SKCBS Bandsaw Plastic Saw Machine Cutter

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Suitable for cutting pipes according to specified angle and dimension while making an elbow, tee or cross 


Application of SKCBS Bandsaw Plastic Saw Machine Cutter


Suitable for cutting pipes according to specified angle and dimension while making an elbow, tee or cross, which lowest the material waste and improve the welding efficiency.


Features of SKCBS Bandsaw Plastic Saw Machine Cutter


Cutting angle:0-67.5°;


Self inspection and stop of the machine in case of saw blade breaks enables to guarantee operator’s safety;


Applied to solid pipes or structured wall pipes made of thermoplastic such as PE and PP, and also other pipe and fittings made of non-metal material;


Reliability, lower noisy, easy to handle;


Complies with 98/37 and 73/23 EEC standards.


Technical specifications of SKCBS Bandsaw Plastic Saw Machine Cutter


Maximum range: 800 mm


Ranges of application: PE,PP and PVDF


Cutting angles: 0°~ 67.5°


Working voltage: ~380V ±10%,50Hz


Total power: 3.7 kW, including: drive motor: 2.2kW, hydraulic unit motor: 1.5kW


Working voltage: ~415V ±10%,50Hz


Total power: 3.7 kW, including: drive motor: 2.2kW, hydraulic unit motor: 1.5kW


Max. line speed: 195m/min


Environment temperature: -10° ~ 45°


The whole machine consists of basic frame, support and press bar

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Q:How much flash butt welding machine does the 32MM steel bar need?
Continuous flash welded barsMaximum diameter (mm)10~1212~1616~2020~25Preheat Flash Welded reinforcementMaximum diameter (mm)20~2232~36FortyType of welderUN1-50UN1-75UN1-100UN2-150 welding machine model determined the largest!!!The brand does not need to ask this question, the price is different, the brand is certainly different, the principle is same with the purchase electrical appliance!!
Q:What is the approximate power of the UN1-75 flash butt welder?
75 refers to the power, multiplied by 1000, power that is 75000 watts
Q:How to choose welding leakage current
The working principle of the welding machine is different, and the requirements of the leakage protection are different.On the choice of welding leakage action current, we must first determine the working current, the working current can be calculated according to current / voltage = power calculation, calculate the working current of the welding machine, taking into account the characteristics of the welding work (a short time, the current instantaneous impact of large) choice, leakage current than the normal work some current. According to the calculated work current, select the appropriate leakage protector.Butt welding machine is also called current welder or resistance touch welder. By using the resistance between the two workpieces' contact surfaces, the contact surfaces of two mutually butted metal can be instantly heated, melted and fused instantaneously through a low voltage and high current.Simple to use welding machine and welding machine with similar method, welding transformer power supply special features, when the special transformer is in butt welding working resistance is very small, the amount of current limit, to ensure the normal welding current.Silicon controlled rectifier has been applied to the welding machine. New control methods have been produced, mainly for the more accurate current control and more reliable welding quality, but the basic principle and the calculation method of current are the same.
Q:Who can tell how many volts are needed for the two welding voltage of the welding machine. The weldment is wall thickness 1.5mm diameter 21mm round tube T type butt joint. How many ampere current is needed?
Normal connection, general 10-12V reverse connection, general 24V up and down
Q:How to choose parameters of flash butt welding machine
Selection of welding parameters, we should consider the current when welding, the maximum carrying capacity of the transformer, and then we can choose the parameters of the welding machine according to our own work. Basically, the technical parameters of the welder are the same
Q:KW how many UN1-100 pairs of welding machines?
UN1-100 type butt welding machine is about 30KW.Specific parameters are as follows:The project | machine model UN1-125ARated capacity (KVA) 125Primary voltage (V) 380Primary no-load voltage (V) 4.06-8.04Maximum welding diameter (mm) 32Rated load duration (%) 20Maximum tension (kg/mm2) 50Number of welds per hour (times /h) 20-30
Q:Field steel needs butt welding and has three power supply butt welding machines. We must have three items on the spot
As far as I know, welding machines are all two FireWire, and three items have not been heard yet.... I make wall screws
Q:How much square is the voltage of the 100 kW butt welder with 380V?
Basically, at 270 currents, 90 square copper wires would be fine
Q:Consult the model of the flash butt welding machine for prawns, and the types of welding machines that can be welded in various types
100 of the butt welding machine, 25 of the steel reinforcement should be no problem, if not qualified, may be voltage, current can not reach, you can in the night without other high-power equipment running in case of butt welding test.
Q:How to use the butt welding machine for band saw blade?
Adjust the welding contact space to 18-20 mm wide. Then put the saw on it and press it tightly. Two 、 adjust the current to the minimum. Three, quick click switch. Four. Observe the weld until it is slightly aglow. So far, the annealing is complete. There is a problem to go "woodworking belt saw blade" stick to me
Our company has always been committed to the research, development and production of plastic pipe welding equipment. Its plastic pipe welding equipment has obtained dozens of international patents, enjoying an internationally high reputation due to high quality, exquisite appearance, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service. We are convinced that our unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit will bring us a more bright future while serving world plastic pipe welding equipment industry.

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Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2010
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Main Markets 20.00% Western Europe
20.00% Mid East
20.00% South America
20.00% North America
10.00% Northern Europe
9.00% Southeast Asia
1.00% Central America
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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 7
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