powder fire extinguishe 3L

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Product Description:

We make different styles of indoor hydrant, landing hydrant, underground hydrant,etc.

1. Item: SNJ 65

2. Type:SN50,SN65

3. Strength test pressure:2.4mpa

4. The indoor fire hydrant is a fixed indoor fire-fighting equipment in factories, public buildings, warehouse,etc.

Indoor fire hydrant is the connecter in the water piping network, including one valve with single outlet, One Valve with double outlet and double valve with double outlet etc. It's used to offer assistance to control the fire.

Rated working pressure:16 Bar

Strength test pressure:24Bar

A hose is attached to the fire hydrant, then the valve is opened to provide a powerful flow of water, on the order of 350 kPa (50 lbf/in²) (this pressure varies according to region and depends on various factors including the size and location of the attached water main). This hose can be further attached to a fire engine, which can then use a powerful pump to boost the water pressure and possibly split it into multiple streams. The hose may be connected with a threaded connection, instantaneous "quick" connector or a Storz connector. Care should be taken not to open or close a fire hydrant too quickly, as this can create a water hammer which can damage nearby pipes and equipment. The water inside a charged hoseline causes it to be very heavy and high water pressure causes it to be stiff and unable to make a tight turn while pressurized.  

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Q:Is the fire extinguisher placed under the fire hydrant box? (only a half meter wide shopping corridor, next to the product)
You said that fire hydrant box has 2 layers, usually embedded in the wall, the general upper fire hydrant, hose, water gun, lower fire extinguishers. Not affecting each other.
Q:The difference between outdoor and outdoor fire hydrant pump adapter?
When the fire inside the building of the water pipeline system pressure is small, then the car fire hose connected to the pipe on the pump adapter, internal water, used to supplement the piping system pressure is an essential difference, out of water, a water inside.
Q:How much does it cost to move the fire hydrant?
There is also a possibility of demolition! In the space after the wall is removed, the two bolts can be satisfied, and then it can be removed directly! Attention should also be paid to the distance!
Q:1. can you switch your fire modes2. is there a perk or something were you can have more than 1 accsessory on your gun because i want a red dot scope and a silencer on my m43.im not at like lvl 50 yet but can you put a silencer on the desert eagle4. out of all sniper rifles witch is better the m40 the m21 the m700 the dragunov or the barret 50cal5. does the ghillie suit really help in xboxlive because i always get sniped even when its on and i move slow and stuff6. when do you get claymores7.what is that perk when you die you drop a frag because i always get killed from them
Water, milk, fire hydrant.. Just cold liquid like that should put it out.. 10 pts please(:
Q:If it doesn't work who is going to take it back?
That is because humans study chemistry and physics and biology, so that they can excavate the secrets of God, or should I say, outsmart God.
Q:I have an open differential in my Explorer's rear axle. It is simply a 4x2 and I noticed she breaks looses easily in winter, of course, and on gravel roads. Especially on steep grades. I live in the hills pretty much and not the ones with eyes. Would installing a LSD help with this ?
If the battery backup is going to work, it will have to have the correct battery installed. If that's a 9v, then yes.
Q:What is the safe distance of the fire hydrant in the factory?
Keep a safe distance is mainly to prevent the accident can not take timely use of fire extinguishing equipment;"Fire hydrant safety management pilot measures," stipulates: "fire hydrants around ten meters prohibited piles, fifteen meters within the parking.".The provisions of the "Regulations" People's Republic of China road traffic management: "bus station and tram station, first-aid station, fire hydrant or fire brigade, gas station (station) in front of the door and the distance between the location within thirty meters of road, in addition to the use of these facilities, vehicles, other vehicles are not allowed to stop
Q:In all of the alarm systems fitted in banks in movies the lasers that trigger the alarms are spread out, if they want to ensure that the bank - or item - is safe, why not just make a whole wall of laser which is impenetrable???
Change the batteries. You should be changing them yearly if not twice yearly. If the detectors are approaching 10 years old, replace them all.
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Q:Just bought our first home and the smoke detectors are hardwired throughout the entire house, We can't cook a meal without them going off three-four times. (And there is never smoke or burning food.) We've moved the ones closest to the kitchen and in the kitchen to rooms farther away but it doen't help. Does anyone know why this is happening? How can we make them less sensitive?
The fire hydrant manufacturer was a company named Mueller and the steel pipe foundry would either be Wheeling Steel or US Pipe. I grew up a couple of miles down the road from there and many of my friends fathers worked in those buildings. Unless you are on a mission of some merit, no one is going to allow you in there because of the liability problems should an accident befall you.

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