R38 Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit with Ballistic Button for Mining

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B964-R38-B to B1389-R38-B-2
H-thread Button Bit
Tungsten Carbide
Coal Mining

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High grade tungsten carbide inserts
Bit bodies manufactured from high grade steel and processed using state-of-the-art CN

Product Description

R38 Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit with Ballistic Button for Mining


This type of bit is well known for its wear resistance and high speed drilling on soft to medium-hard rock formations (between 70 Mpa to 180 Mpa compressive strength). Featuring ballistic tungsten carbide inserts that is known to have high penetration rate, but has weak configuration against carbide fracture.

• Widely used drifting and tunneling
• Bit face design is ideal for medium-hard to hard abrasive rock

Color: Green or Based on Customer requirements

Material: Tungsten carbide and high strength alloy steel

Processing: CNC milling and proprietary heat treatment process

Type: R38 Button Bit Ballistic Buttons


• Underground mining
• Tunneling

Competitive Advantage

• High grade tungsten carbide inserts
• Bit bodies manufactured from high grade steel and processed using state-of-the-art CNC machinery and heat treatment

Part NumberProduct Code and Brief DescriptionBit Diameter (mm)Bit Diameter (inch)Front Buttons (No. x mm)Gauge Buttons (No. x mm)AngleFront Flushing HolesSide Flushing HolesWeight (kg)
4148300657B964-R38-B, R38 Button Bit, Ballistic Buttons642 1/23x116x1235°3-1.8
4148300658B1270-R38-B, R38 Button Bit, Ballistic Buttons702 3/44x118x1140°2-1.9
4148300659B1370-R38-B, R38 Button Bit, Ballistic Buttons702 3/44x10, 1x108x1130°4-1.9
4148300660B1276-R38-B, R38 Button Bit, Ballistic Buttons7634x118x1140°2-2.4
4148300661B1076-R38-B, R38 Button Bit, Ballistic Buttons7633x11, 1x116x1235°312.6
4148300662B1376-R38-B, R38 Button Bit, Ballistic Buttons7634x11, 1x118x1235°4-2.6
4148300663B1389-R38-B-1, R38 Button Bit, Ballistic Buttons893 1/25x128x1235°2-3.3
4148300664B1389-R38-B-2, R38 Button Bit, Ballistic Buttons893 1/24x13, 1x138x1335°4-3.3

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Q:How to cast iron and wrought iron collocation
2, listen: Pig beating sound boring, wrought iron beating sound loud.
Q:What do you mean by "proofing" in the casting? Do you charge for the proofing?
Proofing refers to making the first sample to confirm to the customer
Q:How is the silicon sol precision casting part priced? What is the price per ton of casting? Such as 304 material.
Yantai five God casting is generally 53 yuan /kg, the appearance is quite beautiful
Q:What's the effect of casting copper?
Copper is one of the main corrosion resistant alloys. When the mass fraction of copper in cast iron is from 0.25% to 1%, the corrosion resistance of copper in the industrial atmosphere can be obviously increased. But copper has very little corrosion resistance in lye or salt solution.Copper can increase the flowability of molten iron and improve its casting ability remarkably.Copper can increase the coercive force and residual magnetic force, but the permeability is not affected.Combined use of copper with other alloy elements, such as copper chromium, copper chromium molybdenum, copper molybdenum, copper manganese, copper vanadium, can achieve greater results.
Q:What is the ejection angle of the die casting (Tan Gang)?
Because after the wax, wax parts will have a slight contraction, which is good for demoulding. Many moulds don't do the ejection angle
Q:In theory, which is more expensive, forging parts or casting parts?
The structure of the casting is relatively flexible in design, and the modeling is easy to realize.
Q:How can the casting be quenched and tempered?
Return, general castings (especially steel castings) commonly used heat treatment process is normalized and tempered. Of course there are completely by annealing or remove stress annealing...
Q:Stainless steel mirror polishing precision casting parts is very difficult, 20
Use the vibrator to polish the material: the high aluminum porcelain 4cm (with a polishing agent that has an automatic mending function), you go find this polish,
Q:What is the reason for 304 stainless steel precision casting parts to be changed?
Steel deformation control is one of the most common problems in the metal processing industry. Any process will occur. The casting is the largest deformation and the least fine. It is generally used to produce blank blanks
Q:How to calculate the price of casting parts?
Cost of raw materials + electricity (fuel) costs + workers' wages + managers' wages + transport costs + raw materials burned + accessories costs + equipment maintenance depreciation costs + management fees + tax. The most convenient, the raw material market price plus 2000 yuan, plus you want profits on the line.

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