PVC Cable Trunking Wiring Ducts

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15000 Meters per Day m/month
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Product Description:

Material of PVC Cable Trunking :made from PVC,good insulation and heat-resistingup to 85 degrees.


Struction of PVC Cable Trunking :made up of duct bottom and lid , with two out - holes designd at the bottom.


Certificate of PVC Cable Trunking :CE ,SGS


Sizes of PVC Cable Trunking :



H  x W


20 x 15


25 x 25


30 x 15


30 x 20


30 x 25


30 x 30


30 x 35


35 x 25


35 x 35


40 x 25


40 x 30


40 x 35


40 x 40


45 x 45


50 x 20


50 x 25


50 x 30


50 x 35


50 x 40


50 x 45


50 x 50


50 x 55


50 x 60


50 x 80


50 x 100


60 x 25


60 x 30


60 x 35


60 x 40


60 x 45


60 x 50


60 x 60


65 x 45


80 x 25


80 x 35


80 x 40


80 x 45


80 x 50


80 x 55


80 x 60


80 x 80


80 x 100


100 x 50


100 x 60


100 x 80


100 x 100


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Q:Do you want to do the inspection and approval of the quality inspection records? There are hidden engineering records should not need it. The Please give advice to professionals. The thank
100 meters, which is under normal circumstances. If the equipment is better, 150 can be achieved.
Q:Is there a power cable that does not have a cable protection tube
Short distance without interference can be a single line but the integrated wiring to be used multi-strand cable shielding interference, to see what kind of signal election line, including stranded. There should be interference, the transmitter, the control valve of the instrument as far as possible to avoid.
Q:What is the difference between structured cabling and traditional cabling systems?
Specification for Steel Cable Tray Engineering (CECS31: 2006) Section 3.6.2 specifies the minimum allowable thickness of the bridge plate in all cases
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Do not need to color to buy! Mainly strong, weak do not walk in a tube on the line, conditional words strong, weak separation of some distance, 30 cm is better! By the way changxy06 said, "the use of relatively large current is empty like", this view I do not recognize, should be used and the safety of the current air flow corresponding to the air switch, for example, 1.5 line safety current is 10A, You have 20A air switch is a problem, assuming 1.5 line current to 15A, the wires are short-circuit fire, and your air switch is not automatically protected!
Q:Dark tube does not have any good way to resolutely?
First one of the two wires with a wire clamp to bend a small hook, a hook with a wire into the wire tube, until the wear
Q:How do I install the intelligent Daoist installation process? The
First, a variety of cable problems Q: modern families, more and more cable: telephone lines, cable TV lines, digital TV lines, broadband network cable, audio lines, audio and video lines, audio lines, burglar alarm Line, etc
Q:How in the distribution cabinet door above the fixed trunking to sit back and forth to answer 50 reward
RVV copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable, is a weak class, the general household wire for the 2-3 core, as well as multi-core for the control of electrical appliances, with copper wire for the wire, , Usually a white jacket also has a black jacket, the voltage is 300 / 500v, not a power cable, nor a control cable, belonging to the cloth wire class. I professional sales of wire and cable, there are questions you can consult
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HDMI: HDMI English full name is "HighDefinitionMultimediaInterface", the Chinese means high-definition multimedia interface. HDMI interface can provide up to 5Gbps data transmission bandwidth, can transmit uncompressed audio signals and high-resolution video signals. Without the need for signal transmission before the number / analog or analog / digital conversion, can guarantee the highest quality audio and video signal transmission. HDMI is pin compatible with DVI, just uses a different package. Compared with DVI, HDMI can transmit digital audio signals, and increased support for HDCP, while providing a better DDC optional features. HDMI supports 5Gbps data transfer rate, the fastest transmission of 15 meters, enough to cope with a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal. And because a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal demand less than 4GB / s, so HDMI has a lot of margin. This allows it to connect a DVD player, receiver, and PRR separately with a single cable. In addition, HDMI supports EDID, DDC2B, so HDMI devices with "plug and play" feature, the signal source and display devices will automatically "negotiation", automatically select the most appropriate video / audio format.
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Wiring, power cord is not a lot of a variety of interfaces, each of the other interfaces have a corresponding extension of the wiring, but you have to go to the computer city, or online to buy! , You say: stat2 serial port, hard disk terminal Ting long line, the staff will understand!
Q:Open a small company ready to do integrated wiring monitoring and computer maintenance please help me look at the pre-stocking what needs to be improved!
Do less to draw and then cut, if you do more, practice to know how much clever cut.
Our company is professional in producing and selling plastic wiring ducts and other kinds of plastic fittings for electric appliances. Through testing by Shanghai Electric Quality Central, all products meet CE standards. We will offer high quality, honesty, speed delivery and good services.

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Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1999
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Main Markets North America
South America
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Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008 ;SGS

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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
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Factory Size: Below 1,000 square meters
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