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1.ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers
3.Cylinder material:carbon steel
4.Support OEM

                          Portable ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers

It is make up of ABC dry powder, apply to extinguish solid material, inflammable liquids, combustible gases,organic solvents and voltage under the 5KV primary surface of the fire of the electrical equipment.

                     ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers    ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers  ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers  ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers








MFZ/ABC1 1±5%  ≥8    ≥3.0


-20~+55 5KV 1A21B
MFZ/ABC2 2±3%  ≥8    ≥3.0      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 1A21B
MFZ/ABC3 3±3%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 2A34B
MFZ/ABC4 4±2%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 2A55B
MFZ/ABC5 5±2%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2


5KV 3A89B
MFZ/ABC8 8±2%  ≥15    ≥4.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 4A144B

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