R series of ball bearing for air-conditioning

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Chuang Hon Yi Axle Co.,Ltd.was established in Kaohsiung,Taiwan in 1989,and it has set up Ningbo Chuang Hon Yi Bearing CO.,Ltd.in 1998 covering more than 60,000 square meters,specialized in manufacturing high quality bearings with brandNBK.We have 80 production lines,more than 300 professional skilled workers at present,mainly developing and producing different kinds of ball bearings with the inner diameter is below 50mm,and also the non-standard bearings which according to customers requirements.The annual output of bearings is about 90,000,000 pieces.

        (mm)(N)      (rpm)(g)
Boundary dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings(N)Limiting speeds  (rpm)
      ()  ()Weight(g)
I.DO.DWidthChamferBearing  numbersDyn.Stat.()
dDBB1r (min)CrCorGrease      (Non-contact)Oil         (Non-contact)(reference)
3.1757.9382.7793.5710.08 R2-545215652000610000.77 
9.5253.9673.9670.15 R264522947000560001.33 
12.74.3664.3660.15 R2A77531741000490003.12 
4.7637.9382.7793.1750.08 R1562109047000560000.42 
9.5253.1753.1750.08 R16646719144000530000.90 
12.73.9674.9780.20 R3107043239000460002.89 
25.450.89.52512.70.6 R161007058001100013000109.44 

R series of ball bearing for air-conditioning

R series of ball bearing for air-conditioning

R series of ball bearing for air-conditioning

Q:Deep groove ball bearings 6028 and single row tapered roller bearings 30220 used in conjunction, I would like to ask these two bearings in the bearing hole, how to cooperate with the use of, which is listed in the inside, which column is listed outside, the bearing cap flange which column bearing?This is a bearing coiling machine used in our factory, not open, please enlighten master.
These two bearings must be mounted on the sides of the gear of the take-up drive. It is possible that the 6028 is mounted at the end of the roll and that the 30220 is mounted at the other end. It is better to look at the drawings or contact the manufacturer.
Q:What's the difference between the rubber cap and the iron cover of the deep groove ball bearings?
The rubber cover is a sealing ring, the iron cover is a dust cover, and the sealing ring has better dust proof and sealing property than the dust cover
Q:Motor bearings deep groove ball bearings generally live for how long?
This is mainly based on the processing accuracy of your motor, equipment load, bearing installation and so onIf all of the above to do regularly, the use of rubber sealed maintenance free bearings, the general use of two years (eight hours per day) or so, there is no need to replace bearings.But if the condition is used, the bearings should be maintained after one year (cleaning old butter and adding new high temperature resistant butter)!
Q:6207, deep groove ball bearings can withstand the axial force of how much?
Under this kind of force condition, it is better to use the opposite angle contact. The deep groove ball is mainly radial, and the axial direction is not the main direction of force. Plus this size and speed, the 7207 is the best fit
Q:Deep groove ball bearing 629Z code, how to resolve?
629z Size 9 * 26 * 8Z are all dust caps with sealing ringsZ stands for iron coverZZ stands for double sided iron cover or double iron coverGenerally, sealing is better than sealing with ironSo the price is generally cover you Kunshan Si Ian Bearing Co. Ltd to become a trading company bearing considerable scale. The company and the FAG Hongkong technology center has established a good reputation, in order to better service and established in the mainland sales window, has ten years of experience in sales of bearings,
Q:Deep groove ball bearings, iron cap seals and rubber cover seals are distinguished?
Deep groove ball bearings, rubber cover for sealing rings, deep groove ball bearings, iron cover for dust cover, sealing ring than dust cover dust, good sealing; iron cover only dustproof, waterproof rubber cover, waterproof and dustproof.Also, tell me about the classification of rolling bearings. 1. contact seals: felt rings, oil seals, lip seals, seals. 2.: non contact seal oil seal gap seal, labyrinth seal
Q:At present only rough calculation is used to choose what kind of bearings. Load 5 ton car, four wheels, need four bearings. What kind of bearings need radial load?.
Each wheel bearing 1.25 tons, you see the bearing radial load of 1.25 tons on it
Q:Deep groove ball bearings are also called ball bearings
Yes, the bearings are classified according to the rolling stock. They can be divided into ball, roller and roller.
Q:Just learned in the selection of motor bearings, in addition to the deep groove ball bearing, the rolling bearing to meet the following conditions: 1. the C3 clearance speed is higher than the reference speed bearing 70%; so choose C3 clearance of deep groove ball bearings at what time the 2. temperature greater than 10 DEG C when the inner and outer rings? Younger brother every time with the coefficient of linear expansion and temperature rise to reduce the amount of clearance, and then refer to the bearings and shaft and bearing seat to determine the use of clearance, so that there are other deficiencies? Request for comment
In the selection of motor bearings, according to the user's use results, deep groove ball bearings are generally the upper half of the C3, that is, the clearance value of the lower half, more suitable for the motor in the light load, medium and high speed. The normal work windage involves many factors, and the calculation can only solve most of the problems. In many typical application conditions, there is a mature design, and comparing each other is a more reliable method.
Q:How is the deep groove ball bearing fixed?
Landlord or a body sketch it, this is not good answer. Generally speaking, the fixed outer ring or inner ring can not simultaneously fix the outer ring and the inner ring.

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