PVC Composite Commercial Vinyl Roll Floor with Sound Absorption NEW COLOR Series

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200000 m²/month
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Item specifice


Product Description:

PVC Commercial Vinyl Roll Floor New Color Series

   PVC Commercial Sheet Flooring is popular over the world.They are widely used in hospital、office、library、school、and chain hotels.New color take the natural wood design,and the color is elegant and harmonious.New color surface is high destiny and high elastic foam bottom to provide comfortable feeling.Also it can absorb 20db-22db noise.The surface technology has the ability resist virus and mold to keep the floor usage life. 


1.Superb Technology:Apply the most advanced European calendering technology,which make products with excellent comprensive perfomance

2.Superior Wear Resistance,tolerance:With superior abrasion resistance and stain resistance feature,which is suitable for hospitals,schools,office buildings,shopping malls,supermarkets,transport and other places.

3.Environmentally Friendly:Use 100% virgin material

4.Warranty:Warranty period is 10 years under the premise of normal installation and maintenance

Technical Parameter:

Technical ParameterTest MethodTest Results
Total ThicknessEN4282.2MM/3.0MM
Wear Layer ThicknessEN4290.5MM/0.7MM
Total WeightEN4302039/2797G/M2
Roll WidthEN4262M
Roll LengthEN42620M
Abrasion GroupEN660Group T
Fire-proof PerformanceGB8624-2012B1(B-S1,t0)
Pressure Resistance PerformanceEN4330.15/0.17
Colour FastnessEN   ISO105-B02≥6
Anti-chemical PerformanceEN423Fine
Dimension StabilityEN434≤0.12%
Anti-slip PerformanceDIN51130R9
Roller WearEN425≥100000
Sound Absorption PerformanceEN ISO717-218/20db
Limit of Harmful SubstancesGB 18586-2001Qualified

Product Structure:

PVC Composite Commercial Vinyl Roll Floor  with Sound Absorption NEW COLOR  Series

Product Colors:

PVC Composite Commercial Vinyl Roll Floor  with Sound Absorption NEW COLOR  Series  PVC Composite Commercial Vinyl Roll Floor  with Sound Absorption NEW COLOR  Series

PVC Composite Commercial Vinyl Roll Floor  with Sound Absorption NEW COLOR  Series   PVC Composite Commercial Vinyl Roll Floor  with Sound Absorption NEW COLOR  Series


Are you a trading company or manufacturer?Manufacturer
What's your delivery time?20days
Do you accept OEM service?Yes
What's your delivery terms?FOB SHANGHAI
What's the payment terms?30%deposit,70% telex release against the documents

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General is a thin layer of foam board, from the role of moisture.
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First: in order to moistureproof.Second: in order to cover up some defects in the floor.Third: Pest control.
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Q:PVC plastic floor glue thickness can be used for welding
Coil glue and sheet glue, glue abbreviation: PVC floor, sports floor, plastic floor,

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