New Hot Outdoor Patio Sofa Bed for Family outdoor

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Product Description:

New Hot Outdoor Patio Sofa Bed for holiday home rest


Product  Features:


1. Hand woven

2. Made from durable PU material

3. UV protection to reduce fading

4. Frame constructed from powder coated aluminium

5. Anti-rust properties

6. Suitable for all weathers or indoor use

7. Maintenance free

8. Choice of colours

9. 2 year structural guarantee



More Details:


Rattan, the rattan we use for our product is only the highest quality manmade fiber, as PE rattan, this kind 
        of rattan is UV resistant, waterproof,
 and it is through dyed. The quality can be checked by applying heat 
        when getting scratched. It will take long time and the color of rattan will never fade, also it is not sensitive 
        to temperature fluctuations.


Cushion, we are using water-proof fabric and sponge for the cushions. Especially, the sponge is with high 
       density which can ensure the durability.


C. Frame, The frame is aluminum tube with 1.2,1.5 and 1.8mm thick, thicker and stronger, It is powder coated 
       which can protected against corrosion and becomes virtually invisible when it is woven over.



Our Service:


--- Size and design can be Customized.

--- One- stop furniture purchasing

--- Prompt action to your request


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Q:how to keep my puppy off of the sofa?
Watch her carefully, and when you see her jump up on the sofa, say no and remove her. She will learn you do not want her up there, but you must catch this as soon as she jumps up and you must be consistent. If you don't want her up there, she must never be allowed to jump up on the sofa.
Q:What is an Inflatable Sofa?
Most of us are familiar with the old inflatable air mattress concept - the temporary sleeping arrangements when we go camping or when unexpected guests decide to bunk over. While the older models required blowing them up until you were literally blue in the face, the newer versions at least provide pumps or vacuum hook-ups to expedite the process. An inflatable sofa is the newest twist on the idea of blow-up furniture and the concept is really catching on. Also called air furniture, inflatable sofas and couches are now being manufactured in every color of the rainbow, and in many different styles and sizes. Because most of the inflatable sofas are made of plastic, they probably fit best with a modern themed décor. Many companies offer flocked inflatable sofas in addition to the slick plastic types, to provide a softer touch that resembles the feel of velour. People purchase inflatable couches for many reasons, including the need for inexpensive furnishings in a first apartment or a dorm room. They also choose to buy inflatable furniture if they have limited space but occasionally have the need to provide additional temporary seating, for example, if you are throwing a party and need to add a few more seats. The cost of an inflatable sofa is a fraction of the price of a traditional sofa - in many cases these couches run less than one hundred dollars.
Q:How do I keep my cat from clawing the sofa?
The first thing I would do is get him a cat scratcher and place it right next to the sofa. If he has already seemed to be scratching your sofa, try to pick out a scratcher that has the same type of texture. Otherwise, I would try a cardboard scratcher (they are like $5-7 from Petsmart), and it comes with catnip. You sprinkle the catnip onto the scratcher, and then it will distract him from going to your couch. However, you may need to do a little more to keep him away. What I did with my cat was purchase a small spray bottle, fill it with water, and every time she tried to play with the wires around my nightstand (that was her bad habit) I sprayed her with the water. Just a small spray once or twice. Cats HATE water, so she would run away really quickly. Now she has completely stopped, because she associates the wires with getting sprayed. But of course, water is harmless so it's a positive way of disciplining your cat. I hope this advice is useful! =)
Q:Is my puppy ok jumping off the sofa?
You can buy steps that you can put at one end of the couch and teach him to use those. My daughter has a small dog, and she has steps at the end of her bed so he can get up on it. Or if you have a stool that is about half the height of the couch, you could use that.
Q:Sofa slipcovers?
I have an attached, overstuffed pillowback sofa and I used a Surefit cover. It was fine. The only problem I had was the space between the pillowback and the sofa back. It seemed like too big a hollow for me, so I bought some batting and filled it out. But the slipcover is great...highly recommend it.
Q:Puppies + leather sofas. Help!?
Train them to stay off the furniture, that's the simplest solution. Otherwise if their nails are kept trimmed I don't think they will do much damage. I have leather chairs too and my dog hasn't scratched them up yet.
Q:Who has bought a new sofa for the Royal Wedding?
No one buys a new sofa just for a one time royal wedding,i am sure.
Q:I need help again... I have an floral sofa ...?
Q:Im planning to buy a black leather sofa any pros, cons? Any advise?
I've had my leather sofas for about 5 years and they still look great. I think I've conditioned them once, but should probably do it more often. I can't really think of any cons to buying this.
Q:Your thoughts on this reclining leather sofa?
I love it and I usually hate reclining chairs and sofas, but this one is classy. Go for it.

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