SAR Series Fully Automatic A.C.Voltage Regulator

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These special products of SAR series Voltage Regulator have advanced equipment, abundant technology, reliable quality and distinguished credit. SAR series are designed at JS3717-84 request, these products conform to fully automatic control of integrated circuit. They are of quick speed, good reliable of sensitive action, convenient use and assure the stale resuit. They are suitable for families, schools, enterprises, hotels and diets etc., where need a stable civil power. They can make the illumination lamp, TV set, air-conditioner, refrigerator, computer SAR-2000VA and copy machine etc. work at a normal condition and have a long using time.

2. Technical specification

FrequencyRegulating TimeTemperature RiseWithstand VoltageLow Voltage ProtectionOver Voltage Protection
50-60HzLess Than 0.5<60oCAccord With Ministry Issued StandardOutput 100V/160VOutput 270V/260V
ModelRangeInput Civil Power Voltage(V)Output Precision of Stabling Voltage

0.5KVA To 5KVAOver-Low Voltage130-270220V±8%
Special Over-Low Voltage100-270220V±10%
High Precision of Stabling Voltage160-270220V±3%

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Q:line output transformer replacement?
If you have an identical replacement transformer there shouldn't be a need to adjust anything to start. As to cutting wires to remove the old transformer to replace the new one, I suggest you make yourself a chart of any color coding of the wires or tagging them so there is no error as to what to connect to what on the new transformer. I personally would replace the transformer as the manufacturer installed the original one. As for discharging, use a 10K ohm resistor with one side to ground and the other side of the resistor to the components you want to discharge. I don't advise just grounding direct. Good luck and be careful.
Q:How many transformers are used in a hundred households?
Depending on the specific use of electrical power. First select the rated voltage of the transformer. The voltage on the high voltage side is equal to the voltage of the connected grid. The voltage on the low voltage side is 10% or 5% higher than the voltage of the low voltage side (depending on the voltage level of the transformer and the magnitude of the impedance voltage). Calculate the size of the load carried by the transformer (requires the maximum statistical load, the conversion of the operating load kW value into apparent power kVA). If two transformers are used, the capacity of each transformer can be selected according to 70% of the maximum integrated load. The transformer should be considered for the total load and leave the appropriate margin. Other brand name parameters can be combined with the appropriate consideration of the transformer product. For example: select 35 / 10kV transformer. Assuming a maximum load of 3500kW, power factor of 0.8, choose two transformers, capacity S = 0.7 × 3500 / 0.8 = 3062kVA, 3150kVA transformer can choose, the voltage ratio of 35kV / 10.5kV. Select the model from the catalog.
Q:1:1 60Hz transformer used at 400Hz (Sine wave)What would be the secondary voltage?
While transformers can be very efficient, they are not perfect, so for any significant load the voltage does not exactly follow the turns ratio. The losses will be different at varying frequencies, how they will differ is hard to predict without more information on the transformer. I'd imagine hysteresis losses might be noticeable, but that would probably cause core heating more than affect voltage much. Generally I'd expect little change in voltage especially at no load.
Q:Can someone explain transformers for me please?
The voltage is transformed up to thousands of volts and low current for minimum heat loss in the wires. Then down to low voltage at high current to the neighbor hood.
Q:What were all of the Transformers series?
Transformers Generation 1 (G1) Transformers Generation 2 (G2) Transformers: The Headmasters (made in Japan) Transformers Super God Masterforce (made in Japan) Transformers: Victory (made in Japan) Transformers: Zone (made in Japan as one-shot OVA) Beast Wars: Transformers* Beast Machines* Beast Wars II (Japan only) Beast Wars Neo (Japan only) Transformers Robots in Disguise (Car Robots in Japanese version)** Transformers Armada (Micron Legend in Japanese version)* Transformers Energon (Superlink in Japanese version)** Transformers Cybertron (Galaxy Force in Japanese version)* Transformers Animated** Transformers Prime * Ones I've seen and completed in English version (though I saw Beast Wars/Machines in another language). **I've seen them in English version, but dropped them after a few episodes. All others I've only heard of them. I think these are it. Hope I didn't miss anythough I think there are some old Transformers movies (I don't mean live action ones), but I don't know how many are there, as I never seen the old Transformers series.
Q:800KVA transformer itself is the loss of how much?
S9 type oil change 800kVA no load loss 1400 watts load loss 7500 watts S11 type oil change 800kVA no load loss 980 watts load loss 7500 watts
Q:How long will it take to fix a transformer?
If the transformer belongs to the utility company, then they usually have it replaced within 24 hours. If it is privately owned then it could take a week or more.
Q:10 (6) /0.4kv three-phase transformer what does it mean
Therefore, the decision to 60 and 35kV winding connection to be careful when the connection must meet the transmission system voltage phasor requirements. The connection between 60 and 35kV windings is determined according to the relative relationship of the voltage phasors. Otherwise, even if the capacity of the voltage ratio is also right, the transformer can not be used, connected wrong, the transformer can not be connected with the transmission system. 3). Domestic 10,6,3 and 0.4kV transmission and distribution system phase also has two phases. In the Shanghai area, there is a 10kV and 110kV transmission system voltage phase difference of 60 ° electrical angle, this time can be used 110/35 / 10kV voltage ratio and YN, yn0, y10 connection three-phase three-winding power transformer, but limited Three-phase three-core core. 4). But note that: single-phase transformer in the combination of three-phase group connection, can not use YNy0 connected three-phase group. Three-phase shell-type transformer can not use YNy0 connection.
Q:What is the End of TRANSFORMERS SERIES??
In the Transformers movie from the 80's, Optimus Prime is killed by Megatron. He gives the mantle of leadership to his 2nd in command (another large tractor trailer truck named Ultra Magnus) During his death though the mantle is handed to Hot Rod for a moment and the audience sees that he is the true leader it was meant for. At the end of the film he received the Mantle and becomes Rodimus Prime. Megatron however in fighting Optimus was gravely injured along with several other Decepticons. On the return flight to Cybertron, it is decided that they need to rid the ship of any unnecessary weight so as to make it possible to return (all the way) to Cybertron. Megatron is one of the last thrown over board and StarSCream becomes the new leader. As Megatron floats through space, he comes across the path of Unicron who is the largest transformer (Moon/planet size). He gives Megatron life again in the form of Galvetron. Only catch is he must serve Unicron. His first order of business of course is to kill Starscream (takes about 10 seconds). Convoy is Optimus Prime's name in Japan's version of the show. Additionally, in the series you are currently watching, Optimus is brought back to life twice and remains with them as leader through the end of the series. The series has had many lives so there is no definitive end to the characters yet. I could give you a ton of other info, but I think this is what you needed.
Q:How to calculate non - isolated power transformer parameters
General non-isolated auxiliary windings according to chip drop VCC operating range. T = 1 / f Dmin = Vout / Vin (max) Ton = T * Dmin Id = Io * 0.3 (0.3 for the ripple current coefficient) Inductor voltage V = Vinmin-Vout-0.6 (Schottky voltage drop) Lmin = V * dt / di If there are problems please go to the big bit of the forum electronic transformer plate

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