New desigh robot vacuum cleaner for omline shopping

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robot vacuum cleaner
1)Manufacturer of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
(2)Competitive price
(3)Extremely low noise

 Product dates

Product modelProduct Type: Intelligent robot sweeps the floor
Color: Peacock blue, Roland purpleDust capacity:446ml
Product size: 326 mm in diameter, height 83 mmPower:37W
Input:AC110-240V 50/60HZ 1ANoise<55dB
Output:30V-1AProduct weight:2.2kg
Battery capacity:2600mHAworking time:120 minutes
charging time:4HClean the area:about 150 m2


Key selling point:


1)Intelligent route planning
2)Intelligent return charge
3)photoelectric anti-collision
4)Time to make an appointment to clean
5)intelligent sensitive to erase
6)Efficient lithium battery





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5. One year warranty

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New desigh robot vacuum cleaner for omline shopping



1.Is the vacuum cleaner passed strict testing?

Of course yes.

The motor passed 120hours destructive life test

The switch passed 10000times life test(Push on and off)

The nozzle button passed 10000times life test(open and close)

The cigarette plug passed 10000times life test(out and in)

The power cord passed 50000times bending test

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Q:Which suck worse: leeches or vacuum cleaners?
I bet a vacuum cleaner could suck out more blood than a leech. If you put it on a cut.
Q:if the universe is a vacuum, can you take a bunch of vacuums switched to "reverse" and expand the universe?
how can you switch nothing to reverse ?? You're just being silly.
Q:Does anyone know when Dyson vacuum cleaners will go on sale?
MMMM.... I've never heard of the Dyson Theory! However, fret not... I work at Kohls dept. store and people that have a Kohls account at certain times of the year can take advantage of our 30%,20% or 15% discount.. It's generally in the form of a scratch-off OR catalouge coupon... It's good on ALL the merch. in the store.. So, right off the bat you would SAVE and we also match price SEARS, BEST BUY etc.. not online... So, if you did your homework and brought in the sales ad etc...You could do pretty well.... ***The last customer that I sold one I gave him 30% and matched price so he saved about $160.... ***You don't have to have the coupon.. Just during the sale event tell them you left it at home or borrow one from another customer... ****Check your local vacuum repair shop and see if they have a refurbished model.. Good luck...
Q:Does you know why my vacuum cleaners smells terrible every time I run it?
Filters can be cleaned in the dish washer on normal cycle top rack only. Sprinkle baking soda on the filters after washing them dry. Stick one or two scented dryer sheets into the vac bag and on the bottom of it too. If you see smoke then the drive belt is going or if it smells like burning rubber then the brush and beat arm belt is going bad or stuck.
Q:If you had a house cleaner would you prefer that they bring their own vacuum or use yours?
I may be in the minority here, but I would prefer that a house keeper, cleaning person use my own sweeper rather than one that has been used in someone else's home. It's one heck of a good way to transmit some not very nice things from one home to another. Things like fleas, bed bugs, dust mites to name a few. We have several throw rugs that the vacuum tries to eat and we just clean those with the hand attachment. Yeah, it requires a little bending over and such but oh well. They are laundered on a regular basis so it's more for pet hair removal than anything else here.
Q:The Vacuum Salesmen?
A classic
Q:Were Hoover vacuum cleaners ever sold door to door?
yes, and my grandma had a salesman come and tried to sell her one, he kept insisting , so she let him do his thing, he put dirt on the floor, while giving his speech, telling how great it did, then he asked where he could plug it in at ? she told him they didn't have electricity, .she made him clean it up, shot his sale lol and no we didn,t have electricity back then,
Q:Should we men just replace women with vacuum cleaners?
answer... no vacuums can't love us back question... if so how on earth would you have sex? honestly sex would be useless then and the human race would die out. they tryed something similar with the film cherry 2000 where men replaced women with robots and it ended very badly you should watch it. also would you want something that could never love you back?
Q:Nit picker on vacuum. Have you ever heard of this, would you use it for nit picking if needed?
Personally, I've never heard of a system like that. When I had nits, we had to use a type of shampoo and a nit comb every day.
Q:power cord replacement on a vacuum cleaner?
Hi its Darran at Dyson. I am sorry to hear that the power cord on your new DC24 Dyson vacuum cleaner is not quite long enough for your particular needs. The Dyson DC24 is our lightest and most compact upright vacuum cleaner and as a result the power cord is slightly shorter than on other models in our range. We would not recommend replacing the power cord on your machine as this will invalidate the Dyson warranty. Should you have any further queries regarding your DC24 or your warranty, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpline on 1866MYDYSON. Kind regards Darran Dyson Customer Service

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