Rotary Union Hot Oil rotary joint made in China(rotary union)

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Brass , SUS304 Stainless steel,  casting steel material ,alloy steel,Iron and custmers' requirements


CNC Machining

Maching Equipment

CNC Center,CNC mashines,turning machines, Drilling machines,Milling mashines,Grinding machines

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CMM,Vernier caliper,depth caliper,Micrometer,Pin gauge,Thread gauge,Height gauge

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Polishing,,Powder coating,plating,

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Wooden box,carton,plywood packing or as customers' requiements

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Q:New standard, how can the pipe joint be labeled, such as "3/4" taper pipe thread?
Pipe fittings 3/4 refers to the pipe fittings of six points (6 British points), DN (diameter) of 20mm, the outer diameter of 26.8mm.Supplement:1 inches =25.4 mm, =8 British points, 1/2 is four points (4 British points), DN diameter 15mm, 3/4 is six points (6 points), DN20mm.
Q:Need help quick - door knob?
well technically Nissan cars from the factory do not have an Alarm they have what is called key-less entry and a theft deterrent key system. Key-less entry is just a simply way to gain access to the car without having to use a key to unlock the door. The alarm button you speak of on the key fob (remote) is called a panic alarm and is for when you can't find your car in a parking lot you press this to flash headlights and sound horn, women also use this when they think someone is following them or at night. Back in the late 90's and early 2000's Nissan did offer accessory add on Alarm systems and also a lot of dealers would have car stereo shop add them on before selling them to raise the price of the car. the only option on key-less entry remote settings are when you lock and unlock you can either have the horn honk or not. to turn on or off this feature simply press the lock and unlock button at the same time and hold for a few seconds and the horn will honk and repeat to reverse. good luck
Q:The expansion type pipe joint and the sleeve type pipe joint difference, everybody looks at the picture, this is belongs to that kind of?
Sleeve type pipe joint: the working principle of the clamp sleeve is to insert the steel tube into the clamp sleeve, lock the sleeve with the nut, contradict the sleeve and cut into the pipe to seal. The utility model does not need welding when connected with the steel pipe, and is favorable for fire prevention, explosion prevention and high-altitude operation, and can eliminate the defects caused by careless welding. Therefore, it is a kind of advanced connecting device in pipeline, automatic control device, pipeline, oil refining, chemical, petroleum, natural gas, food, pharmacy, instrument and meter, etc.. Apply to oil, gas, water and other medium pipeline connection. The card connector has reliable, high voltage capability, high temperature resistance, good sealing and repeatability, installation and convenient maintenance, safe and reliable connection.
Q:does anyone know what num lock does on the computer?
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under your sink there is a U shaped pipe with a big nut around each end. loosen the two big nuts (put a pan under it first to catch the water) and the piece will come right out. You might need a pair of channel locks or big pliers to get it loose. It should not be to tight so you might be able to get it to come loose by putting a rag around it to get grip on it. After you get it out just clean it out and replace the same way it came apart. Snug the nuts back down and check for leaks. Its a fairly simple task.
Q:Capitalists:Why do you think material wealth is more important than the health of our planet?
I own 4 compressors for no apparent reason. They all have these quick release fittings on them, make sure you wrap the part that is connected to the stem comming off the compressor in plumbers tape. Its that white stuff that is made out of nylon and is streachy.
Q:Hydraulic hose connector size 20As shown in Figure six, the angle is 71mm to the edge, 80mm to the diagonal, approximately 34mm higher
Two. Metric general threads1. metric screw thread with a capital M, tooth type angle 2 degrees =60 (alpha tooth type half angle);2. metric ordinary thread by pitch, coarse teeth, ordinary thread and fine teeth, two kinds of ordinary thread;2.1. coarse tooth ordinary thread mark generally does not indicate the pitch, such as M20 means coarse thread; fine tooth thread mark must indicate the pitch, such as M30 * 1.5 for fine tooth thread, in which pitch is common thread is used for the connection and fastening between the mechanical parts, and the general thread connection is mainly made of coarse thread. The thread strength of the fine tooth thread is slightly higher than that of the same nominal diameter, and the self-locking performance is better.Mark 3. metric screw thread: M20-6H, M20 * 1.5LH-6g-40, where M represents a common thread metric, 20 nominal diameter thread is 20mm, 1.5 pitch, LH said, 6G 6H left, said thread precision grade, precision grade of internal thread uppercase, lowercase precision grade of said external thread, 40 screwing length.
Q:The difference between threaded pipe joint and grooved pipe joint
It is divided into: the wire connection and wire connection. If the two are double wire connection is in need of a two double wire transition; if between the two are: double wire connection is in need of a two double wire transition; if the two just one male and one female, and the thread and facilities, it is directly screwed on it is good.
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