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Product Description

Commercially wrought Nickel 200 ( UNS N02200) , a grade of pure nickel contains 99.2% nickel, has excellent mechanical properties, magnetic properties, high thermal, electrical conductivity and excellent resistance to many corrosive environment. Nickel 200 is useful in any environment below 600°F(315°C). It has highly resistance to neutral and alkaline salt solutions. Nickel 200 also has low corrosion rates in neutral and distilled water.
The applications of pure nickel includes food processing equipment, magnetostrictive devices and rechargeable batteries, computers, cellular Phone, power tools, camcorders and so on.
Good mechanical strength corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant strength.
Small oder accepted.
High-quality,short delivery and well after-sell service.
Welcome to contact me for more detailed information.

Nickel 200Min 99.2Max 0.35Max 0.4Max 0.35Max 0.25Max 0.15Max 0.01

Melting point1435-1446
Tensile strength 462Mpa
 Yield strength 148Mpa
 Elongation 47%

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Q:Is polarity important when connecting electrical wires?
The cables are colour coded for a specific reason. If you don't understand that then for your own safety and that of others call in a qualified person. You could cause a short and also cut short your life. Get a professional in to sort it out.
Q:Is there a set-top box video output cable and a DVD video output cable connected together and then output as a video cable connected to the TV's video input cable?
High-definition interface is best to use high-definition line connection, if not, should try to use color video cable and audio cable connection TV cable is relatively poor
Q:Electrical question about wiring from an outlet to light and switch.?
Q:Is it ghosts or an electrical problem?
If technical progress surround our daily life from one's program, a power failure occurs most often without any warning. As long as a good time there, this kind of problem always occurs at the worst. This is why SOS Habitat operates 7/7 and 24 H/24 in Paris and Ile-de-France. This availability at all times combined with the professionalism of its technicians can troubleshoot electrical problems in a minimum time. Faulty wiring is a potential source of danger. Electrocution, fire are among the major risks far from being properly assessed by the customer. If help is the job of SOS Habitat, prevent is also part of his duties as a professional.
Q:How do I wire the electrical system for an HHO cell in my truck?
What's an HHO?
Q:Re-wiring electrical Help!?
You okorder
Q:What are the three wires to electrical switch?
In North America a bare or green wire is a ground wire for safety. If it is a red wire then it is probably a traveler that goes to another switch to control the same light. In practice you have 2 switches that can control the same light.
Q:electrician / electrical wiring question / wire connectors?
In my opinion, these things Quik-Conns, are trouble. The safest, best way out of this is to call a pro. The reason why is that the NEC does not allow a GFCI receptacle on with a lighting circuit. If you have a stack switch/GFCI receptacle, you will notice that there wires coming from the switch part while the GFCI has screw terminals. This is so they shall be kept separate. Good luck in all you do and may God bless. EDIT: The only acceptable way to remove wires from them is to cut them loose. If you pull, tug or jerk them out, you will actually loosen the tabs that make contact, thus causing a loose connection which leads to them overheating. Heat cause fire. Get the point? If you have to do this, Cut them. Strip 1-1/4 of insulation off of the four existing wires and 1 pig-tail. Twist all 5 wires together, cutting off the excess. Install a Big Blue wire-nut. I advise against doing it this way, as it will not meet the National Electrical Code, and insurance companies look for ANYTHING to deny a claim.
Q:Where or from whom can I buy complete electrical wiring set for a Kawasaki W650?
i would keep check OKorder. i think places like bikebandit sell the parts separately, but it can be expensive. you can also check your local bike salvage yard?
Q:Broken ceramic around electrical wires? ?
First of all, if you bought it new, then you should get it replaced at no additional charge. If it was used and not insured, yes, you can just glue it together or tape it OR if you want to you can make a new box altogether. The only purpose of the box, other than looking nice, is to protect the wires from being touched.

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