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1.ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers
3.Cylinder material:carbon steel
4.Support OEM

                          Portable ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers

It is make up of ABC dry powder, apply to extinguish solid material, inflammable liquids, combustible gases,organic solvents and voltage under the 5KV primary surface of the fire of the electrical equipment.

                     ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers    ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers  ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers  ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers








MFZ/ABC1 1±5%  ≥8    ≥3.0


-20~+55 5KV 1A21B
MFZ/ABC2 2±3%  ≥8    ≥3.0      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 1A21B
MFZ/ABC3 3±3%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 2A34B
MFZ/ABC4 4±2%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 2A55B
MFZ/ABC5 5±2%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2


5KV 3A89B
MFZ/ABC8 8±2%  ≥15    ≥4.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 4A144B

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im a plumber and we DON T ever use teflon tape on any gas fittings. over time the gas eats away the tape so if u made the seal with teflon tape it will leak over time. just use pipe dope, no tape, even the yellow tape
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In 1969 BRK Electronics (who would later launch the First Alert® brand ) designed the first battery-operated smoke alarm to receive UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) Listing. During the 1970's, as part of the Pittway Corporation, the smoke alarm division flourished. As a division of Pittway, BRK Electronics flourished. During the early 70’s, intense product development produced a series of high quality, affordable, battery and AC powered and system smoke alarms. BRK Electronics used these successes to enter the new construction and mobile home markets and increase its share of the commercial system smoke alarm market. In 1974, Sears, Roebuck and Company put its name on a BRK Electronics battery-operated smoke alarms. The response was outstanding. The popularity of the Sears alarm was so strong it prompted other manufacturers to enter the residential smoke detector market. In 1976, BRK Electronics introduced First Alert® brand battery-operated residential smoke alarms. Consumers responded enthusiastically and sales of First Alert brand alarms became a major part of BRK Electronics’ total sales. By 1980, First Alert brand products had become the most recognized name in smoke detection. First Alert, together with BRK® brand alarms sold primarily to electrical contractors, combined to make BRK Electronics the leading manufacturer of residential alarms. BRK Electronics did not rest on its laurels. The division built a comprehensive line of home safety and security products, including rechargeable lanterns m 1982 rechargeable flash lights in 1985, disposable fire extinguishers in 1986, a line of home security lighting products in 1992 and a carbon monoxide alarm in 1993.
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