PE release film with aluminum foil applica

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Product Description:

Polyethylene(PE) Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper

1) Structure of PE Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper Description

PEG is also one of the main ingredients in paintball fills, because of its thickness and flexibility. However, as early as 2006, some Paintball manufacturers began substituting cheaper oil-based alternatives for PEG.

 2)Main features of the PE Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper

. Flexible and durable

. Light and easy to transport
. Fast delivery
. Item shipped from Dubai warehouse

3)PE Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper Images:

PE release film with aluminum foil applica

PE release film with aluminum foil applica

PE release film with aluminum foil applica

4)PE Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper Specification









Thickness of film









Air compression




5)FAQ of PE Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper:

 1. 30% T/T advance , then balance before shipment or against BL copy. Or 30% L/C payment, balanced duaring 30-60 days.

 2. The other specific issues can be negociated.

 3. Any problem, feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.

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