Parallel Cluster Overhead Insulated Cable

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Product Description:

Parallel Cluster Overhead Insulated Cable


Product Introduction

Parallel cluster overhead insulated cable (hereinafter referred to as: parallel bundle conductor) is the national electric power company of rural power grid construction in the "tenth five-year plan of science and technology popularization and application of products.Our company draw lessons from foreign science and technology personnel application of wire beam, through the design and improvement of process and structure, research and development success, to fill the gaps in the product.
Low voltage power supply circuit reactance of the impedance, capacitive reactance and impedance.Parallel bundle conductor adopts three-phase four-wire power supply, make the match degree of three-phase unbalanced load fell to minimum, decrease the neutral line current, thereby reducing the resistance loss.Due to the use of close symmetrical division structure, lower the inductance of the wire, increase the line between the dielectric constant, electric capacity increased, make the circuit reactance slash, eventually achieve the goal of capacity loss.
Because the wires into cluster shape combination, and political force a single multiply, reduce single-phase break accident.In the wind, frost, etc when the tension between parallel insulation is not pressure, improve safety coefficient, the lightning protection, preventing electricity-stolen, prevent leakage effect obviously improved significantly.Due to its combination can be disruptive branch jumper easy, convenient varactor combination.According to the zero line identification, the phase sequence identification is clear, to prevent the fault phase sequence.Parallel bundle conductor line, reduce the tower, the cross arm and porcelain, save a lot of metal.Due to the insulation can decrease the height of tower, from trees, buildings, the influence of such a complex environment can be equipped completely save pole along the wall, low engineering cost.Also compared with the single line, the construction is simple, save work time, reduce the construction cost.Compared with the conventional pattern of overhead bare wires parallel bundle conductor has a low operating cost, long-term benefit is obvious advantage

Product Main Properties and Features:
Line loss is low, line loss.suggestions between 5-10%.
Saving time and labor for construction is convenient, and reduce the cost of installation.
Composite tensile force strong resistance, high safety, preventing electricity-stolen, prevent leakage.
Low engineering cost, reduce the pole, cross arm and porcelain, to reduce the pole height.

Products Adopt Standard:
Mixer GB12527-90 rated voltage up to and including 1 kv overhead insulated cable.
Mixer state power company acquired work "parallel cluster overhead insulated cable choose technical conditions"

Product Categories
According to the conductor material points: parallel cluster overhead insulated cable has two kinds of copper, aluminum core.
According to the insulation points: parallel cluster overhead insulated cable with weather resistance of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE) and crosslinking polyethylene of three kinds of insulation.
According to the structural type points: parallel cluster overhead insulated cable type well (BS1), star (BS2) type (BS3) three kinds of peace.

Products to pay:
My company according to customer requirements, to ensure timely delivery, and provide customer satisfaction of products and services.Parallel bundle conductor delivery length according to the agreement, both sides according to the customer request provide special hardware is complete.
Note: (1) the conductor: copper or aluminum (2) the connection bar: PVC or PE or (3) insulation: PVC or PE or
Parallel cluster type, name, specification of the wire, some conclusions and cross section




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Q:What is this power cable called?
Ask for a 6 ft AC power cord. They come in a few difference shapes so just describe what you did here. If it helps reference Radio Shack model/catalog number #61-2878. Good luck!
Q:how to put a switch into power cable for an amplifier in car ?
Why not just put the switch on the remote blue wire? After all tht is wht turns ur amp on.
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you can use a plug point from the ups and then from it you can connect it with the lap.. but, i dono why you need ups for your laptop!!!!!
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It really depends on the what the connector is. If it is a 8 Pin CPU cable, it is a definite no no. However, if it is a 8-pin PCIe cable, then you are safe to plug it in your GPU. However, keep in mind one rule, never force a plug into pins that do not fit.
Q:question about sub amplifier power cable?
back interior the day whilst audio electronics became into evolving from monophonic sound to stereophonic sound, producers of stereo audio electronics precise the left channel enter for monophonic sound (in case you in elementary terms had one enter) and, if there became into no longer something plugged into the magnificent enter jack, the monophonic sound became into allotted to the two left and precise inputs. on condition that mono is fairly uncommon those days, i don't be conscious of if this continues to be everyday on stereo inputs (which includes powered subwoofers), yet you are able to try it. If it isn't the case (plugging it into the left enter purely is going interior the path of the left amplifier), no count in case you split the sign or no longer is in fact a wash. A subwoofer has 2 voice coils on the motive force, one powered by using the left enter and the different powered by using the magnificent enter. in case you purely have, say, the left enter plugged in, you're in elementary terms using the subwoofer with the left amplifier and voice coil. in case you split it, you're actually using the two voice coils. yet, the split itself cuts the sign point in 0.5. So, you have 0.5 as lots sign enter to each amplifier and the output quantity of the subwoofer heavily is not any distinctive than purely plugging in one enter. one element you are able to desire to do is to get a small, low-value stereo amp or receiver, plug the LFE output into one enter, set the amplifier mode to mono, and run the two line outputs to the subwoofer. that would desire to furnish you 2 complete line point inputs to the subwoofer from the only LFE cable.
Q:is it good to leave the power cable plugged in your laptop always?
Your battery life will be reduced if you don't exercise your battery regularly by allowing it to drain and charge completely. It is recommended that you deplete and fully charge the battery at least on a weekly basis to help maintain good battery performance.
Q:PCI power supply cable problems?
Hi There, Both ports need to be connected for power for the card and if that is the case then two feeds from the power supply would need to be used. This would be because one power feed with the Y connector probably would have too much load on the one single feed and it would overheat and could cause a big problem. To be absolutely sure you should refer to the instruction manual for exactly what is needed. If still unsure a call to the manufacturer should sort things out. By the way this video card requires a 450 watt (or larger) power supply to operate properly. I would buy a proper power supply for this powerfull video card. This card needs 400 watts if overclocked so I would go for a power supply of about 600 watts (or larger) with feeds for each power adapter for the video card. Hope this helps, Al
Q:Please help, need to know the name of a power cable.?
If you are in the UK, it is 13amp insulated, power cable with live, neutral and earth wires.
Q:computer power supply cables/ placement?
If it powers.. then that's getting juice so that's no longer the means provide. attempt unplugging all demanding drives and CD force.. means it on.. Do you get a show? Plug each and each device in a million at a time until eventually eventually you artwork out which one it really is... also verify to make useful your demanding force wouldn't have any bent pints and make useful that that's totally plugged in.
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It's a 12 volt DC car-type amp ? Sounds like it's got a short inside. But, unhook all the other wires, all the speaker leads imputs, except for the power the ground. Have a fuse in one of those two leads, turn the amp OFF, hook up it. If the fuse pops right away, then odds are it is now a piece-'o-junk. If it sits okay, turn it on, with no volume. Again, if the fuse goes, trash it. If it holds okay, hook up ONE of the speakers give it a little volume. Even without an imput, you should be able to hear a bit of static, which means it's working okay. Turn it off try another speaker....etc etc

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