Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 28

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Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 23

Aislamiento de calor de la serie okorder ladrillo

La serie okorder ladrillo es un eficaz aislamiento térmico, ahorro de energía, baja en carbono, la protección del medio ambiente avanzado, de acuerdo a la norma ASTM la fabricacion de productos.Okorder serie productos son mejores Li Ning y aislamiento en todo tipo de hornos industriales en el sector metalurgico, aluminio, petroquímica, energía eléctrica y materiales de cerámica de vidrio.Pueden ser utilizados como parte de la capa de aislamiento termico o non - Fusion.Los productos han sido ampliamente utilizados en el horno, logra resultados satisfactorios.

Aplicación de la preservación del calor de ladrillo

Industria metalurgica: Blast Furnace, hot alto horno, horno de calefaccion, etc.

Industria petroquímica: etileno horno horno de cracking, producción de hidrógeno, reformador primario, horno de calefaccion, etc.

Industria: horno de rodillos de cerámica, horno, etc.

Industria del vidrio: vidrio horno regenerador, etc.

Industria de carbono: carbono horno, etc.

Sector de la electrólisis de aluminio: aluminio reducción celular, etc.

Otras industrias: horno de tunel, Servicio de horno, etc.

Ventajas de ladrillo del aislamiento de calor

Baja conductividad térmica: mayor porosidad traerá buen aislamiento termico, ahorro de energía.

Alta resistencia al aplastamiento: alta resistencia al aplastamiento, la estabilidad de volumen.

Almacenamiento de calor: pequeños de almacenamiento de calor bajo para absorber más calor, ahorro de efecto es evidente.

Gao Chundu: hierro, metal alcalino de bajo contenido de impurezas.

El tamaño exacto: tamaño de ladrillo precision de procesamiento, forma especial de corte y molienda, acelerar el ladrillo.

Foto de ladrillo aislante

Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 28

Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 28

Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 28

Problema común soluciones

1.¿Que productos tienes?

Disponemos de todo tipo de ladrillos refractarios, refractarios materiales de fundicion, mortero, cemento, productos de fibra cerámica, etc.

O usted puede hojear nuestros productos a elegir lo que usted necesita.

2.¿Cómo controlar la calidad del producto?

Con sistema de estricto control de calidad en la seleccion de materiales y el proceso de producción, tenemos la calidad de materiales refractarios y productos de fibra cerámica para satisfacer las necesidades de los clientes.

Desde la seleccion de materias primas, la calidad de nuestro control para empezar.El certificado de calidad de la materia prima es necesaria, cada lote de los productos serán probados en el uso de la línea.En el proceso de producción, el control de calidad por los trabajadores, y luego cada pieza de la clasificación, y mediante la supervisión de la calidad y la inspección.

3.¿Me puedes dar una breve introducción a la aplicación de su producto?

Mi empresa se dedica principalmente en refractarios en el acero, cemento, vidrio, cerámica, petroquímica, energía eléctrica y otras industrias.

4.¿Qué información necesitas si te necesito?

Con el fin de seleccionar los productos adecuados, que nos proporcionará la información, tales como los Estados Unidos, datos técnicos, cantidad de pedido, la aplicación del producto, etc.

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, por favor pongase en contacto con nosotros.

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Q:What is the difference between cement foamed thermal insulation board and thermal insulating brick?
1, cement foam insulation board, as its name says, is "board", it is used on the exterior wall or roof, that is, the grass-roots has been done, and put a plywood outside, you can achieve the effect of insulation;2, insulation brick, mainly brick, it can be directly wall masonry, wall completed, the insulation effect is reflected.
Q:Can activated carbon be antiseptic?
In addition to activated carbon carbon, also contains two kinds of admixtures: one is the combination of chemical elements, mainly hydrogen and oxygen, these elements are due to incomplete carbonization and the residue in the carbon, or in the process of activation, non carbon and activated carbon surface chemical foreign combination, such as the use of water vapor when activated, the surface of the active carbon is oxidized or water vapor oxidation; another kind of admixture is ash, it is part of the inorganic carbon in ash; activated carbon is easy to cause two pollution.
Q:What kind of material is clay insulation refractory brick made of?
According to the different origin of general clay brick raw materials are not the same with Henan or Hebei with perlite beads, pyrojewel, use effect and technology of Henan is better than Hebei
Q:What are the improvements and improvements during the trial production of insulating bricks?
Per square metre weighs only about 1.4 kilograms, reduce the burden of building.Simple production: completely break through the traditional process, greatly shorten the construction cycle.
Q:What bricks are thermal insulation bricks?
First, replace the aluminum plate, honeycomb board, curtain wall and other common decorative materials, multi-functional integration, a construction can solve the two requirements of thermal insulation decoration, smooth, smooth and beautiful, decorative strong.Two, high strength, good rigidity, light quality, seismic resistance, wind resistance, creep resistance, superior performance, reduce building load, more economical and durable.Three, fire retardant, heat preservation, energy saving, sound insulation, heat insulation, crack resistance, waterproof, according to the 65% building energy conservation requirements for construction design.Four. The installation of the finished product is simple, the process is simplified, the construction period is shortened, and the quality is easy to control.Five, no aluminum, steel, keel support, embedded in the installation, reduce the insulation board and the gap between the wall. Increased safety system.Six, no radiation, green environmental protection, can be widely used in various types of public buildings and family interior decoration.
Q:How much is a thermal brick
Insulation brick prices also have a great relationship with the material and workmanship, such as clay brick price is much lower than high alumina brick, mullite and corundum brick prices will be higher.
Q:Masonry method for boiler refractory brick
Ash bucket (including inclined wall masonry):(1) and an ash bucket masonry first according to drawing find horizontal center line, with the horizontal center line to find out the ash bucket longitudinal center line, coarse slag bucket at the outside edge of the straight wall before and after, based on both ends of the facade vertical center line to pop up the bottom of the ash bucket, ash bucket with bottom opening size of pillar, pop-up vertical auxiliary line using triangle pattern production (according to the drawings, the inclination of inclined wall making) inclined wall paintings in the ends of the facade of the sideline. Use the same material to make refractory concrete inclined wall bottom of the triangle from Taiwan (Figure 1) and straight wall leveling, vertical and horizontal, inclined wall at the junction of the triangle from Taiwan, with the same material refractory concrete filling, until the final setting of concrete masonry wall inclined rear can.(2) and an ash bucket masonry masonry masonry, the first transverse longitudinal component after; inclined wall and straight wall, first built after the straight wall masonry wall.(3), on the back of a foundation by inclined wall, brick and mortar foundation contact surface to be full; inclined wall on the back fill cinder, corresponding to the 2~3 layer of brick masonry masonry, each high, fill a cinder cinder, must reinforce.
Q:What is the function of insulating bricks? Where can I use it?
Thermal insulation bricks are mainly used in toilets, kitchens, TV sets, bedrooms, walls and so on. And brightly colored, various specifications, can be cut at random, the section neatly.
Q:What's the price of lightweight refractory bricks?
Insulation bricks according to size, material, performance of different prices are not the same, the same products in different regions also vary slightly
Q:What is the bulk density of insulating bricks?
Stoneware porcelain water absorption rate is greater than 0.5% and less than or equal to 3%; fine stoneware bibulous rate is greater than 3% and less than or equal to 6%; brick bibulous rate is greater than 6% and less than or equal to 10%; pottery tile water absorption rate is greater than 10%. The water absorption rate of expression: ceramic brick brick >6% = >10% = >3% = fine stoneware porcelain stoneware or porcelain >0.5%

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