Outdoor Beach Textilene Garden Table and Chair set

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Product Description:

Outdoor Beach Textilene Garden Table and Chair set


1. Specification of Outdoor Beach Textilene Garden Table and Chair set:



Outdoor Beach Textilene Garden Table and Chair set


Table:   80*80*72 cm  Chair:    56*57*92 cm




100 pcs

Delivery Date

30-45 days after receipt of order Additional Information

Payment Term

30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T against copy of B/L


Export and carton packing


60 days


2. Main Features of Outdoor Beach Textilene Garden Table and Chair set:

1).  Cortex for anti-aging, anti ultraviolet radiation

2).  Smooth surface, waterproof, anti oil, non-toxic, cool feeling

3).  Bright colors do not fade, high tension;

4). Wear and decay resistance, chemical resistance, good air permeability;

5).  Long service life;

Outdoor Beach Textilene Garden Table and Chair set

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1). Why Choose US?

   Our Factory has been a professional manufacturer in tour and leisure products and outdoor goods series. 

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2). What outdoor goods do you offer ?

    We have Lounger Beach bedCamping bedBeach ChairSwings Camping tableGarden Furniture and 

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Q:Mismatched sofa?
You'll look like a south american fiesta room...don't do this. ONE of the two must go. Truly Elegant Natural color leather is best and ageless. No red! Don't mess up the woodwork. Lots of for an oriental area rug, sort of geometric, not floral, that has your colors and work from there. Start with good taupe walls and perhaps add an accent wall later. Get the Red in accents and accessories. If, unfortunately, you have already bought the sofas, then the area rug, at least 5 x 8, will be the only saving grace, with some dark blue to tone it down. and keep it very near the sofa. Neutral walls!
Q:Can you recommend a good brand of sofa?
I don't know about England but I know that ROWE is a good brand. I have a beautiful sectional that came with a lifetime guarantee on the frame. We love it. I would definitely spend a little more for good quality. We went through four lower priced sofas in 10 years. We've already had this one for 6 and it still looks great.
Q:How do you get grease marks/oil stains from a leather sofa?
Try scrubbing the stains with shaving cream. Then wipe with a clean wet cloth. Shaving cream is nothing but whipped soap that rinses off easily. The last thing you want to use on your sofa is overly sudsy soap. You'll never get the suds out. Any brand of shaving cream works, as long as it's the typical white foamy kind. The gels don't work. -
Q:The king of sofas in Davenport, Iowa is quitting because of exhaustion. Why is the sofa king tired?
His ongoing battle with the Ottoman Empire never allowed him to relax and put his feet up.
Q:King Size Sleeper Sofa Mechanism (just insert, without sofa)?
It has not something to do with the settee! i think of its basically a fashion human beings say a portray that could have the means to stand on my own on a wall and fill the area effectively while not having to declare that each and every of the time- basically a level of length somewhat! in spite of the actuality that if human beings initiate asserting double-extensive sized artwork i will might desire to locate yet another field to artwork in... lol
Q:Shabby Chic sofa question for professionals?
It still has some life. Just update with some new throw pillows in a color that you like.
Q:What are the features of Qing Dynasty chairs?
The western world, good and bad mixed. Western decorative patterns or techniques occupy a considerable proportion, especially the Cantonese style furniture is more obvious. Affected by the Western approximately has two forms, one is using the style and structure of western furniture, although such early part of exports, but failed to form a scale, in the late Qing Dynasty the "western" popular again, mostly not in the west, rough, hard to get in good taste; the second is the traditional shape and structure that part of the adoption of western style or ornamentation. For example, there are the traditional waist chairs with Western lotus pattern carving etc..
Q:What color sofa would go good with this carpet?
a bronze/copper colored fabric with a satiny metalic sheen would look fantastic in a sofa with that dark brown carpet. you could also play it more safely neutral and go with any color from ecru to nutmeg. another more dramatic option would be a bold brick red color. because the carpet is a solid color, it would probably look best if the sofa had a striped pattern with more than one color. can you paint the walls? a mid tan color would really look great.
Q:Air-O-Space Sofa keeps loosing air. What should I do?
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Q:Would this sofa fit through a door ?
you have to try it.... the cushions will give some and you can put it at an angle.... but, without the door measurements....nobody can tell for sure....

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