No (low) halogen flame retardant cable suitable for systems with fire safety requirements laid

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Product Description:

No (low) halogen flame retardant cable suitable for systems with fire safety requirements laid


Product special properties:

1.A finished cable burning test results meet the requirements of GB 12666.5 not less than the Class B requirements.

2, LSZH cable burn the finished corrosion test, measurement and control combustion gases through indirect aqueous PH and conductivity to determine the results PH value should not be less than 4.3, the conductivity should not exceed 10us/min.

3, low smoke low halogen cables should be measured and HCL HCL emission emission should not exceed 100mg / g.

4, cable burning smoke density test, the test results should not be less than its minimum transmittance of 60%.




No (low) halogen flame retardant cable suitable for systems with fire safety requirements laid

No (low) halogen flame retardant cable suitable for systems with fire safety requirements laid


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