop; Wing nuts and Tie rods; RASTO clamp and so on.

(5)   Certification:Our products are mamufactured in accordance with International Standard EN74 and/or BS1139,have passed the SGS test.All of products have been examined strictly before shipment to ensure high quality items be supplied to our customers and well received.

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Our Services

Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system 

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Scaffolding Coupling Pin/Pin Lock for Scaffolding frame system 


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Q:Do the external wall decoration (from the top down to do) scaffolding is to wait until after the completion of the indoor and outdoor decoration before the demolition?If the first interior decoration, can make a layer of a layer of it is to remove all the work finished I mean I finished all the interior decoration, wall decoration only, then I do a wall decoration on the demolition of a layer of scaffolding, this site useful no
The relevant provisions of the demolition of the external wall scaffold:First, the removal of scaffolding before the accurate preparation work should meet the following requirements:1, should be a comprehensive inspection of the scaffold fastener connection, even wall pieces, support system, etc. are in line with the requirements of the structure;2, should be based on the results of the inspection to improve the construction organization design of the demolition order and measures, approved by the competent authorities before the implementation;3, should remove the scaffolding on the debris and ground obstacles.
Q:According to the standard set up double scaffolding scaffolding to the number of meters per square meter
The span, the rod step is easy to calculate, I have done the program in general 4.4.8 meters
Q:What is a bar in the scaffold
Scaffolding (scaffold) refers to the construction site for the workers to operate and solve the vertical and horizontal transport and erection of various stents. The general term of the construction industry, refers to the construction site used in the external walls, interior decoration or high level can not be directly construction. Mainly in order to work or work on the construction of the perimeter of the safety net enclosure and high altitude installation components, etc., is put on the shelf, scaffolding materials are usually made of bamboo, wood, steel or synthetic materials, etc.. Some projects also use scaffolding as templates.
Q:i am getting my industrial (scaffold) pierced on one ear and i want my cartilage on the other ear, how long do i have to wait between them? What are pros and cons for industrial (scaffold)? what are risks and stuff and how much is it? i want to get it so any information or anything i should know would be great thanks especially for industrial:)
You can have both done in the same day if you can handle the pain and shock. Get the industrial done first, and if you still feel OK afterwords, you can get your other ear done by the same piercer. Talk to him/her and let them know what you want to do before you start. If you feel like you need to wait after the industrial, wait at least a day before getting the second piercing. It's all about what you can handle.
Q:So I had a scaffold/industrial done about 10 weeks ago, and its been infected at the top hole only for about 3/4 weeks. It has like a little bubble near the hole and sometimes its filled with pus a little bit and sometimes its not. Well I went the doctors about 2 weeks ago and he prescribed me a weeks worth of antibiotics as well as anti-septic cream. So I took the pills for a week and it was clearing up, I was also applying the cream twice a day. But then yesterday I noticed the lump has gotten a little bit bigger. I don't know what to do, should I take it out? But I really don't want to. And plus the doc said to wait up to 3 weeks and if nothings changed to go back and take it out. If I continue to use the cream, will it eventually go? Thanks :)
If so, its hypertrohic scarring, a common occurence in cartilaginous piercings caused by too much jewelry movement/improperly fitted jewelry. It can be treated by applying tea tree oil to the bump once or twice a day.
Q:So, 12 Days Ago I Went To Blue Banana To Get Scaffolding On My Right Ear. Everything Went Fine And They Did A Brilliant Job. I Clean It With Sea Salt Soaks 2-3 Times A Day And Use A Bit Of Tea Tree Oil After To Help Sooth. I Was Just Wondering From People Who've Experienced This Piercing How Long It Took For Yours To Stop Hurting And The Time It Took For The Swelling To Go Down (: Thank You lt;3
No, actually, it takes 8-12 MONTHS to heal, by your 8-12 weeks I'm going to guess you went to the mall? Well, first of all, the gun uses blunt force trauma and a dull stud to rip a hole through your ear, plus that 'cleaning solution' is crap and will delay healing. There's a good chance it shattered your cartilage, so you could be in pain for months like I was (2 months of extreme almost constant pain, another 3 of dull aches with extreme pain when ever something brushed it and a final 6 of pain just when something touched it). So, yeah...get ready for the long haul.
Q:Disc scaffolding and bowl buckle scaffolding which kind of bridge support better?
3 products have a high degree of economic, the use of more convenient and efficient in use, only need to put the plug into the hole of the ends of the cross rod pole corresponding, and then knock tightly, the quality of the demolition ride fast and overlapping is the traditional scaffold cannot do. Its erection speed is 4-8 times more than 2 times that of steel pipe scaffold. Reduce labor time and labor remuneration, reduce shipping costs to reduce the overall. The joint is reasonable in structure, easy in operation, light and handy. Vertical rod weight than the same length of the size of the bowl buckle 6-9%.
Q:What are the safety requirements for the dismantling of construction scaffolding
(1) prior to the dismantling of the scaffold, the work instructions for the removal shall be prepared and submitted for approval according to the design approval procedure of the scaffold. No work instructions or safety measures are not implemented, it is strictly prohibited to dismantle the work.(2) prior to the removal of the work, the approved work instructions and construction plans shall be made to the site construction personnel. And should check the implementation of site safety measures.
Q:Fastener type steel pipe scaffold accessories
Wall pieceEven the wall piece the upright rod is connected with the main structure together, available steel tube, fastener or embedded part. Rigid wall, also can be used as a flexible reinforced wall connecting piece of the tie bar.
Q:I sincerely ask you to help me, door scaffolding, build 30 meters high, without any reinforcement points of the construction program. Thanks, high marks!
1 in order to design and construct the steel pipe scaffold in the door, to carry out the relevant regulations of the state on safe production, and to realize the advanced technology, reasonable economy and safe application.

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