UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

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Product Description:

1. Description of UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

This welder is a special lever pressure type saw blade purpose welding machine,and during welding of saw blades,it needs no weld paste or solder.
It is characterized by an extremely short welding duration and the low energy consumption,and in merely several seconds after being energized,it can surely weld saw blades together.
It is low in cost and the quality of the resulted weld is much superior to that generated by traditional silver soldering or oxygen welding procedures.


2. Parameter of UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

Technical Parameter




Welding Saw Blade Width (MM)




Welding Saw Blade Thickness (MM)





380V 50 HZ

380V 50 HZ

380V 50HZ

Machine Weight (KG)




Machine Size(MM)





3. Images of UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

UN6-50 Flash Seal-welding band saw blade butt welding machine

4. Packages

Standard export Carton box or plywood box package

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The working principle of flash butt welding machine: butt welding of the workpiece, the gas control, first slowly push the workpiece welding oxidation and bumps flash surface after removing hot workpiece face welding plastics, then quickly add a forging force to two penetration welding welding end.A microcomputer controller is used to control the clamping, flashing, upsetting, holding, stopping and the whole welding process, and the control accuracy is high.The product of high welding strength, good compactness, no weld, no slag, firm and beautiful.Widely used in carbon steel, alloy steel, nonferrous metal pipes, bars, plates, profiles between the butt welding or dissimilar metal butt welding.
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Q:How to choose parameters of flash butt welding machine
This depends on the products you are welding!

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