pp weed barrier

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Product Description:

PP rolls

• All of different specifications of PP  trapaulin are available

  1) Weaving Condition (mesh of weft & warp/sq.inch) : 7x7, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x12,14x14,16x16.

  2) Weight : 55gram/sq.m~ 280gram/sq.m

  3) Any color available

• Width : normal - 2M or 72inches (183cm)

       maximum 4m width also available

• Color : Any color available

• UV,FR Treatment available

Application :

  1) Silt Fence:

     - Water-run off and sediment control

  2) Weed Control Mat :

     - Inhibits weed growth

    - Allow soil to breath/Water to permeate

  3) Other application (Ground cover/ Geotextile sheet etc.) of PP woven fabric also available

Roll Size :

 - Width : 0.91m(3feet), 1,82m (6feet)       Maximum 4.5m (14.76feet)

 - Length : 10m,50m,100m

 - Various roll size available according to customer’s request

Packing : Export standard roll packing with paper core

Our products have been exported to all over the world. We have been committed to providing customers with quality products and good service, we sincerely hope that we can have a long-term cooperation with you.

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Plastic bags are made from non-renewable petroleum resources. Plastics can be recycled, but not as easily as glass, aluminum or paper. Part of the problem of recycling plastic bags stems from the fact that bags may be made from one of several plastic types. Although two plastic items may look similar, they could be made from different types of resins. This makes separating plastics for recycling difficult. The plastic industry has begun to address this problem by coding plastics with numbers to help consumers and recycling processors identify the type of resin used in production. Some plastic bags have resin codes imprinted on them. However, for the most part, plastic must be recycled into a product for non food use. For example, plastic soda bottles cannot be recycled into new bottles. They can be recycled into products such as bathtubs, flower pots, parking lot car stops, toys, and trash cans.
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Q:Ban the production of plastic bags?
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Q:form for plastic needed?
formed plastic is made from high heat and high pressure...the plastic is usually melted in a controlled way so it does not burn. Industry starts with uniform pellets which are then melted into a very thick medium. HIgh pressure air is usually used and is also warmed too to add to the molding effect. Molds are made out of Aluminum or steel alloys. They usually make a mold from solid aluminum, precisely grinding out the image into the aluminum, then one or more blow holes are added in both halves of the mold. THe mold is made into 2 pieces, halves, which will come apart easily too. THe temperatures that they deal with are between 500 and 1000 Fahrenheit, depending on the type of plastic....greater than that would cause burning. So if you have 5000 to 50000 laying around to invest into a blow molding machine then youcan do this. BUT...I would strongly suggest you forget about plastic and go with Fiberglas instead. Any marine or autobody shop or auto supply will have the materials. You'll also need an Organic filter mask, very good safety glasses, and thick plastic gloves or neoprene gloves. Make your mold out of wood and if for fiberglas then make the wood mold so that the fiberglas liquid does not escape., then pour the fiberglas mixture OR spread bondo over the wood around the mold. use the fiberglas strengthening tape or lath to reinforce the fiberglas or bondo. Then after 24 hours...remove the mold and carefully sand around it to smooth out the edges. Fiberglas or Bondo is much easier than plastic.
Q:Is plastic made out of milk biodegradable?
First you need to research what biodegradable means. Then you will know if something made from organic materials (BIOlogical) is BIOdegradable.
Q:Stinky Chinese plastic?
it's the lubrication that is used in the molds so it doesn't stick when they inject the liquid plastic. it's made of various biodegradable oils, mainly from animal tallow. Not washing it right away makes plastic absorb the oils. if they were to completely wash it off or tumble them, the price would go up. A friend of mine works in injection molding.
Q:Plant-Based Plastic??????/?
very confusing problem. lookup on yahoo. that can assist!
Q:Can you bleach plastic?
Nope. Two reasons, the pigment or dye is encapsulated in the molded part. The color you see is the color you get. Secondly, only a certain type of plastic, notably PP,PE and soft plastics will hold and are colored with dyes. So the dye would not take anyway. Sorry, but you are stuck with the colors you have.
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