Polyester Filament Yarn FDY SD Raw white

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Basic Info



Material:  100% Polyester

Pattern:  dope-dyeing

Yarn Type:  FDY, Filament

Feature:  Eco-Friendly, Recycled, High Tenacity

Use:  Weaving, Knitting, Sewing , Weaving , Knitting

Twist:  S/Z TWIST

Evenness:  EVEN

Color:  white , black

MOQ:  30 KGS

Quality:  AA Grade

Package:  Pallet

Package Type:  4bobbins/carton, 10KG/bobbin, 40KG/cartons, 12 tons/20gp, 24 tons/40HQ

Certification:  GRS, TC, OEKO

Keywords:  Recycled FDY yarn, R-pet yarn, Eco-Friendly yarn

Specification:  50D/24F144F, 75D/36F144F, 100D/36F288F, 150D/36F288F, 200D/72F288F, 300D/72F576F, 450D/144F, 450D/192F, 600D/144F, 600D/192F or as per customers customized, single or double


Payment:  T/T, LC


Production Facilities of FDY Yarn


We have the most advanced production system DSC. The whole production process is conducted and supervised by the operating platform. Meanwhile, there are 10 TMT fully automatic winding machine and Robot packaging system which highly improves the production efficiency and avoids manual mistakes.


Production Capacity of FDY Yarn


The production capacity is 200,000 TONS per year for now and it will be of 500,000 per year after the erection of the second production line.


Application and suggestion:


1. The adhesive of two layers of sports shoe Upper material  —FDY 50D/75D

2. Soft curtain, Zebra curtain, Roman curtain—FDY 75D/150D

3. Vertical blinds—FDY 250D

4. Filter net for air condition—FDY 30D/50D/75D/150D

5. Electromagnetic wire: PET-Glass fiber blended fiber—FDY 50D/75D

6. Garment lining cloth for suit, tie, hat, etc. —FDY 150D/50D/420D

7. Warp knitting fabric such as: Stiff mesh fabric, medical/food filter net, inner car decoration.

8. Top-grade eco-friendly filter material

9. Other applications: protective gloves, dust gauze, top-grade window screen, invisible screen, etc.

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Q:What are the benefits of the steaming machine to the textile industry?
Quick steaming box - treatment effect: 1. Relaxation, shaping, humidification. 2. Increase the yarn strength, reduce the fracture (cotton yarn breaking strength will increase by 10%, wool yarn elongation increased by 30%); Cotton yarn feathers fall by 30-45%; 4. Yarn moisture uniformity, control moisture regain high precision;
Q:What is the difference between mesh cloth and Bali yarn?
Balinese yarn, also known as glass yarn, English name voile, textile and apparel fabrics in a kind, is a plain weave woven thin transparent fabric, belonging to the woven fabric.
Q:What are the differences between the yarn and the yarn of the yarn?
C21SDK: semi-combed yarn YC21SDK: semi-combed yarn cotton yarn is made of cotton fiber spinning process by the yarn, after the joint stock processing known as cotton thread. According to the different spinning process, can be divided into carded yarn and combed yarn.
Q:What is the reason for the low strength of cotton yarn
Feedback yarn sample feel, the middle part of the local strong is very low, there is no law. 36s yarn broken strong 9.6-10.9cn / tex, 40s yarn broken strength 8.2--10.4cn / tex.
Q:Textile spinning workshop car car summary and plan
How do you work hard, what is your mind to solve. Even if nothing, but also to write some difficult questions, how do you solve through the effort
Q:What is yarn support?
Yarn count is the yarn count, divided into metric and imperial count.
Q:Textile class 21 yarn, 32 shares of what is the meaning of goods ah
Such as the yarn, 21 is a single yarn, 32 shares, equivalent to 16 yarn. So 32 shares more than 21 single yarn to be thick. The yarn is also more expensive than the single yarn.
Q:How to reduce the cost of textile yarn dyeing
1, now due to the domestic environmental situation is grim, the dye may be a temporary small increase in prices, there will not be a substantial price increases, but also not save 2, labor: labor wages are now rising, the insurance state to pay, Can not save
Q:What is the yarn in the textile
Usually in two or more loom to work together, the distance and the yarn used is not the same when there may be gripping yarn appears, and high-twist combed yarn generally do not produce gripping yarn.
Q:Why in general the yarn in the woven fabric strength coefficient of use greater than 1
Introduction 1. Processing of cotton yarn manufacturing methods are more complex, in general, there are two kinds of spinning methods, that is, carded spinning and combing spinning. (1) carded spinning process: with cotton → open cotton → carding → parallel → roving → spun yarn → post-processing → finished product inspection. (2) combing spinning process: with cotton → open cotton → carding → strip → strip → combing → parallel → roving → spun yarn → post-processing → finished product inspection.

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