pp weed barrier

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Product Description:

PP rolls

• All of different specifications of PP  trapaulin are available

  1) Weaving Condition (mesh of weft & warp/sq.inch) : 7x7, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x12,14x14,16x16.

  2) Weight : 55gram/sq.m~ 280gram/sq.m

  3) Any color available

• Width : normal - 2M or 72inches (183cm)

       maximum 4m width also available

• Color : Any color available

• UV,FR Treatment available

Application :

  1) Silt Fence:

     - Water-run off and sediment control

  2) Weed Control Mat :

     - Inhibits weed growth

    - Allow soil to breath/Water to permeate

  3) Other application (Ground cover/ Geotextile sheet etc.) of PP woven fabric also available

Roll Size :

 - Width : 0.91m(3feet), 1,82m (6feet)       Maximum 4.5m (14.76feet)

 - Length : 10m,50m,100m

 - Various roll size available according to customer’s request

Packing : Export standard roll packing with paper core

Our products have been exported to all over the world. We have been committed to providing customers with quality products and good service, we sincerely hope that we can have a long-term cooperation with you.

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Q:would plastic be cheaper?
Plastic can seep harmful chemicals into the product when it is exposed to sunlight (think a water bottle)... plastic is basically oil, and is carcinogenic. Everything should be in containers of steels, anyway, steel is far easier to reuse than plastic is. Glass is tough as I really hate breaking glass as it's a horrible thing to clean up in carpet.
Q:Can I throw my CDs to plastic recycling trash?
yes you can recycle them. and thinks for recycling too, it can say us a lot in the future.
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Some plastics will not bond with super glue or krazy glue, and I would guess that the glasses you have are made of that kind of plastic. I hate to say it, but you going to have to tell your folks.
Q:To be more environmentaly friend with Plastic?
complicated problem. search on to a search engine. that will could help!
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The okorder.com/
Q:fishing lures and soft plastics...?
the only way i've ever gotten legit free tackle is from writing in to different lure companies (especially the ones that make soft plastics) and asking for a catalog and some sample product. the other way to get free lures is to go to your local lake and pull them out of the trees and snags where people break them off and just leave them (never understand that one).... for cheap tackle you can go to walmart or try the bargain bins at places like dick's sporting goods and gander mountain. you can also find some good deals on OKorder or in estate/yard sales. good luck.
Q:how do you print on hard plastic.?
What kind of paint you use, and how you paint it, or print on it, depends a great deal on what kind of plastic is being used. In some cases, you can use a laser engraver, to etch an image into the surface of almost any type of material, whether its plastic, wood, metal, etc. Krylon makes a paint specifically for out door plastics, like mailboxes, furniture, play structures, etc. and it can be found anywhere Krylon paints are sold. Depending on what kind of DIY project you are working on, you might want to consider these. Perhaps a few more details would help us give you a more specific answer. Have Fun
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You can melt plastic to make parts (injection molding) but water bottles actually start from a plastic tube that re-symbols a cigar tube and gets blown with air inside a bottle shaped mold (blow molding) and then you can heat plastic sheets to melting point and use vacuum to pull the plastic over a mold (vacuum molding) but yes all plastic smells and has toxic fumes when melted...theres also a plastic that looks like putty that you melt in boiling water to make it soft...you can mold it into any shape and when it cools it turns into a hard plastic...no smell and not toxic...
I would not allow playing with plastic bags because it is quite possible that he would swallow bits of the plastic. Also could get choked or cover his wind pipe.

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