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Item specifice

Hot Rolled,Cold Rolled,Cold Drawn,ERW,Forged,Saw,Extruded,EFW,Spring
U Channel,Square,C Channel,Hexagonal,Round,Rectangular,Oval,LTZ
Surface Treatment:
Galvanized,Coated,Copper Coated,Color Coated,Oiled,Dry,Chromed Passivation,Polished,Bright,Black,PVDF Coated
Steel Grade:
Q195,Q215,Q235,Q215B,Q235B,RHB335,HRB400,200 Series,300 Series,400 Series,600 Series,SS400-SS490,10#,20#,A53(A,B)
Net Weight:

Product Brief Introduction

 PRIMER GOOD COLOR   PPGI  JIS  ,with Gi as base metal after pretreatment ( degrease and chemical treatment) and liquid dope with several layers of color then after firing and cooling finally the plate steel is called Pre-painted  galvanized steel is good capable of decoration ,molding corrosion resistance


Product Features


Excellent process capability

  Smooth and flat surface

  Workability durability

  Excellent heat resistance performance

  High Strength

  Good formability

  Good visual effect

Product Specification 

Standard:ASTM, GB,JIS,JIS G3302 ASTM 755 EN10169

Grade: DX51D CGCC CS

Thickness: 0.13mm~3.0mm,

Width: 1250,600-1250mm

Coil weight:3-12 MT

Coil ID:508/610mm

Chemical composition:
























1.    How long will we receive the goods ?

45days after receiving workable L/C


2.    how do you control the quality ?

we have our own quality control department ,we will arrange QC person  to see the production line ,when goods finish ,before shipment ,our QC person will check the quality as per our test report request ,if the goods is ok ,then we issue the test report ,and we allow the goods shipping ,otherwise will not allow ship the goods.



Steel coils are used in the manufacturing of crash structures as they provide strength, durability, and energy absorption capabilities. These coils are typically formed into various shapes and sizes to create components that reinforce the vehicle's body, such as side impact beams or front and rear crumple zones. The steel coils absorb and distribute the impact energy during a crash, helping to protect the occupants by minimizing the force transferred to the passenger compartment.
There are several different surface finishes for steel coils, including hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized, and coated finishes.
Q:How to solve steel plate storage
The warehouse temperature should be constant, prevent the occurrence of condensation, a horizontal steel coil to pile up, forced to pile up, in contact with each other at the coil not binding belt lock, steel roll room felt material, narrow roll on wide roll, roll on roll light. In order to facilitate the lifting, the steel coil and the wall should be kept a certain distance.
The weight ranges of steel coils can vary depending on their dimensions and intended use. Generally, steel coils can range from a few hundred pounds to several tons in weight. For example, hot-rolled steel coils typically weigh between 10 and 25 tons, while cold-rolled steel coils can weigh anywhere from a few hundred pounds to 20 tons. The weight of steel coils can also vary based on factors such as the thickness and width of the coil, as well as the grade and type of steel being used. Ultimately, the weight range of steel coils is determined by the specific requirements of the industry and application in which they are being used.
Q:which pokemon has the most steel pokemon???
The shelf life of a steel coil can vary depending on various factors such as the type of steel, storage conditions, and specific industry requirements. However, in general, if properly stored and protected from moisture, corrosion, and other damaging factors, a steel coil can have a shelf life of several years.
Steel coils are used in the manufacturing of conveyor belts as they provide strength, durability, and flexibility to the belt structure. These coils are typically used as reinforcements or as the core material to enhance the belt's load-bearing capacity and resistance to tension and impact. By incorporating steel coils, conveyor belts can effectively transport heavy materials over long distances while maintaining stability and longevity.
The process of recycling steel coils involves several steps to ensure the maximum utilization of the material and to minimize waste. Firstly, steel coils are collected from various sources, including industrial manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and scrap yards. These coils are then transported to a recycling facility where they undergo a thorough inspection to assess their quality and determine the appropriate recycling method. Next, the steel coils are cleaned to remove any contaminants such as dirt, oil, or paint. This is typically done using chemical agents or mechanical processes, depending on the level of contamination. Cleaning the coils is crucial as it ensures the quality of the recycled steel. After cleaning, the coils are shredded or sheared into smaller pieces to facilitate further processing. This step helps to increase the surface area, making it easier to separate the steel from other materials that might be present in the coils. Once the coils are broken down into smaller pieces, they go through a process known as magnetic separation. This involves passing the steel pieces through a magnetic separator that uses powerful magnets to attract and separate the ferrous steel from non-ferrous materials like aluminum or plastic. This separation is essential as it ensures the purity of the recycled steel. The separated steel pieces are then melted in a furnace at extremely high temperatures. This melting process not only removes any remaining impurities but also allows the steel to be molded into various shapes and forms, depending on the intended application. After melting, the molten steel is poured into molds or cast into ingots to solidify. These ingots can be further processed and transformed into new steel products or used as raw material in various industries. Throughout the recycling process, the steel coils are subjected to quality control measures to ensure that the resulting recycled steel meets the required specifications and standards. This includes conducting chemical analyses and mechanical tests to verify the strength, composition, and overall quality of the recycled steel. In conclusion, the process of recycling steel coils involves collecting, cleaning, shredding, separating, melting, and molding the steel to produce new products or raw material. This process not only helps to conserve valuable resources but also reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional steel production.
Q:I wrote in my assignment that mild steel has a high carbon content (4%).This is why it has its strong and rigid properties.. is this correct?
High carbon steel is much harder than iron. In fact, steel -is- iron with carbon in it. Mild steel has a very low carbon content and is much softer. High carbon steel is much stronger after heat treatment. However, about 2% carbon, it is considered cast iron. Mild steel contains about 0.16% to 0.29% carbon content. It has a relatively low strength but is highly malleable.
Q:How can I arbitrate quality of steel before purchasing it??
The quality of the alloy can be very well be judged by its appearance and lustrous surface. The more luster on the surface the more refine will the steel be. To judge its tenacity and endurance, the alloy can be subjected to a series of procedures involving stress and shock. The reaction to these processes can determine whether the steel be fit for the purpose required.

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