UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

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Product Description:

1. Description of UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

This welder is a special lever pressure type saw blade purpose welding machine,and during welding of saw blades,it needs no weld paste or solder.
It is characterized by an extremely short welding duration and the low energy consumption,and in merely several seconds after being energized,it can surely weld saw blades together.
It is low in cost and the quality of the resulted weld is much superior to that generated by traditional silver soldering or oxygen welding procedures.


2. Parameter of UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

Technical Parameter




Welding Saw Blade Width (MM)




Welding Saw Blade Thickness (MM)





380V 50 HZ

380V 50 HZ

380V 50HZ

Machine Weight (KG)




Machine Size(MM)





3. Images of UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

4. Packages

Standard export Carton box or plywood box package

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Q:150KW what size cables are used for flash butt welding machines?
For the electric welding machine, the influence of heating is fully considered, and the influence of the maximum welding current on the continuous output is considered
Q:PPR pipe is not connected to the welding machine
Right, as upstairs said, with fast access, with rapid elbow and copper quick connect directly, see you want to corner an PPR tube or an PPR straight tube. There are a lot of brands, Rui River, PPR pipe fittings, Jinde, and so on. General hardware building materials stores have sold, the price is not expensive, about more than 20 yuan
Q:What is the approximate power of the UN1-75 flash butt welder?
75 refers to the power, multiplied by 1000, power that is 75000 watts
Q:How much is the power consumption of 100 thousand volt ampere welder?
The machine is the maximum input capacity refers to, how much electricity, according to the time you welding, the size of the power, to calculate. I'll give you an analogy, you machine welding current to half an hour, the normal work, about 20-30 degrees.
Q:Hello, I am doing wire hardware, I would like to know the line welding machine, welding machine, etc., and wire bending, molding, etc., there are no related exhibitions?
Hardware welder
Q:Consult the model of the flash butt welding machine for prawns, and the types of welding machines that can be welded in various types
UN series of flash butt welding machine, in fact, you don't have to ask, if you want to look for a welding machine, you can go to a professional welding equipment company they will according to your requirements for what type of machine is not important you choose a suitable flash, it is important to meet your product requirements.
Q:For welding with steel wire, what method do not let it break
Do you weld low carbon steel?And the principle of equal strength used in welding rod and weldment, or the principle of equal composition?Try the ingredients principle!After the welding is finished, after annealing, you try
Q:How to use PE electric melting machine PE electric welding machine
1. before the operation, the electric melting pipe and the pipe are installed and butt welded. The output plug of the welding machine is inserted into the electric melting pipe machine.2. power on display in the main menu press the down arrow keys can select a function of the machine, and then press the confirm button to enter the sub menu.(1) the parameter setting function, in the main menu, select settings (the color display), confirmed by the enter parameter set up menu, you can set the welding parameters. Press the down arrow keys to select one of the parameter settings, according to a key to select a key, press the +, to modify a cursor blinking. The welding time is in seconds, and the cooling time is divided into units. Print function by + number, the display is yes, open the print function, then, in the welding process, the printer every 5 seconds, print a welding parameter, press the number to close the print function.(2) the welding operation, in the right setting of the machine parameters, welding operation on the pipe, which is the fifth option in the main menu, namely "run", the machine setting parameters, after confirmation, press the start button, the machine start welding operation.(3) when welding normally, the machine starts counting from the preset time, and when the display is 0000, the machine will alarm when the welding is finished. At this point, press the one button, the machine automatically into the cooling state, after cooling, the machine also alarm. Press this one key to end the alarm and return to the main menu.(4) when one of the faults occurs, the machine will stop automatically and display error messages. The current error, check the output plug and tube connection is good; the voltage error, check whether the power supply voltage exceeds the 175250V range; temperature error, check the temperature sensor is disconnected.(5) to carry out second welding, repeat the above process only.
Q:How to choose welding leakage current
First calculate what your total power is, then select the leakage switch according to the power.The power / voltage is equal to the current. For example, the total power 4KW, then 4000/220=18A.The rated current of the leakage switch is greater than the load current.In general, the total leakage switch is selected by 1.5 times the load current, 18A*1.5=27A.There is no leakage switch for 27A, soThe leakage switch should select 32A.The leakage current is selected by 30MA.
Q:What welding machine is used for butt welding of stainless steel pipe?
Zhongbang welding flash butt welding machine, without welding wire.

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