Pipe Welding and Cutting Band Saw 1200mm

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SKCBS1200 Pe pipe band saw  

1>Working Range:less than 1200mm

2>band saw machine Vcc:380V,50Hz

3>Cutting Angle:0-67.5




SKCBS1200 Pe pipe  band saw  


Application of SKCBS1200 Pe pipe  band saw:


SKCBS1200 Pe pipe  band saw is suitable for cutting pipes according to dpecified angle and dimension while making an elbow,tee or cross, which lowest the material waete and improve the welding efficiency.


features of SKCBS1200 Pe pipe  band saw:


1>Cutting angle 0-67.5°.


2>Self inspecion and stop of the machine in case of saw blade breaks enables to guarantee operator's safty.


3>Applied to solid pipes or structured wall pipes made of themrmoplastic such as PE and PP,and also other pipes and fittings made of non-metal materials.


4>Reliability,lower noisy,easy to handle.


5>Complies with 98/37 and 73/23 EEC standards.


Technical Specifications:

Working Ranges:

Cutting Angle:



Saw Power:



Hydraulic Unit Power:


Working Voltage:

 380V  50Hz

Line Speed:


Feed Speed:





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Q:The T type welder butt welding workpiece, please master pointing
One less push action.
Q:What type of flash butt welding machine is used for rail welding?
UNS-1200-agera pulsating flash welder 650 is enough
Q:PPR pipe is not connected to the welding machine
Right, as upstairs said, with fast access, with rapid elbow and copper quick connect directly, see you want to corner an PPR tube or an PPR straight tube. There are a lot of brands, Rui River, PPR pipe fittings, Jinde, and so on. General hardware building materials stores have sold, the price is not expensive, about more than 20 yuan
Q:If the welding rod does not release in time, will the electric clamp affect the welding machine?
Sticky electrode has influence on welding machine. Possibility of burnout of welding machine.In the welding process of hand welding, the welding electrode and the workpiece are stuck together, and the welding machine is always short circuited.Because the short-circuit current is big, the long time short circuit will burn out the welding machine.The viscosity in electrode, press the holder shall promptly thumb pressing handle, rod and gun detachment.
Q:What's the biggest difference between domestic and imported steel cord welder? Besides price?
Domestic imports do not have to import
Q:Technical parameters of butt welding machine
Electric welding machine technical parameters of you, is the actual design of a welding transformer, the transformer design is a very complex process, but, if you want a homemade welding transformer, can be a simple formula: 1, core area (core content) by welding power is selected, formula: square *0.7-1 power W; 2, block line window is determined by the winding and insulation materials occupy *1.2 sectional area; 3, the conductor cross-sectional area by the input / output current is determined by the *2-3; 4, the number of winding turns by the core area * flux (generally optional 8000-12000 Gauss) in addition to the input / output voltage input (usually from 380v/220v. The output of 50-80v).
Q:How to use PE electric melting machine PE electric welding machine
Electric welding machine operation steps: 1. Prepare electric welding machine, welding PE pipe, pipe fittings. 2 remove the oxide layer at the insertion point of the PE pipe and insert into the fused pipe. The insert pipe to easily insert is appropriate, do not force the pipe in pipe, fitting into tight during the welding process due to the shift of electric heating expansion of PE material after heating, thereby changing the temperature change of heating, easy to cause local heating caused by the over high temperature of the welding smoke and other phenomena. Special circumstances such as pipe insert is not in a straight line, i.e. pipes and fittings are not coaxial, this situation need to use special line for fixed pipe and pipe fittings, pipe insert to reduce stress. 3, after being ready, the output electrode of the welder is inserted into the electrode column of the pipe. 4. Start the electric welding machine, scan the bar code, or enter the welding voltage and time parameter, then start welding. 5, after the end of the welding countdown, without affecting the cooling of the pipe welding, you can remove the output cable, and begin to prepare the next welding.
Q:How large can the saw welder be soldered?
Hubei Tianmen double column woodworking saw Co., Ltd., welding machine can generally weld 10*0.45mm to 150*1.25., which should also consider the power of welding machine. I use the factory are high-power, the widest, weldable 150mm width, the thickness of the most thick, welded more than 1.25 of the thickness can also be welded.
Q:How much square is the voltage of the 100 kW butt welder with 380V?
95 square 60KW GB, no 100 specifications
Q:How to use the butt welding machine for band saw blade?
Adjust the welding contact space to 18-20 mm wide. Then put the saw on it and press it tightly. Two 、 adjust the current to the minimum. Three, quick click switch. Four. Observe the weld until it is slightly aglow. So far, the annealing is complete. There is a problem to go "woodworking belt saw blade" stick to me
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